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  1. RT @MisterBanatero: The most stupid thing in the world is acting like a friend to the person you love.

  2. RT @GreatJayGatz: When people walk out of your life, let them. You might miss them, but remember that you are not the one that gave up.

  3. Don't tell me iiyak ka na naman Nathan?

  4. RT @YourLifeFeed: Sometimes it's hard to love someone because you're so afraid of losing them.

  5. RT @ohteenquotes: I don't care how complicated this gets, I still want you.

  6. Her mistakes in the past makes her legendary. So I don't think britney regrets what she did in the past
  7. I know im such a flop fan i will definitely watch it if i have a time.
  8. I still haven't watch crossroad movie
  9. I don't want her on RCA. She's clearly not the prioritized artist unlike jive records
  10. I heard "from the bottom of my broken heart" played yesterday at the mall
  11. I missed controversialney its part of being a britney spears
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