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  1. Max can do no wrong. If u seek Amy, 3, and I wanna go slay. Need him back
  2. amnesia is one of her best songs. everything about it is perfect tbh. quicksand is only good for it's bridge. trouble is ok overall. the bonus tracks for circus were a hit or miss. (rock boy was atrocious)
  3. SO many. Breathe On Me, Toy Soldier, Radar (Blackout), Freakshow, Kill the Lights. Out From Under, Unusual You, Amnesia, Inside Out, How I Roll, He About to Lose Me, Alien, Til It's Gone, Tik Tik Boom, Passenger
  4. Toxic too. Gimme more was practically made for radio tbh
  5. U mean an album that is completely britney and not a bunch of songs that the record label felt would be successful? Britney jean is full of ballads and mid tempos and has great vocals. This is e album britney was waiting to release
  6. she should just be thankful she got a great experience writing and working with britney. she has had too many flops to count and I'm sure perfume made her loads of money just to help write the song.
  7. Work bitch is a masterpiece. The entirbritney jean album is personal besides Tik Tik boom. I'm sure she relates to all of the songs
  8. You can't sue britney for singing on every track. U can clearly hear her vocals and she is allowed to have background vocalist. She didn't credit anyone for get naked or early mornin and those were obviously not her.
  9. When she begins recording her album in 2015. When thru release the piece of me DVD.
  10. The shows would be cancelled if she wasn't relevant. They definitely wouldn't be adding more dates if that were the case too..
  11. Let's not be retarded. Take everything into consideration. Circus has world wide promo performances, for the record, comeback hype, and two extremely catchy singles. If she did the same for britney jean we would see a lot more success
  12. U guys r retarded. Britney jean flopped because nobody knew about the album and perfume flopped. She will have success with a catchy song. Work bitch was successful and sold over 1 million copies, her Vegas shows r also extremely successful
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