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  1. Guillermo


    Thanks for the DL link! Does anybody know who or where it leaked from?
  2. I think it would be cool to have an intro and an outro. Maybe a couple of interludes, too. An instrumental intro with a couple of ad libs and ending with an iconic phrase would be great. Or moans. You know, as my sister herself said to me earlier today, no one moans the way Britney does.
  3. Wow! This edit is so good! I have no idea about video editing, but I'm sure you had to put a lot of work (bitch) into it, so thank you!
  4. This version of the DVD was originally a Walmart-only exclusive. As I don't live in the US, I'm not sure whether other retailers also stocked it after its release, but I think they didn't. It's a nice collectible item, so take care of it!
  5. There shouldn't even be a poll: 2003ney slays and you will have to deal. This thread brought back to my mind those awful shoes she wore at the 2011 VMAs lol
  6. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had fun. I'm still saving to try and go to Las Vegas, but it feels like I'll never get to save enough money: plane tickets, accommodation etc.
  7. I have that one too! Even though I'm not sure it's official... Where did you get it from? Could you please post some pictures when you get it so that I can compare it to mine? Thanks!
  8. OMG! Thanks for making that for me. But now I've got a problem: both of them look so good that I don't know which one to use lol
  9. León, Spain. Go google a picture of our cathedral!!!
  10. OMG! I love that ITZ cover! I'll save it and use it on my iTunes; can I? You did a great job! PS: Wouldn't the album title look even better in the bottom right corner? As in the original album cover.
  11. The fact that he said that while in court proves that Britney is not precisely the one who is dumb here. Who the hell does he think he is?
  12. OMG! So jealous! Where did you get it from?
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