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  1. Happy Birthday Peaches!

  2. How come she said the best night of her life was with him this era? hm? couldnt have been an unpleasing dick
  3. mte. disgusting. I was beginning to like Selena but..... damn girl. I lose every ounce of respect for her when she is with a prick like him. And talk about a not serious relationship? on off on off on off, like children
  4. I was neveeeeeeeeeeeer a fan, but I loved and still love her first album, The Fame. Still listen to it to this day, and I was thinking to myself, DAMN I feel bad for the fans that were loving early Gaga. She has changed so much, and NOT in a good way. She's become disgusting, and doesn't even make good music.
  5. so true tho I just love how they stan so hard for Justney
  6. But no, not really I mean, Xtina was skinny. Not fit. Look at her weird shape and body parts. Not one part of her body was tight. Britney on the other hand was fit as fuuuck
  7. omg I thought it was at 90 or something since ya posted that....
  8. WUT A BODY. I can't with anyone who says that Britney was too skinny during 2001. Britney has never been too skinny. She has always had meat on her body, and right here, damn!
  9. Only thing I nodded at was the JT part... he is still hot as fuck now tho And OP are you 12? I mean really? AUSTIN?
  10. Well I'm gllad it slays SOME fans And that obv ain't the only reason for why I always list BJ as my least fave Brit album
  11. Nuh uh honey. It's not cause they are slow, it's cause A. Either over produced or B. lacks GOOD production
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