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  1. All That She Wants vs Sometimes
  2. Not even trying to be a downer but I cannot see her touring after the stable-ness she has with this.
  3. Would kill for a studio version. Prefer it to Alanis' version, tbh
  4. Your sig When is the "You're fucking stupid.. maybe it's me.." video I don't remember that one.. but do the rest.
  5. I knew I'd read this too! So happy for you!
  6. OMG it's better than the original. I always love how fast the chorus is so I love that you made the first one fast too! And the second chorus. Ugh. So great!
  7. ABC special really is flawless. I don't think I've seen this since it aired. "Honestly I'm not the type of person that's a self absorbed person that thinks everybody's lookin at me. That's not me. I know who I am it. It's just............. sometimes they are!" Made my entire year.
  8. I hate it. I bought the dvd when it came out, watched it & that was that. It's so sloppy and not cute and almost like she was trying so hard to show she had a new man after Justin. IDK just my interpretation.
  9. Who do y'all think she's on the phone with when in the car in the ITZ special? When Felicia is like "ooohhh boyfriend!" And Britney gets all defensive. I'm super curious.
  10. Yes I feel like I've seen everything over time but enjoying rewatching! I'll check out ABC next. Stages is flawless.
  11. I've been in super fan mode lately and watching a bunch of interviews/specials/etc. I watched For The Record two nights ago, the Stages docu last night and right now In The Zone & Out All Night. What other documentaries/Britney specials do you guys recommend? What are you faves? PS Breathe on Me was playing in the background of the beginning of the one I'm watching, hence the title
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