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  1. I am ashamed to say just how far behind I am on photos like these! Lol. "Shame on meee!!" ;)
  2. I'm super jealous! But I have to hand it to her! She looks great in Britney's VMA get-up! Congratulations Victoria!!
  3. Happy Birthday BritneyB!tch!

  4. "VIRGIN" Pina Coladas?! WHY did she emphasis that? Is she trying to tell us she is expecting?
  5. I NEED to know when it comes out! Lol. Sorry for starting a whole new thread, I just need to know so I can buy it! Thanks!
  6. Soooo is this Billboard issue just an online version? Or is a PHYSICAL version coming out?..
  7. I have that shirt!! It's from Target! It's says "I MY BOYFRIEND" :wub: I know..i'm a nerd. Lol
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