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  1. If my kids ever went through something like that, I wouldn't blink twice before doing the exact same thing.
  2. SHe was given an award, it was an award show called Bambi.
  3. http://www.justjared.com/2007/05/18/britney-spears-hot-pants/
  4. Exactly.. Britney is a niche, but also a respected person, but really she is just hollywoods biggest guilty pleasure.. But really, she is like a Nokia 3310, everyone has a memory and they love the nostalgia, and it's cool it's back an all, but people are getting used to SmartPhones...
  5. Aww and a little André And yeah, wow, just to hear her say "just to be a success around the world, someone like Madonna", and all the newspaper-headlines just flash-forwarded in my mind, and to where we are now, having her big Las Vegas show, inspiring people..
  6. S&S was nr. 1 on the world chart, and people loved it. Yes, of course it was because of the annoying sound and Will.I.Am, but at least it was still like "wow Britney have a hit!" I remember Britneystans was like "Britney needs her Feel This Moment" back then when that was a thing, and suddenly people are like "Britney doesn't need anyone". No, shoe doesn'tneeeeeed anyone, but it could always help, it is NEVER wasted.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9mdCIIl6gE
  8. Omg. just imagine the video.. Britney in a hot piece of outfit and fast cars
  9. I direct young people between 13-18, and they dont know Britney had a breakdown or is under c-ship. Really. the only people thaat care are people over 30 years or fans. No body really gives a shit, besides fans. She really just doesn't sing like Adelle, Sia, or Gaga. Really. Her music is good, but people are just not into her voice, and I think thats it. They dont even care for Madonna. nobody cares about music when you pay nothing for spotify. People are downloading directly from youtube, and Ed Sheran is a hit.. Really, stop thinking it's the c-ship when it really isn't. And Britney doesn't give a shit about being famous, she never did, and she doesn't care about sale..
  10. I love what he did, but come on.. It's an elvis song, don't act like you don't know it.
  11. Still Lynn, He is pointing at Lynn, looking at Justin, and goes "She used to be fun Lynne: We are not doing this here Jamie: Oh because you call the shots around here, always have Lynne: you've been busy, derrasing yourself to the bottom of the bottle Britney: Just stop y'all, the police are coming Jamie: If I'm not allowed a couple of drinks and speak my damn mind, police can arrest me.. Lynne sighs, Jamie points at her while looking at Justin Jamie: She used to be fun, before she became such a bitch.
  12. He didn't call Britney a bitch, it was Lynne he called a bitch..
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