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  1. I read Exhale and the negativity there is getting worse. I haven't posted there since Jordan changed it to a pop forum tbh. Just reading every now and then. I personally don't really like arguing about a mere candid with the others, because people's opinion will always vary. If she looks bad, i just keep it to myself usually. I don't think you should get warning points for saying that tbh. I don't really like how she looks on that candid too. But it's just natural. We all have a bad pics every now and then. But for a celeb like Britney, she had no option to delete that 'bad' photos of her.
  2. will.i.am tbh, he's shady af. BJ sales tanked, and he never talked about it anymore. And also for ruining Alien. How? Hmmm.... By forcing him to perform the national anthem LIVE in front of Obama. He'll feel the embarrassment because he can't pull it off, and he'll get bashed left and right by media and public. Serves him right.
  3. lol no clone can be as good or better than the original, all those newbies should invent their own original style.
  4. If she can sing live with that vocals, i'm quite content tbh, not that bad. Okay, a bit bad, but still acceptable for me. Maybe that's what we'll get if Britney were to sing live in her concert.
  5. With that hair, i think it's recent. Her face kinda looks unflattering in the first photo tho. I bet someone gonna make an emote out of that Still luh ha tho
  6. Face: 2014 (more fresh looking, unlike 2003 which looks kinda tired for me) Body: 2003 (more toned and tight)
  7. Blackout. FF is like my 2nd least favorite album from her after BOMT.
  8. Hilary Duff - Gypsy Woman Leona Lewis - Glassheart