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  1. WORK BITCH! Still flawless a year later. Play Count: 524
  2. and I wish she wore the jeans instead LMAO
  3. The angles were a disgrace - the first thing we saw was a close up of her face - where was the entrance? the build up? it was a joke all around.
  4. Well, I'm glad Nicki and Kesha weren't on the album, however, even if this is what Britney likes, I don't think it's the right direction - but that's just my opinion. I'm sure i'll enjoy what she puts out, but it's not going to help her music evolve. Actually, I'd say POM is selling just fine considering the expenses for people to go and see her - I never said POM wasn't doing well - I said the opposite. As far as touring goes, FFT might have been one of the highest grossing tours, but tickets were actually being discounted here in the US from what I recall. I'm certainly not trying to downplay her success, but I still believe FFT was the tour Britney struggled to sell tickets for the most out of all of her shows. Had her promo performances been better, and her performance on the actual tour been outstanding, perhaps it wouldn't have been a problem - it probably did hurt her sales. Which brings me to POM - It seems that Britney is enjoying the residency and it's stability with her personal life - I'm completely happy that she's enjoying it - I enjoyed the show myself with few minor complaints. I really can't predict what sales for a regular tour would be like at this point - she hasn't done anything for the public to judge/get excited about - perhaps if she did, sales wouldn't be an issue. A great album and stepping up her game to show the world who she was and still is would do an awful lot for her image. Another great thing about POM is people who aren't big fans are going and enjoying the show - hopefully if/when she does a tour again those people might go and see her in their hometown/city. But, I stand by my opinion which is if Britney doesn't want to change her image, or step up her routines than I am more than happy to have her stay in Vegas and be happy and content. She may not have taken any risks musically in a while, but doing a residency at her age was trendsetting and I applaud that. As far as Madonna goes, her fan base is much older than Britney's and they have more disposable income - and there are a ton of people who attend her shows that aren't even fans - why? because she's Madonna. Britney has that happen quite a bit herself, but I'm willing to bet most people who attend Britney shows are actual fans of her past and present material. When Madonna performs 10-12 new tracks many sit in their seats and stare at each other and ask why she isn't singing "Holiday" and "Lucky Star" - it actually amazes me that Madonna still pulls in big touring numbers despite her lack of hits set-lists - but there are still a ton of people who will go who don't know how her set-iists work and leave confused. I love Madonna and her shows, but she's been around a lot longer than Britney with an even bigger reputation. But, as you said - let's just wait and see.
  5. 1 - the fact that she smokes. 2 - the fact that she has so much potential and shows so little of it. that's either her teams fault or hers - or both. 3 - the fact that she doesn't sing live anymore - I am more annoyed by this now than I have been since day 1. Why? because we would at least get 2 or 3 live performances each era - or some sining over a back track - and her dancing was flawless - her back up dancers could barely keep up with her. It's hard to excuse anymore.
