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  1. Isn't this theatre beautiful i can't hear you
  2. If the collab is happening then i wouldn't mind tbh it's still a new Britney song and someone will probably make a looped Solo version which i'll end up listening to more than the official
  3. so artsy fartsy muted colours, very urban and the horse Britney for head of PETA
  4. Australia has a weird relationship with Britney because of the Circus Tour Lip Syncing thing
  5. I can kinda see your point but the media has associated the word "comeback" or "is back" for britney and say it everytime she has an appearance
  6. Work B**ch I stopped working on my essay to listen to it ahaha
  7. It's a performance from her Mrs Carter show tour so that's probably why you didn't see it during her New Orleans performance Still, I can't at theifonce She needs to stop with the copying
  8. Next thing you know she's gonna rock a school girl outfit for single ladies
  9. The start of 2013 made me so excited for the end of the year when i knew Britney was gonna come out with new music. The day Shape Magazine came out was a day to remember
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