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  1. Looking for a little help on what was the last physical copy they official made? Because all the new ones for make me are fanmade and I just wanna find the official ones.
  2. I'm unsure how to download it.. Can someone rip it for me and post the DL link here?! http://www.britneyspearsremixes.com/2017/12/pitbull-feat-romeo-santos-britney.html?m=1
  3. Because that looks like Britney... Next..
  4. wow you got the cd everyone else got a few weeks back..
  5. Ah I didn't know if they'd broadcast it on the TV.. Oops so it will show up on ITunes tonight?
  6. Does anyone know what channel the iTunes festival will be on with sky? Thank you
  7. Someone edit that into the song?! Pleaseee