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  1. I really liked PG but c'mon.. the song itself isn't good at all and obv doesn't have a massive hit potential
  2. Therea are so many great songs OIDIA: Don't go knocking on my door Britney: What is like to be me ITZ: it's impossible to choose only one so Early Mornin', TOMH, BOM Blackout: Freakshow Circus: Phonography FF: Gasoline (Up n down) BJ: none
  3. well, read previous posts. Britney Army words are not quoted and mentioned on every second web site. And the fans don't record a duet with her, and they are not public personalities. It can not be compared, I think it's obvious
  4. honey, do u really think that Britney does not know such obvious things like huge promo=success? She is so many years in the business and just don't want to promote anything, unfortunately she hates to do promo for long time. There is no true tea for Britney at her words but some hidden shade. Also not sure Iggy have the right to give some advice for Britney. Beg for it flopped hard despite the huge promo so.. So in my opinion it was unprofessional from Iggy to make any comments about Vegas contract possibilities, poor promo and "just featured" thing
  5. In any case, even with the fact that it's simply her "opinion" and not a shame, do you really think that Britney was nice to know it?
  6. Britney is so often attacked by haters i mean. It seemed to me that they have found understanding, have fun and she just enjoyed their cooperation. But now I have a feeling that she is hungry to hit. Especially considering that she has flopped all recent times
  7. yeah that's true, but I don't think it was necessary... I mean everybody knows that Britney could do more promotions, but she will never do it. Britney was nice with her so why she trying to make excuses.. Sha had great a great support from BritneyArmy and now....
  8. She can being honest in more respectful way tho... or may be it's a new PG promo strategy? Anyway, she was exited about their collab and surprised when Britney didn't want to promote PG like crazy as JLo
  9. It wasn't respectful for Britney tho It was rude to speak and to arrange this shit, knowing that Britney is not into twitter at all and never respond to her statements buy gurl
  10. well, i guess u know cause it is not all messages from her and as I said it's not respectful to talking about situation this way knowing that Britney is not into twitter at all
  11. So fucking rude and disgusting... To speak and to arrange this shit, knowing that Britney is not into twitter at all and never respond to her statements I used to like her since 2012 but.. But she's just basic hoe and nothing special, so bye gurl
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