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  1. I was too late, it's been deleted. Did anyone download it? Can some pm me the link? May Godney bless you.
  2. My friend is doing her MA thesis about the legendary miss Britney Spears and she's looking for participants! Read the instructions below, submit your story by July 5th and you might win the Dream Within a Dream DVD! "Hey Britney fans! Time to take part in a research project relating to Britney fans! If you are a fan of Britney, here is your chance of taking part in the most amazing project! All you have to do is write 1-2 pages about your personal Britney fandom, and by doing so you have a chance of winning Britney's DVD 'Live from Las Vegas' (2002). How cool is that! Here is the link to the official instructions: [Hidden Content] Thank you for participating in the Britney project, and best of luck! Sara Nyman University of Jyväskylä, Finland"
  3. Change Lingerie is already selling many swimwear pieces: [Hidden Content]
  4. Yes, you can view both Elma and Elvira here: [Hidden Content]