  6. A year ago when Britney signed this contract, it was the best thing for her career in my opinion. I know she's only 33, but she is an aging pop star. Not aging meaning actual age, but longevity. The fact that a teen pop star is as big as she is over 16 years into her career is pheonominal and not that common. The fact that she had a massive breakdown and came back to the scene in a big way deserves credit. Where i'm going with this is that the Britney brand was having trouble gaining new fans as she continued to release new music. We, her loyal fans will always be here for her - provided she doesn't do something devastating against us, but new teenagers are looking for something shiny and new - hence Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and the like. As an older fan, I loathe when Britney latches on to Nikki Minaj and Kesha just to gain some radio support - she's better than that but clearly team Britney would rather follow trends than set them at this stage in Britney's career and it shows (Iggy anyone?). Britney's younger fans love this collaboration stuff - I don't. I'm ready for Britney to move forward and actually go back to the days when she used to sit at a piano and show more and more potential each era - moving forward. I love a good dance/club song but it's time Britney changes her image. The problem is that half of her fans want to go clubbing and the other half are ready for a "ray of light" - I know, cliche' to use that term but it is what it is. The Britney brand was/is in a very difficult spot. Getting back to Vegas and why I think it was a smart move - look at the Femme Fatale tour - sales were steady, but the sell out's weren't happening very often. Britney upped her performance skills a little, and is showcasing her greatest hits for POM and I think it brought more attention to her as a performer and prestige at the fact that at 32 she had enough star power and enough well known hits to actually do a Vegas show. It's amazing that fans from all over the world are flying in to see her (myself included) and the show continues to do well (and if it wasn't - Planet Hollywood would be pulling the plug - believe it!). More and more younger people are hitting Vegas thanks to Britney - wasn't there recently an article about how she's brining in money to the city in general not just for PH?. If she went on tour again I think the sales could have been lower than we are used to for a regular arena tour. I'm basing that off of Britney Jean though - if she came back to the scene like she stepped out of 2004, there probably wouldn't have been an issue with touring. I would love her to do a world tour again, but I think she better reinvent herself musically and if she isn't going to dance like she used to (and I know she's better than she was on FF) she needs to work on her voice. If she doesn't want to evolve musically and artistically, than I'm fine with her staying in Vegas provided it doesn't fail and have to close early. I do believe she is happy staying in one place and after all she's been through, I'm glad that I can still go and see her perform somewhere. I do think POM should have been different - more of a celebration of her career - remixes are good for a tour, but for a greatest hits show, I would have preferred references to past music videos and performances and hearing the songs the way they were when they were hits.
  7. Well, the new Slave routine is similar to what I was talking about...it only took 1 pole for a prop but just slowing down the moves and having everyone in synch really works well visually.
  8. Well at least you were ok for Britney....
  9. Glad you liked it - I thought it was incredible and such an immersive show - my favorite Cirque show by far because the music and performers really involve the audience.
  10. There's no way to predict how she's going to be during your M&G - it shouldn't be that way but she is human and I guess she can't always put on an act. She was quiet and shy during my M&G during FFT but smiled and looked into my eyes as if what I had to say did matter - could she have said more to me - yes, but I know this is hard for her so just being acknowledged as a fan on an individual level by telling her my name and actually having her know I existed for a minute and was not just a random face in the crowd is pretty amazing. I heard good and bad stories about these M&G's from all artists fans - not just Britney. Bottom line is that this is the only way to get a guaranteed chance at getting to meet Britney Spears.
  11. Glad you had a good time...POM is really a fun show...and I love that there is a whole store dedicated to POM items! Sidenote...isn't MJ ONE an awesome Cirque show? LOVED IT!
  12. This is true, and probably one of the reasons POM is doing as well as it is. We fans who have been with her since the beginning are used to seeing Britney at 110% to the point where her back up dancers can just about keep up with her. We all know Britney during POM is only running at about 50% of her prime abilities. The reasons for that are debatable and we will never really know what is going on with Britney so I'm not here to start that topic. I will say that I am dumbfounded at those casual GP ticket buyers who actually think this is how she used to be and don't see the difference. Sometimes I think to myself - my god is it me? Maybe i'm wrong...but then I realize that we all just payed way more attention to her abilities and less about OMG that Britney's shameless...look what she wore and what she said and cared more about her performance. Crazy....it really is. POM is a good show though and I hope to return to Vegas to see it again before it's over. Is POM the most theatrical/biggest spectacle Britney has ever put on? NO. It certainly was not what I was expecting for a Greatest Hits show...but it is enjoyable and is a trip down memory lane from one hit to another which speaks volumes about her awesome catalog a music and even the songs that weren't #1 hits, are still so recognizable and are in no way forgettable.
  13. True, but I don't know what she can do to fix that really...she does look like she's enjoying the show, so she's into it...there's just something that's not happening...and I don't think we'll ever know what it is.
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