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  1. Britney looked like she was peeing on the street in one of the videoes, that should be deleted.
  2. As far as I saw, Lynne wasn't with JL.. So maybe Lynne was with Britney, or with Bryann, we keep on forgetting that woman have 3 children So, maybe in a wish-scenario, Britney was with her boys, her brother, and dear Lexi.
  3. If my kids ever went through something like that, I wouldn't blink twice before doing the exact same thing.
  4. SHe was given an award, it was an award show called Bambi.
  5. http://www.justjared.com/2007/05/18/britney-spears-hot-pants/
  6. Exactly.. Britney is a niche, but also a respected person, but really she is just hollywoods biggest guilty pleasure.. But really, she is like a Nokia 3310, everyone has a memory and they love the nostalgia, and it's cool it's back an all, but people are getting used to SmartPhones...
  7. Aww and a little André And yeah, wow, just to hear her say "just to be a success around the world, someone like Madonna", and all the newspaper-headlines just flash-forwarded in my mind, and to where we are now, having her big Las Vegas show, inspiring people..
  8. S&S was nr. 1 on the world chart, and people loved it. Yes, of course it was because of the annoying sound and Will.I.Am, but at least it was still like "wow Britney have a hit!" I remember Britneystans was like "Britney needs her Feel This Moment" back then when that was a thing, and suddenly people are like "Britney doesn't need anyone". No, shoe doesn'tneeeeeed anyone, but it could always help, it is NEVER wasted.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9mdCIIl6gE
  10. Omg. just imagine the video.. Britney in a hot piece of outfit and fast cars
  11. I direct young people between 13-18, and they dont know Britney had a breakdown or is under c-ship. Really. the only people thaat care are people over 30 years or fans. No body really gives a shit, besides fans. She really just doesn't sing like Adelle, Sia, or Gaga. Really. Her music is good, but people are just not into her voice, and I think thats it. They dont even care for Madonna. nobody cares about music when you pay nothing for spotify. People are downloading directly from youtube, and Ed Sheran is a hit.. Really, stop thinking it's the c-ship when it really isn't. And Britney doesn't give a shit about being famous, she never did, and she doesn't care about sale..
  12. I love what he did, but come on.. It's an elvis song, don't act like you don't know it.
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