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  1. I know right? She should come over in Europe and make some promo.... well... she's going in the UK later on this month, i hope she'll do also other European countries once she's in Europe
  2. Sony Music Italy and the Italian Music Industry Federation just announced that "Glory" debuted directly at number one in the official Italian album charts!!! CONGRATULATIONS ITALIAN ARMY!!!
  3. I MUST CONFESS..... I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS.... NOT AT ALL!!!! I am dying! I am hyperventilating!!! That promo is the most epic thing i've seen in years!!! I wish I could say something more , I wish I could express how happy and excited i am right now... but i can't... i'm speachless!!!! BITCHES IN THE AUDIENCE, YOU BETTER BOW DOWN TO THE ONE AND ONLY, THE QUEEN OF POP, THE GODDESS OF THE VMA'S, THE LEGENDARY MISS BRITNEY SPEARS!!!
  4. - Sometimes - Born To Make You Happy - Stronger - What You See Is What You Get - I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman (I don't really like this song, but it would be fun for sure) - Overprotected - Toxic - Gimme More - Break The Ice - If You Seek Amy - Criminal
  5. I'm sorry to say, but I do agree with everything you just said!!! At the same time, i agree also with you... it is a HUGE thing and you guys have been amazing!!! how did you menage to reach her? But still... it is a very huge thing, but you know very well how we are excited during this period... we are disappointed by the video mainly because we expected something else, we are expecting at any moment any kind of news about David LaChapelle video, we want it to be released as soon as possible, plus we are waiting for the announcement or any kind of hint about the VMA's performance... you can't do this to us knowing that we were expecting definitely something else... We would have appreciated much more somenthing like "We have an exclusive interview coming up with Britney later today, stay tuned!" (as @David said), and trust me you would have had the same hype from us, but without the "disappointment" - if we want to call it so... but ANYWAY, lets not make a drama... you guys REALLY did an amazing job, this is HUGE and i'm really proud of you!
  6. There will be another interview for another Australian radio on Monday!!! This is the promo: https://mobile.twitter.com/SalSpearsz/status/758933217269260288
  7. I would love someone from the MMC like Justin, Christina, JC Chasez and Ryan Goslyng!
  8. Is 40 weeks in a row to date and counting that the Billboard Hot 100 (the offical American ranking) is NOT dominated by an US artist... It NEVER happened before!!! The question and the hope at this point come spontaneously: Now that the new era is coming, will Britney Spears - the American Dream - break this recod in the US official chart with her new single? If she will, is gonna be epic!!!!
  9. Yeah, i think so.... Michael first as "Girls"... then Janet and then Britney as "Boys"