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  1. Happy Birthday DannyP!

  2. Absolutely, your more than welcome Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks for your kind words guys, I never get sick of this one!! My class still love it
  4. I'm in great shape Theres a difference between looking fit and being fit, which is the beauty of Zumba. It keeps you fit. You should have seen me before Zumba. I burned 1300 calories in my last class, not many other cardio exercise will help you do that! So technically, it does help you shed weight. You can use your own muscle weight to help bulid muscle, such as push ups, knee lifts, squats etc, which is evident in my video. People take classes for different reasons, for me it was for fun, but weight loss happened anyway, and I never dieted, If I wanted to, im pretty sure id be much fitter "looking". And No disrespect to you, but not only am I a profesional dancer, but I know my Fitness too, you respectfully do not. So I am not going to have this argument with you. But hey, if you need reference, look at any fitness website, voted number one fitness regime in 2012 and 2013. Now tell me im alone in this?
  5. I don't do anything else, so muscle gain is coming from Zumba, nothing else. Take it from a professional Fitness Instructor, not just a Dance P.s - Zumba is exercise, Is Dancing not excersize? Don't fool yourself.
  6. Biggest, and fad contradiction what you just said. A fad doesn't last more than 8 years, this has, and is growing bigger than it ever has. I have seen personal weight loss, and muscle gain, and I meet people daily who lost half their original body weight. It cured one of my setudents back problems, and it makes me a lot of money! So I have to disagree with you.
  7. So as some of you may know, I am a Zumba Fitness Instructor. My class lve this one, Work Bitch By Britney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6ZfmUrSX5M&feature=youtu.be
  8. You defiantly don't look like you use botox, and I think that was quite a nasty thing of that person to say. You look great I think we are both a bit jealous of your pic to be honest, some people just deal with jealousy by being nasty.
  9. I wouldn't be feeling the stereotypical requests. Like Eminem, Gaga etc. Wouldn't fancy them myself. Pamala Faith is another one I would choose. Im starting to like her music some more. Gwen Stefani would be cool too, or P!nk. But I doubt the chances of that happening to be honest .. I think it's Justiney for the win
  10. I didn't either. Go to a pic on FB/TWITTER or whereever, right click, then press 'Copy URL' and come here to comment, when you comment, look just above the comment box, you will see a blue box (4 on the right of the Twitter logo) and copy the link there. BOOM. Your up
  11. It was one of the bad ones that came from Exhale, Don't worry..just ignore it and it will fuck off back there.
  12. As a person, she is also a very energetic, Passionate workaholic. She might not show it, but she is a very smart business woman. She can't stay down for too long, she knows it and so does her work force. If she wanted to, realistically with all her millions, could have quit the game years ago, especially with her bad couple days , but didn't and I think she might threaten to retire, but won't be out for long, its all she has ever done. P.S - She admitted that she loves money lol - She won't stop until she has her sons, their sons and their sons set up for life.
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