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  1. The interview is really detailed about her workout as I can see from the pics!
  2. WOW! This is an excellent post and I didn't know most of those things!
  3. Good for them! May this guy be the one who is gonna stand by her for the years to come
  4. Thanks for sharing all those infos you have! Keep updatind us please
  5. You guys watch it, she is very good And lol @36:48 the freakshow guy is telling her to call him anytime! And she is said ''Ok, I will call you anytime''
  6. You guys it is normal to stress. Even if she has anxiety, she shouldn't stop working and take a break! I mean you get worse when you change your daily routine and go the easy way and just stop doing anything productive. It's part of her life and she should not let it control her. She is doing great!
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