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  1. She will dress up for 10 seconds but she doesn't dress up for her fan question/answer sessions? Gorrrrrrl.
  2. It was a good tribute I thought. They were all talented dancers for being so young. What pissed me off is they basically brought her onstage to anounce beyonce.
  3. Merry christmas and don't smoke weed, mutha fuckers is my all time favorites. She was a bad ass!
  4. because a Britney song is un-danceable? Boo, this isn't gaga day. Go home.
  5. I can't take this serious because all I see now is
  6. Toxic all the way, I love everytime but Toxic could hit the airwaves now and still be ahead of its time. Its legendary!
  7. I don't understand, Britney and Taylor are both great and to be honest it's not like Taylor is much different than Britney other than her dancing skills. Taylor writes all her own songs and sings live regardless of her power or lack of I should say but she still does it. Britney performs hits that made her the legend she is. Britney has more years on Taylor but she still deserves the sales she got, she worked hard for them. I wish people wouldn't hate on her.
  8. Do you have a link to that one? I would love to see it!
  9. It was so long ago, so very long ago. I think Britney is thankful to Larry, at least now a days. Working keeps her sane. That sounds so terrible but i'm the same way in the sense that if i'm busy im ok. If I have free time, its time I have to dwell and be sad. I am sure she has come a long way but I am also sure there is so much behind doors that none of us will ever know simply because of Larry and her team. They know what they are doing to make lots and lots of money on someone who has no more passion for what she does.
  10. I dont care what anyone says, she was singing live the whole time.
  11. I actually think she looks great in this meet and greet picture! A lot better than most.
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