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  1. Omg! Like her song https://t.co/SjHp3jnLbt

  2. RT @Tinashe: aka a problem https://t.co/XMm7hkyv4s

  3. RT @reIatabIe: It’s 2009... you’re watching Hannah Montana.... first commercial comes on it’s the Naturally music video.... second commerci…

  4. RT @DerekPlease: The First 10 Seconds of BRITNEY SPEARS Albums! Retweet to save souls. https://t.co/87n13ssDUy

  5. RT @codyspearz: Britney gave us everything with Blackout when we deserved nothing https://t.co/fjHhR7Ub0N

  6. RT @britneycharts: My Only Wish This Year • Spotify Update Dec 26 • 55,544,678 plays (+997,011) Dec 25: +1,987,808 Dec 24: +981,581 Dec 2…

  7. RT @ThePollHub: Which performance is more iconic? RT for Britney’s LIKE for Gaga’s COMMENT for Both ? https://t.co/iDdqcuOSEi

  8. @bieberulesense @ParadiseJustney Fácil [email protected] dejen de callarse las cosas, la gente no lee las mentes y si no habla… https://t.co/PZocDg30ss

  9. RT @britneyspears: ? https://t.co/h0XVqESSPI

  10. RT @britneycharts: My Only Wish this Year • Youtube Update Total in this Christmas season: +2.420.000 views Dec 01: 133.244 Nov 30: 111.0…

  11. RT @TheGloryBritney: Here's a picture of Britney Spears making one of the most iconic pop albums of all time, diamond certified, +32 millio…

  12. RT @BW_React: The most influential women on Twitter, ranked using influence data: #1: @KatyPerry #2: @Shakira #3: @JLo #4: @TheEllenShow #5…

  13. RT @billboard: It's Britney, b*tch! Britney Spears rakes in honors at the Best of Las Vegas 2017 Awards https://t.co/RJ7VfDu6yT https://t.c…

  14. @Law4962L @etnow What a dumb comment, she is doing something really helpfull meanwhile you, only spreading hate in… https://t.co/gp95N0wwcW

  15. RT @GossipBritney: Que nostalgia hein, @britneyspears ???? E como ele está diferente, né? ? https://t.co/IM4Bk4PJM8

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