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  1. Good. 'Britney Jean' should have been an EP with 6-8 tracks. It, as a whole, is terrible in comparison to the rest of her discography.
  2. lol at you expecting Britney fans not to act this way. There have been meltdowns with every album she has released. I remember an lq snippet of 'Womanizer' leaking and the fan base claimed it was a flop waiting to happen. It's a discussion board though and the reason it exists is for these types of discussions to take place. Yeah, of course we will be able to see what actually happens, but, half the fun is speculation.
  3. This thread is the reason I came back from exhaust pipe. Before calling that bottom of an admin out for taking advantage of a fan base to capitalize on ad revenue. As much as I loved the community there I refuse to be part of paying his rent. Love what this forum stands for and I love this thread. Kthanx. lol
  4. I'm glad she cut out the raunchy scenes in WB. The video is a perfect mix of classy and sexy, but, never trashy. And that's the definition of Britney, pushing the envelope yet being adorable at the same time. I'm upset we didn't get to see the whole video for Perfume. But, remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'm sure it will leak at least 48 hours before its release, it's inevitable. But, yeah... I don't see it leaking anytime soon.
  6. I love her so much. I think the Billboard performance was such a huge moment for her. She hasn't performed on one by herself since 2007 (unless you count Bambi awards in 08), and I really think it took a load off her chest. Now she doesn't have 2007's performance holding her back. She did it! She really did! So proud of her, I cried too.
  7. Happy Birthday WOMANIZA!

  8. lmfaoooo this fucking thread.
  9. I'm 24, so I'm really close.
  10. Lol that bitch is feeling the heat like he in a damn microwave.
  11. Alright, you guys be nice. I'm a fragile motherfucker. sorry the third pic is so big lol.
  12. i'm sorry. Am I a lost apple that someone stole out of his shopping cart? He lost his members by biting the hand that feeds him.
  13. Haha. I would hire a trainer for about a month and you will get it quick! I'd invite you to go with me to lift, but I doubt you are in Georgia. Lol.
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