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  1. @ColleenB123 please help me get meet and greet for me and my dad for your show in toronto we love you

  2. @PersianLa27 I will genuinely help you, I just want what is best for you xoxo

  3. Awww lol her leg hair ? ? did you find that the people were pushy in the pit? like were there too many and it was uncomfortable, I've never been in a GA area before so I'm not sure
  4. Thanks I don't think there is one, but I thought I might as well ask here, where did you sit when you went to see her?
  5. Hey my parents and i are going to Las Vegas and wanted to see Britney but we were wondering if there were any discount codes/ promo codes you knew of for ticketmaster thanks so much I have wanted to see britney for the last 3 years (we went to Vegas last year, but my parents picked a time britney wasn't there so I am so excited to finally see her)
  6. I think she was just uninterested in the songs for Britney Jean, we all know she can sing, it still puzzles me why they would hire Myah to sing to pretend to be britney where they could of done duets or something if Britney only wanted to sing half the songs
  7. I agree 100 percent with this, Femme Fatale was 100 percent Britney on lead (expect HATLM chorus but it's not that bad because she is still singing) same with Circus and Glory
  8. Is it just me or on Chillin With You, Myah almost sounds like she is mocking the way Britney sings, it sounds like she is doing a parody of a Britney song.
  9. Thanks! This is really helpful and clears up a lot
  10. Yes Sia is on background on passenger, I think "ride" word might be Sia but it could be Myah Marie
  11. Disclaimer: I am a huge Britney fan, I love all of her songs she is my favourite artist hands down. However I have some questions about Myah Marie pertaining to Britney Jean, up until last year I didn't believe that Myah was singing the lead until the stems sort of leaked along with some recording sessions and I just want to know where Myah is singing and where Britney is questions: is Myah singing on S&M and Scream and Shout Alien: clearly the "not alone" parts are Myah Work Bitch: The high notes, and the sung bridge Perfume: 100 percent Britney It Should Be Easy: 100 percent Britney Tik Tik Boom: I think the chorus is Myah? I know for sure the ad-libs at the end are Myah Body Ache: 100% Myah Til it's Gone: I think the chorus is Myah? I defiantly hear Myah on this track just not sure where Passenger: Chorus and bridge are Myah Chilling With You: All Myah expect the "you" ad-lib and "bout a thing" line in the chours Don't Cry: 100 percent Britney Brightest Morning Star: Chorus and bridge are Myah the other two bonus tracks I can't tell I have been listening to Britney Jean for 3 years and I love it, I just want to know where Myah is singing, because I can't figure it out
  12. Don't get me wrong I love the released Just Luv Me, but I would love the hear the demo version in full, it sounds more intimate and more raw, more like Good For You by Selena Gomez, it's the same song but I feel like it has a much different feel
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