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  1. source : http://www.public.fr/News/Photos/Photos-Britney-Spears-son-cheri-est-un-vrai-gentleman-653946
  2. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/britney-spears-dating-charlie-ebersol-details-2014511 us weekly confirms it too. I'm happy for her, he looks really HOT
  3. LOVE her outfit, it's so good to see her beautiful smile
  4. No it's International Priority, you have no choice for the shipping now, yesterday it was free with no tracking and the trackable was not. the store main page changed the "free shipping..." to "free US shipping'.
  5. Yeah i checked the store again and the shipping are 32,52 $ now for France...lucky me to have ordered it yesterday
  6. I ordered it yesterday, the shipping were free and i'm from France so it's not only in the US
  7. i really don't think this was sold out, i also checked the store right after the mail and the page was down already
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