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  1. Youre so right about this! I dont normaly replay here on the forum but this is the truth!!
  2. She looks beautifull in the mv.. Im glad she still here...
  3. Still listening bj in my car
  4. I didnt post either on exhale... But everybody are a lot Nicer here.. So welcome
  5. Ahh thank u.. Thats sweet of u
  6. Lol thats my grandma.. She is 92.. But indeed that could be funny
  7. U know guys.. Lara is a sweetheart. Dont judge people if u dont know the person for real Lara ik heb dat stuk stront van de andere site al ff omlaag gehaald in een pm- tje
  8. Much better!! Love the good vibe.. Didnt post much on the other one!!!
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