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    Thank you guys for helping me find it
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    An unannounced single which was never confirmed by an official source and was made up by Britney's own stans and random twitter accounts ended up being a lie, I am so shocked
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    It garnered the highest radio play of her entire career, has the strongest production with most potential hits, and it's just a fucking blast to listen to from start to finish. Easily my favorite Britney Spears album as of mid-2018. I don't care if Blackout and ITZ are "edgier", FF sounds more pleasing to my ears. TTWE, HIAM, IO, IWG, DDB, SIWAK, TFM, Up N' Down, Selfish, Criminal... all flawless pop songs.
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    I already tweeted a short thought on this, but I feel I need to explain. I have not been active in this #FreeBritney thing because it's been all speculation. The sources seem fishy and the coincidences make sense, but at the same time don't. It's a confusing mess that I would like to be a part of, but at the same time, don't even want to participate in. If it is true, I wouldn't be surprised, but at the same time, it's putting a really bad reputation on mental health. Mental health issues already has a bad reputation and I feel like this #FreeBritney movement is making it worse, and it already looks bad on Britney because people are bringing up 2007. As a person who suffers from mental health issues, it would make me look hypocritical to say "her being in a mental health facility is bad." I've also been seeing fans wish death upon her dad and her team which is fucking wrong in soooo many ways and I don't even want to be associated with that. I only wish the best for Britney, and if this is true it's sad and I wish she was treated like a human, but at the same time if it isn't true it's going to look bad on us as fans and look bad on Britney as well. I'm sorry if my lack in participation makes me a horrible fan, but I'd rather be labeled as that, than a fan who ruined the reputation of a person they look up to and the mental health progression that has been made over the years (not saying every fan is doing this). I can see both sides to both stories, and the conspiracies for each side add up for each argument, but I'd really rather not be in the mix of it. Sorry for being so quiet about it, but those are my thoughts.
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    Hi Britney Universe! Just stumbled upon your forum and wondered what took me so long to even join one. Been a fan of Britney since she started but I've only recently rekindled my inner Brit stan. So *waves to everyone*
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    She has come so far. From being on top, hitting rock bottom, and rising back to the surface. I think Britney is finally back to a genuinely happy place. I think she lost her spark and her happiness for such a long time, beyond 2007. I think healing takes a long time and I think Sam genuinely makes her happy & plus this is like the first guy I’ve actually approved of her dating... he’s incredibly hot and she seems to be in a really good place. She’s dancing her ass off again & giving us primeney vibes occasionally. She looks amazing! Her body is like.... incredible. We have a world tour of her greatest hits PLUS she added a bunch of glory songs to the setlist! Although that’s kinda late, its still showing people she has new tracks and they’re good! We have new music coming soon and I think it’s going to be good! We all know that Britney has been on top and she did THAT. Now she is happy and thriving and making us so happy. I love you Brit Brit! Wish u the very best.
