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  1. this is awesome! are you gonna have it available to download?
  2. i wish it was part of the setlist....thats one of her best songs. id kill for her to have a SICK dance break in that bridge (instead of the electric chair thing she did on the fft)
  3. she fuckin slaysss that performance...that dancing could easily be from the early 2000s. the choreo, energy, etc its all amazing
  4. yup...this is what they mean, dont get your hopes up
  5. shes adorable..and i love how candid it is. even tho nothing crazy happens in the video, its just nice to have her post something like that
  6. since there are SO many songs i wouldve loved to have as singles, im gonna go with THE HOOK UP since ive been jamming to that shit lately lol not to mention everyone i talk to about that song says they LOVE it (even people who arent britney fans)
  7. o without a doubt! can u imagine blackout with the type of promo/tour ITZ got? wouldve been amazing