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  1. Thanks everybody ! I'm glad you all liked it. @@Caroline77 love the hair on your britney!
  2. Sorry for the huge pictures!
  3. Does anyone play the sims 4? I've been really bored these days during the holiday break so I started playing again and decided to make a britney sim. Just thought I'd share here Britney in her kfed days. Pink wigney Biels in this too. Currentney Justin and Silas
  4. Britney dated Justin Timberlake tho.. also a Justin and also a douchebag. But anyway agree w/ u that I dont accept Selena as the next Britney. Selena is nice and a huge stan but she doesn't have that star quality that made Britney so unique.
  5. I'm probably gonna listen to it if it leaks but idk... it sort of feels like a buzzkill like opening a present 2 days before christmas so I hope they don't leak it tbh. Am i the only one that feels like this?
  6. 6. “I went down and got Iggy for you.†“Aww Britney, you SHOULDN’T HAVE.†18. Does anyone think Iggy was just photoshopped into leftover cover art from when “Alien†was going to be a single?
  7. Did she do somthing special today because that hair is on point!
  8. yaaass! If she brought this to the BBMAs the GP will be like "2007 VMAs who?".
  9. Too bad for her that this song is still going to be credited to Britney even if iggy puts it on her own album. Gotta love Brit's power in the industry and that she can still pull rank over the lessors even after all these years What Britney wants, Britney gets. I love it.
  10. The cut of those pants looks dated tbh. Like something from the 70s. Even Britney's VMA outfit looks more modern than Bruce Willis' daughters.
  11. Well it didn't have to be the lead single, it could've been the second or even third single. But I agree that it is better to have Britney make her own songs. It just would've been nice to have it on her album because even if you personally dont like it, its getting mad critical acclaim. That kind of praise for just a single song would've been great for the album as a whole.
  12. I'm confused why TD isn't her single to begin with. Like she's the one who thought of it and wanted to do it. She came to Moroder asking to be put on his album, not the other way around. Why though? If she wanted to do the song that bad, didn't it make more sense to make it her single and then ask Moroder to feature on it? :watthe: I mean the song is hot but it's too bad Moroders gonna get most of the sale money because of it.
  13. gorl, did you not rape that replay button when you first heard Tom's Diner to know that this version isn't the real one? It's been sped/pitched up.
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