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    It is about damn time we see her perform this classic for the first time ever. It's sexy, it's street and it fits her new residency concept so well. Also it's good promo for her new perfume lol. C'mon Team B, give us what we want
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    I think we're ALL already bored of Domination. She's gonna do the same routine with the same setlist. We'll open with Work Bitch then end with Till the World Ends and get the same vocals she recorded 20 years ago. At best we'll get like an old song added If she took the time to rerecord her vocals, used different outfits, and changed the setlist then the shows would be so much better, but she'd never
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    I want new music. 20th anniversary came and went for BOMT... nothing. POM tour is so played out at this point. Pitbull collab never happened. I’m boreddd
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    Yass, I'm super excited because since Britney and her team have never disappointed us I know that we can really expect something big, I can't wait
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    It was my first time seeing her and I had a blast. I was super tired because I had to take a 4-hour flight from Spain to London, and it was raining like crazy on Sunday so I was drenched when I got to the arena (I literally had to dry my shoes in the hand drying thing they have in the restroom). But the show is AMAZING! I got good seats, only the VIP section in front of me and since I wasn't on the floor but on the grandstand, I could see her perfectly. It was her third night in London and yet it was completely sold out. I went to the show on my own and two girls that were next to me told me I must be a true fan. I even got a T-shirt in the merch store because I saw a lot of people wearing them and I got so jealous lol She killed it! And so did Pitbull. And he said such kind words about Britney, her impact on the music industry and how she stayed strong when everyone else was giving her shit I posted some videos on my instagram, if you want to take a look
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    First of all these stories need to be taken with a huge grain of salt considering we’re only hearing one side in the situation. We all know damn well since a fan can’t provide evidence that they’ll place all the blame on Britney even if they were the one who caused the situation. Plus judging by the forums some fans are drama queens, something minor could have happened but they could be exaggerating it. As for that girl, her story kept changing, plus she ignored the rule, as much as she doesn’t wanna accept it, it’s her fault. Also regarding it being natural to touch someone for a picture...that’s a crock of shit. As someone with social anxiety, if I don’t know you, don’t fucking touch me. Obviously if you’re a social butterfly, you won’t understand that but if a person is a stranger to you, u need to respect their personal space, u may be comfortable, don’t assume they are. Sure we may feel like we know Britney personally cuz we know a lot of info but at the end of the day, we don’t. The only thing we do know for sure...she is shy, she’s said that herself many times in interviews, so respect that and keep in mind, to her, WE TRULY ARE COMPLETE STRANGERS, the ONLY thing she knows about us is that we’re fans, she knows nothing else. They say you shouldn’t meet your idols, for a reason. They’re not some God, they’re flawed human beings just like us, they have good days and bad days, good moods and bad moods, some humans are just better at hiding it than others. If you’re a fan who’s still willing to shell out the dough to meet your fave, i suggest u go into it knowing the meet may not be the perfect experience you built up in your head.
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    Overall, there's actually nothing wrong with Britney's shows/performances. Even back in the days when she was absolutely killing the chores and routines on stage, she was still criticised, she still had jokes made about her music or whatever. So I really think that she's at the point now where she's just going on stage, having a good time with her dancers, and doing her routines that she has rehearsed. If you go onto her instagram you'll see plenty of comments about poor dancing, no live singing etc etc. Well sorry but that is basically all the performers. People hold Beyonce up as some incredible pop force beyond compare, well, sorry, but she FAKED IT during what is possibly the most important political event in her country (the inauguration). SHE FAKED IT!!!! Shakira was caught lip-syncing during the World Cup event a few years ago. They're literally all doing it. Except, for some reason, people really bash Britney for it. So, my guess is that after 20 years of giving us all a piece of her, and after all the shit the world threw at her when she dared to have personal struggles... she's arrived at the point where she just doesn't feel she has to prove anything anymore. Like it or don't. that's not to say she doesn't care!! a beautiful release like Glory proves that she continues to take her musical output seriously and create solid pop material. She's just done with trying to please everyone. Because even if she was slaying 2004 choreo on stage every night, people would still be criticising other aspects.
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    BJ is my least listened to not for the reason u stated, for me it’s just to slow, Glory is sooooooo much better, I love it. Its funny cuz with the Circus Tour a lot of fans were trashing it, saying all she’s really doing is walking now suddenly it’s epic and one of her best, this is one very fickle fan base. While Circus did have a better set and costumes than POM, Britney herself was basically phoning it in, she herself is much better during POM, she’s more energetic and dancing more and better. I honestly believe what had most fans butthurt over POM was because of the residency, they see it as something has beens do, meanwhile thanks to her, many more current artists are doing a residency, plus with the residency fans have to go to her, which is very expensive and inconvenient. Sure Britney has had her good nights and bad nights, but she’s a fucking human being, she’s gonna have ups and downs plus she’s been doing the same show for 5 years, I’m sure she’s bored out of her mind. Plus I also feel a lot of fans have an extremely unhealthy obsession, they live vicariously through her, she fails they fail, she succeeds, they succeed. At the end of the day, if u care for Britney as a person, be happy that she seems to be happy and healthy and in a good place, the pop star part of her, is not that serious, it’s just a form of entertainment. It’s psychotic that’s fans are getting so angry over entertainment. They seriously need to lay off of her and need to put themselves in her position, would they be happy if they were her and saw people saying such horrible things about them over something as stupid as a performance or an outfit?? There’s a saying...treat people the way u wanna be treated, and those particular fans need to get that saying through their thick skulls.
