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  1. Will Lara do charity work again and help Exhell get back online?
  2. Clearly because Britney did no promo for Bloated Jean and let's not forget the music videos...
  3. Internet bullying will not be tolerated spread love & kindness only please.
  4. Go do some charity work and listen to Flopfume on YouTube.
  5. Buy ARTPOP on iTunes if you want a real pop album with insightful lyrics and not that teeny-bop bullshit.
  6. Aw Flopfume is real. It makes G.U.Y. look like the biggest hit of the decade in comparison.
  7. Sweetie the only joke is more urban and cool Britney Jean.
  8. Brit's thinking about Gaga's success and how she wishes she had that this era
  9. Iconic and it's only a clip. Slay the lessers Slayga.
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