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  1. So does vaginal birth lol. That babies gotta come out and its gonna do damage however way it comes out.
  2. I love this song! And she was so damn hot in the MV. I remember the meltdown like it was yesterday. The hate really stems mostly from the fact that fans were so so hungry for danceney at the time, even I was hungry for some danceney, and this is a storyline MV rather than a dancey dance one. And then it became about the horse, and then it became about the red lipstick and the candies outfits. You know.. the usual run of the mill army meltdown haha. A lot of fans just never got over the disappointment like they did with other things.
  3. I dont think she does? Britney concerts are still a clamfest with a smattering of sausage.
  4. I think its supposed to be a play on the music video. With one Britney watching the famous Britney throughout.
  5. Haha they could release this song as a single with no promo and I swear it would go number one via the power of the army alone.
  6. I thought Circus [ the song ] was kind of meh and the video wasn't as great as it could have been with better editing. Also I love Radar and the music video I hate Lucky. I hate it so so much. I hated it when it came out and I still hate it.
  7. INAGNYAW just brings back memories of youth for me. Such good times when that song was out. And also memories of thinking I looked good in those low cut jeans too hahaha. Oh god I apologise to everyone in 2002.
  8. Oh yay! I dont feel so old anymore.