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    Happy Birthday sin!

  2. Thank you for share with us, i love it! Outrageous was one of my favorites songs on ITZ era, I would love to see the full version of this video, it would be one of my favorites. Too bad Britney got injured and can't continue recording.
  3. One of my favorites! But now I'm feeling really old knowing the release was 12 years ago. Britney is beyond this world pretty:
  4. I'm a straight girl and I don't feel attracted to any woman, not even Britney. But I think she's one of the most beautiful girls in the world! She inspires me.
  5. Well, I work with fashion and I really think that Britney look cute on hats/caps. But I don't know if you understand about irony.
  6. Life's too short to watch Jessica's mediocre acting in movies.
  7. She's so perfect, omg! Shutting up everyone who spoke about "photoshop" on the pictures, she's naturally flawless.
  8. I think she will add just some necklace or hat/cap. By the way, she will look cute with a snapback or trucker hat on the Me Against The Music segment.
  9. Like I said, the concept about cheating and insecurity is so Britney... but she only related to that. I can't imagine Britney thinking in "mark her territory with her Perfume", that's Sia commercially thinking. If you pay attention on Sia's songs you'll see how little Britney may have written on it. See how Alien is so much more personal... on that song I really feel Britney.