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  1. @fiebrebritney_ It's fake

  2. RT @tmgmofo: So you just not gon say hi to your dog? What kind of monster are you https://t.co/nUvd05G2PO

  3. RT @kissEMOTIONstan: "Cindy the tv's leaking" brenda should of earned an oscar because of this alone. https://t.co/ogPJ1EeVVV

  4. And Korn ?????? did THAT

  5. RT @RedHotSquirrel: Your shop sells alcohol, Aldi. Why employ people who are unwilling to serve it? https://t.co/LSz5ps14TI

  6. RT @Manorstx: Vegan friends: I just don't want to put all that shit in my body Also Vegan friends: https://t.co/NrkgFlhcMS

  7. "We've received the tickets in for your event and we’re now starting to send them out." wooohooooooooo

  8. Born Slippy (Nuxx) by Underworld https://t.co/NzYmrnJnU5 #NowPlaying

  9. RT @PokemonyeWest: when she does it like this but you forget to do it like that https://t.co/clXT5nPhXV

  10. RT @blackheaux: britney got people to stop treating her like a little girl with this #hoeanthem https://t.co/bSjL9TL3pG

  11. @SpearsFan55 i'm so sorry for your loss Sindy ❤️❤️ i'm here if you need to chat

  12. @jay_busst ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. RT @fit_with_hips: Cows are too pure https://t.co/kZkPYXH721

  14. Groupie Love > Summer Bummer

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