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  1. Penny's enjoying the show right now.
  2. I imagine the real ones would be a tad dirtier.
  3. there's not a lot happening with 1D atm. new album sounds like it's gonna be great though! Some rumored tracks: -Fire in your Eyes -Got Away -One Chance to Dance -Blame It All On You -Whatever She Wants -Want you to Be There -Nothing Left to Look For -You Got Me
  4. winner is great. one of my only two 10 scores. tell me a lie's position is tragic. I also think I Should Have Kissed You should have been higher, but that's just personal preference.
  5. I guess I need to listen to stand up sometime.
  6. they love performing it even though it was never a single.
  7. I gave two songs from the album a 10. my lowest score was a 4.
  8. I probably gave WMYB the lowest score.
  9. only UAN was done this time. so you can vote for those when we do MM.
  10. should I post my favorite lyric? since the song is already gone.
  11. how is tell me a lie not top 10?
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