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  1. I managed to catch the second part but missed the first.
  2. This shows Kanye getting up to tell people to stand up and it's over 4 minutes long plus you see him apologise and hug a few people. First half is mostly on Kanye then stays on Brit for a bit. Britney seems to enjoy Rihanna's performance and she obviously genuinely likes her. FRANKIE GRANDE 2:40 LOL.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRxhebVuFGU
  4. I told someone I would record it yesterday. I've been sick all day but I uploaded it.
  5. JamieBFan


    Here are the ones I made
  6. Maybe that's why this new outfit made it's debut?
  7. Yes love all your vids. Thanks! Some great M&G's also. She was feeling good
  8. You're so good with adding new emotes and quick also. This : whodat : for is brilliant I didn't know what to call it when I made it myself also last night.
  9. Releasing Tom's Diner as one of the singles would have brought a lot more attention to his whole album It's a great cover and would have gotten people to take notice Definitely should have been a single!
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