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  1. Happy Birthday -ididitagain-!

  2. People disliked the song because it wasn't anything special...at all. Iggy may have played a part in it but it was NOT disliked soley because Iggy was on it. The song isn't that good regardless. You guys here love to call artists like Selena and Demi basic and whatnot yet their new singles are both about a billion times better than Pretty Girls, so clearly there's an issue with quality here.
  3. why would she get mad over iggy saying the song was barely promoted, which is true? there's literally nothing to be mad at. of course her team would have more reason to be mad at a tweet like that than britney would. why would you want britney herself to have tweeted that anyway? weren't you one of those bandwagon iggy stans?
  4. i don't believe britney herself tweeted that, britney probably has no idea and if she did wouldn't care. britney's team is pissed that somebody is calling them out on their bullshit and that britney's lack of interest in her career is being publicized.
  5. of course she can perform outside of PH. the only people who ever believed otherwise are those who wanted to stay in their delusional little world and refuse to face the truth of the matter and the truth is that she doesn't care about her career anymore.
  6. well that proves they only liked her when she was "sucking britney's asshole", as iggy said
  7. shazam means nothing in regards to if people actually like the song. britney's most disliked song on youtube and the worst callout score out of any single of brit's on top of that. it was hated.
  8. iggy and britney aren't real friends, let's just be honest about that. the song mostly flopped because it was trash plain and simple although i'm sure more promotion would have helped it a little bit. most people said before the song was released that iggy was so excited and would be pissed when britney didn't promote it so i'm not sure why anybody is shocked at her reaction now. i guess this is why britney doesn't do many collabs. not surprising seeing some of the delusion from the usual suspects. blaming iggy because she's credited as a main artist...acting as if they know for a fact that it was iggy herself that pushed for that credit. you don't know if it was her or not! secondly, she's on pretty girls a bit more than the average feature because she's on the chorus but i still wouldn't call it a duet. it's clearly for britney's album and iggy isn't on it enough to put it on her album. so why are you blaming iggy again? she would look silly performing it herself and maybe there's even some rule stipulating that she cannot do that.
  9. maybe adam doesn't have a good relationship with his daddy
  10. surprisingly FF even though it's my least favorite show out of the three overall
  11. cacking at her face at the end. currentney's passion is really unmatched!
  12. 1. my prerogative 2. 3 3. do somethin' (kinda ironic given my avi I suppose lolz) but weirdly enough i like i've just begun (having my fun) more than all of them. i've always wished that it was actually released as a single.
  13. apparently she did lol. i don't find the album to be comparable to beyonce since i take beyonce much more seriously as an artist but jennifer is an amazing performer and i use her fun, uptempo songs. those songs are good (minus same girl) but so is a.k.a., so good, expertease, and first love~ as someone who has listened to all of jennifer's albums i think it's one of her most cohesive along with rebirth and love? the only songs i hate are emotions and same girl.
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