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    Absolutely! That's why I don't understand when people (I refuse to call those people fans) harp on bad reviews and their perception of a show they did not witness themselves. As you said, Britney has faced this same criticism her entire career. INCLUDING BOTH Dream Within A Dream and the Onyx Hotel Tour which are highly praised by fans. She is NOT the only pop act that lips, but she is the only one that gets shamed for it. I believe it's because she's the only one that isn't playing the game of trying to fool people. Which I actually respect more that people who claim to always sing live when they, in fact, use playback and prerecorded vocals as well. Britney could be exactly the same performer and have the same personality she did during whatever someone wants to claim was her "prime" and they would still complain. Britney will never please everyone, so it's about time she starts pleasing the only one that actually matters: herself. Don't like it? Don't be a fan. No one is here to listen to their constant bitching about what they think she isn't.
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    This has been long overdue, but I wanted to wait until the 4th of July was over, and have been wanting to finally say this for months now! I was going to wait till 2019/2020 to announce this cuz I was dropping an album with inuendos about this, but I decided hey it’s 20GayTeen so why not do it this year! As of July 5, 2018 I can officially say and have accepted that I’m bisexual! There are so many artists like: Britney (of course), Zolita (underrated artist check her out), Hayley Kiyoko, Kesha, Years and Years and many more artists and people that have inspired me! Here’s the official announcement! Love you all thanks!
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    I personally want tracks like Mood Ring or Invitation. Some fresh R&B with heavy synths, trip-hop vibe and sultry vocals. I also wouldn't be mad if she pulled a few experimental tracks like Coupure Électrique. Definitely some old school catchy pop bangers like If U Seek Amy or Womanizer. But please, no more tropical house. Whale sounds are way too 2015-16 and she had her fair share in Glory. And nothing too EDM either...
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    Wow. Her father had a ruptured colon and needed emergency surgery and post op care. For you to assume ticket sales and his "illness" as an excuse is quite cold hearted and disgusting. That's life threatening not the flu.
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    I lost a brother the day before Christmas Eve, so i unfortunately understand the mindset she’s in now, she’s doing the right thing, family always come first!! Shame on any fan who is more concerned with the loss of music and a concert when she almost lost her dad.
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    jk bitch. That live stream was an unorganized mess with a predictable ending. Despite already knowing we were getting another residency I still left the live stream disappointed. With Britney post BJ I've learned to have the lowest expectations possible. Glory was cute and amazing, considering the mess that was BJ. Her recent years have been boring and we keep getting the same thing just recolored a bit. The tour is a disgusting mess with a handful of cute moments occasionally. Now when she came on the Ellen show and announced her announcement everyone already knew what was coming. A RESIDENCY TOUR which is fine . She struggles with bipolar disorder and anxiety, so trying to put her on a draining schedule with a stressful tour would just murder her mental health. I've made my peace with that. What was terrible though was the big deal she made about her announcement. I kept my standards as low as possible and whew she delivered. The whole live stream was a mess. It started late, the audio was weird and the beginning didn't even play Britney music , the person "hosting?" the live stream didn't seem much like a Britney stan (he said the same thing over again and didn't even know when the "show?" was to start), the camera angles were boring and overdone, then the "Britney parade" used a random megamix they probably just googled, along with that the whole live show was a mess (we got random camera angles left and right then the presenters didn't even know when the show was to start) and to top it all off when things finally seemed to pick up when Britney comes out looking like she doesn't even want to be there. She stares around for a little, proceeds to walk down the red carpet, signs autographs, then drives off without saying a word! Then cut back to the "host?" stare at the camera and act like he was snatched bald. The show fades out with a picture of a new poster and her new residency "Domination." I had no expectations coming into this and coming out of this has even lowered my expectations to lower heights whew!
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    since when is breathe heavy a good source