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  1. @OfficialSteps Thank God for that. Must hsvd been a fake setlist. Bit gutted for Here and Now and Say You'll Be Mine though

  2. RT @santanderuk: We’re proud to have won LGBT Friendly Financial Institution at the @gnimag awards! ??? https://t.co/0aMoTdvnHq https://t.c…

  3. RT @dunnocks74: This is my first hurricane so I'm a bit of a novice. When do we start the looting ? #Opheila #Ophelia

  4. RT @MrShaneReaction: #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo https://t.co/jkD2LlXLdb

  5. RT @tkylemac: live footage of the solar eclipse https://t.co/wnKFxBJ4qQ

  6. https://t.co/91SYjsgKVY

  7. Me finding out that Free to Love Again by @KatiePrice has been removed from Spotify https://t.co/eNG2nDvlpn

  8. @KeshaRose That dolly parton duet though #Rainbow https://t.co/RpQ29zW4hP

  9. My wee man scrubs up well ?? https://t.co/Dn2qCCsOtu

  10. RT @santanderuk: Thanks for joining us in the celebrations during Pride 2017! There’s still a chance to join us and celebrate at Pride in B…

  11. Panic over. Found her https://t.co/5WVi2tjUL7

  12. RT @Scarlet4UrMa: me waiting for the bouncer to let me in to the club after handing them my ID https://t.co/apkkjWiaMV

  13. @aidanmaccoll96 Turning up to Theresa's house like https://t.co/8qBeefZ6pM

  14. RT @codyspearz: this is my favorite video on the internet https://t.co/eLl5tj9kz4

  15. RT @ParisHilton: Paris Hilton Announces New Single “Summer Reign” https://t.co/HLAk3PO9QM

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