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  1. Ahoj! :eatandlaugh:

    Povídej co nového. Jsi z Prahy? :tea:

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    2. Bretyna Speransky

      Bretyna Speransky

      Přátelé tam nemám. Jediné kde jsem tak ve skupině tam kde člověk prodává své vlastní verze alb od Britney.

    3. Jeffrey


      Aha :soconfused: no appka messenger funguje stejně.. 
      Jo to je BSFM Store? Ten Tien Tian? (nebo tak nějak) .. To žeru :bigtime:
      Ok, jak se přidává na WhatsApp.. mám ho jen kvůli mámě :overitkbye:

    4. Bretyna Speransky

      Bretyna Speransky


      Jestli to otevřeš v telefonu kde máš ten whatsapp tak se tam pridáš automaticky

  2. Yeah, the booklet for the Piece Of Me EP was really good, probably the only thing I enjoyed about that album besides WB, Perfume and Hold On Tite.
  3. "biggest understatment of the year" I diededededed well, I always wanted to win some kind of award Don't get me wrong The movie is horrible, but I'm not mad at it, because it had mostly positive impact on the GP
  4. Since my only fear was, that it would damage Brit's career and how the GP sees her, I DON'T
  5. Calm down.. yes.. it probablby would not win an oscar, but I was expecting something much worse.. And guys, it's getting positive reactions from the GP.. comments like they didn't like Britney, but they had no idea what she's been through, she's really brave and courageous and ect... So I'm really not that dissapointed
  6. If you want any real mic feed from POM, play ANY video you can possibly find from ANY night, turn the sound off and there you go!
  7. Tak tam měli asi nějakej glitch, nebo nevím, mě to šlo v pohodě
  8. because it's Me Against THE Music GOSH! That was stressful.. 91% 99/108, and those 9 songs were from the first three albums, so I'm OK I was just typing Anticipating when the timer ended
  9. if there wasn't a glitch somewhere before the song starts, i wouldn't care... oh wait, no, i still don't care *loved the single version from the beginning anyway*
  10. Yeah, Brinny thinks it's a good idea, it's not for a new single off Glory... An insider told me, that they're gonna re-release Criminal feat. Halsey
  11. 2 more years of vegas? ...........................................
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