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  1. I'm super jealous! But I have to hand it to her! She looks great in Britney's VMA get-up! Congratulations Victoria!!
  2. Happy Birthday BritneyB!tch!

  3. "VIRGIN" Pina Coladas?! WHY did she emphasis that? Is she trying to tell us she is expecting?
  4. I NEED to know when it comes out! Lol. Sorry for starting a whole new thread, I just need to know so I can buy it! Thanks!
  5. Soooo is this Billboard issue just an online version? Or is a PHYSICAL version coming out?..
  6. I have that shirt!! It's from Target! It's says "I MY BOYFRIEND" :wub: I know..i'm a nerd. Lol
  7. I'll be participating! How does it work? Will the quiz be posted on the main page? How do we submit our answers??
  8. Here is the link for the rest of the Candids: http://breatheheavy.com/xray/thumbnails.php?album=3552
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