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  1. Jamie has got some cheek asking for 2 million and then he'll stand down. When he's been using Britney as an ATM for 13 years he can go do one!. Hope he's gone by the end of this year!!
  2. Have you noticed she has changed the caption!? What is going on?
  3. Thats very true! as the younger fans never got to experience Brit in her heyday prime than how we did!. Their was never ever headset from how many times ive watched this music video but find it strange how all those comments under the video say "Oh she was wearing a headset"
  4. Thats my thoughts to as she always worn a headset whenever she performed during those early years!. I sure as hell didn't see her wear no headset in this music video! As I've watched far to many times 😂
  5. So you are probably thinking a "Mandela Effect" Britney topic huh!?. Same right here!!! I was 4 years old when Oops came out & vividly remember Britney not wearing a headset throughout the Music Video for "Oops!....I Did It Again" while wearing the iconic Red Catsuit. So today I came across this video on YouTube called "Britney Spears Mandela Effect (The Missing Headset) by YouTuber All Time In the comments section a LOT of people/fans are saying that they all remember the headset she wore during the entire video!. But we know the Britney Oops doll came with a headset. But in fact all the Britney dolls by play along came with headsets! As a true die hard fan I do not remember their EVER being a headset she wore throughout the Music Video as I watched this far to many times a day as child then again a teen & now as a 26 year old I still watch the video I do not remember their ever being a headset!!!! I find it soooo insane I want to know your thoughts?? Do you remember Britney wearing a headset in her music video for "Oops!... I Did It Again" Do you believe in the Mandela Effect?
  6. I think some post are here especially the long ones as its like a letter almost while other posts don't seem like her!. But her latest post is definitely her!! 100%
  7. I love how open she is!. Well she has always been open when it comes to fan letters but it's like she uses her IG as her way of writing us letters than way back in 2004! though her website 😂 you just cannot help but love her. The photos are beautiful as always but their is just something about the caption it's like she writing directly to me even though she's not but to us all!
  8. We'll all find out in the end who the good guys are & who aren't!. I'm sure Britney trusted Sam Ingham considering that they've spoke a lot of the phone but the minute she mentioned to end the conservatorship in court he backed out! & If Jamie can control the media (TMZ) for years I'm pretty damm sure he can control Jodi! as she sure as hell ain't no angel!. Especially when big money is involved
  9. I don't trust that Jodi neither. If Britney says that Jodi has been acting like her father since temporary replacing him!,all.i see is Jodi trying to get her hands still in the cookie jar by acting like she's Britney hero when Sam Ingham quickly changed his tune when "Framing Britney" got the media attention he quickly went "Oh Ill help you Britney" when he's been getting money since the beginning of the conservatorship. You cannot trust anyone of them!. Ill only give her new lawyer praise if he does what Britney says she wants doing!. I thought that Adam Stresisand was a good guy (Who Britney wanted as her lawyer years ago) turns out he signed off MJ's estate to attorney & lawyers instead of his family!. Everything will slowly come out of the woodwork with all!
  10. **For Sale** Britney Baby One More Time Limited Edition Urban Outfitters Import White Cassette! Mint & Sealed! £30 Message me if you are interested! PayPal payment only!!
  11. Can't believe that new lawyer of hers is friends with Lou M Taylor!. Which I can't make out why her new lawyer hasn't filled to end the conservatorship of Britney's wishes from her testimony since Britney has finally been able hire her own lawyer (which she should of been able to 13 years ago). I think she's had too much privacy being kept away from everyone from these past 13 years now. As she stated in court she wants to be heard and let the world hear her story. Yeah okay minus that the press may say but she's aware of what they're like & we know Britney doesn't have access to her IG as thats all controlled by Crowdsurf. From what I've read it takes maximum of two year to investigate & end a conservatorship. Let just hope & pray that this new lawyer state as he promises for Britney from the money that was taken to those who need jail sentence. From what courtney love has said" whatever happened to Michael Jackson we will find out through Britney Spears". We are in for a tough ride as a fanbase & a movement. We just have to pray everyday for Britney's sake & most importantly her freedom returned & safety of her life!
  12. To be honest we should to know she's alive & well or something could happen to her as with big money being involved & the main factor that her father & Lou M Taylor decided to put her in this c-ship so they could help themselves to her money (family also) anything could happen she could be bumped off (God forbid she doesn't) from like what to MJ & many other stars!. Hollywood is an evil place!
  13. I wish Sam would post more of her so he's letting the fanbase know like how she is doing instead of us having to hear about it through the media! of where she is!
  14. At first after "For The Record" documentary I thought maybe her father changed despite the abuse Britney got off him as a child. But looking back now their hare been tons of signals & hints that Britney has said over the last 13 years of the c-ship. When Britney first got into the c-ship I was just 13/14 & I literally didn't understand at all what it was or what it was for & I just blew it off like it was Oh it after her "Breakdown" but to me now she was 100% battling post-natal depression but NO ONE should be under a c-ship if their where batting postnatal depression. Every fan knows Britney hasn't been her true self over these past 13 years. The way she was during the Femme Fatale era was kind of like WOW okay!!. Her appearance changed dramatically and only stress & trauma, drugs can do that to a persons face. Which takes us right back to the c-ship then I started questioning what's going on as something is going on. I know full well the Femme Fatale era was a big something is not right to all of us. I only had to see the interviews & the "I am the Femme Fatale" documentary to know something is up!. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if that Joachim changed his mind knowing that Britney really doesn't have a status of a 8 year old l!, She was bad ass during that testimony telling them who they work for!. He probably frightened now that Britney has spoken up (Hopefully fingers crossed) she'll get out of this but Britney will full well knowing that their is article of what he has said & as he's met Britney several times during those 13 years. Britney would take down his unofficial store as I know she wants control of everything as really whatever how much money Joachim has made from that store that money should be going to Britney!. This guy was a failed Journalist by the way before he wrote his Britney books!. I'm Amazed team con haven't gone after him despite him buying job lots of the merchandise from the official store to his unofficial Britney store!. Maybe he has connections to Lou M Taylor & Brit's father who knows so he can sell his books!. We just don't know! 🤷‍♀️
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