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  1. Thank you so much for keeping this updted! It's great to find all the performances from the same leg in a thread. You are a great stan.
  2. The new MATM breakdown is tragic. She didn't know the steps. Overall, good show. I think she will get more confident in the next shows.
  3. Not that much, lol. But it had 3 millions per day in the following weeks. Let's see what happens with Pretty Girls...
  4. Work Bitch had like 3,5 millions in 24 hours.
  5. Albums: - Femme Fatale -Blackout - In The Zone -Britney -Britney Jean -Circus -Oops!... -...BOMT Videos: Hold it against me Toxic Womanizer Work Bitch Criminal.
  6. I wanna know if it's fanmade, because it's on Spotify too.
  7. I really love her style and her attitude. And I really like how much she is getting involved with Pretty Girls. Hope she gets Britney really involved in this new single and in the album. I think her presence will be very positive for Britney. Queen!
  8. Excuse me, but if an album flops it's not our fault. We can't buy 100+ copies and promote it everywhere. We can't make a miracle if an album isn't good or it's not promoted.
  9. Well, I don't give a fuck. Sorry for not being a "real" fan. I'll suport Britney's new album while most of "real" fans who vote on this poll haven't bought half of Britney albums.
  10. Oh, please, stop making a drama about that shitty poll. It's not even an award.
  11. Maybe some of us don't care about a shitty stupid poll. Just saying. What's the point of winning that piece of shit?Does Britney get something?Do we get something? I don't think so.
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