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    Hi everyone! Really excited to share this project I've been working on, hand illustrating Britney's iconic looks through the years. Let me know what you think! I have prints available here if interested.
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    Not surprising, he’s insane, HE is the one that needs to be in a cship!!
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    As thirsty as I am for new Britney music, and having that photo on vinyl, I'm not buying this. Britney herself is boycotting Britney brand. Fans need to respect that too.
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    Homegirl ain’t on a hiatus, she on a strike, huge difference in my opinion, so I would imagine she’s not happy about it. But as long as there are still some fans willing to hand over their cash despite everything that’s gone down, then u can expect her team to continue to put shit out even without her participation.
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    I have now officially decided I’m done with the Instagram, by that I mean, I’m only believing court documents from now on, it’s the only way we know truth. Thanks to court documents we know she welcomes and appreciates fan support, we know she’s scared of her father and wants him gone. I’ll still look at the Instagram content cuz I do enjoy it but the only discussions I’m having about it going forward is superficial, she looks good, that was funny, that’s it, I’m done wasting energy on a topic that at the end of the day is an assumption, none of us can prove if it is her or isn’t her, it’s not worth the stress anymore.
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    Maybe she should try and watch the whole doc, and not some bits that are probably out of context, before thinking they portrayed her as a dumb, crazy or unbalanced person. Quite the opposite... she was portrayed as a hard worker, a perfectionist and a sweetheart. She probably didn't like the media remembering 2006-2007 and maybe that's what she saw or was told about, but that's inevitable given what the documentary is about.
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    I like that Ingham also expressed that Britney still DOES NOT want her father involved in the conservatorship, yet Jamie's dumbass lawyer still tries to spin the narrative of how loving and dedicated to Britney Jamie is and that the court clearly sees that. Uh, no. It's just not the proper time to file to have him removed yet.
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    Better late than never, I guess, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything. But the true test, will be his behavior going forward esp. in regards to Britney, no snarky comments during CMAR performances, no more jokes on SNL, so on and so forth.
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    Britney Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari is telling the world how he really feels about her father -- calling Jamie Spears a "total dick" who's meddled in their relationship. We got Sam at Bristol Farms in L.A. Tuesday, who certainly didn't pull any punches on the heels of a new Britney documentary that rips Jamie and the conservatorship -- Sam also teed off Tuesday morning on IG, saying he has "zero respect" for Brit's dad. Britney's BF accuses her pops of trying to control their relationship and claims Jamie constantly throws obstacles in their way. Although he says he won't go into details, you can tell Sam has a lot more to say ... and now says he's not afraid to speak up. Sam's outburst comes as 'Framing Britney Spears' is getting a lot of attention. The Hulu doc has fans fired up about how the pop star's been treated over the years by Jamie and others. We normally don't hear much from Sam, so this is a pretty big mic drop. Here's the video:https://www.tmz.com/2021/02/09/britney-spears-boyfriend-sam-asghari-rips-jamie-total-dick-zero-respect/
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    Something serious has to have happened behind the scenes to get him to finally speak (I would think he had Britney’s blessing to speak too) better late than never, I just hope it don’t backfire on him cuz he’s basically all she has.
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    In my opinion there comes a time when spreading awareness turns into exploitation. We're getting dangerously close to that time.
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    He’s stepping up now and seems to be doing a good job, so at the end of the day, I guess that’s what really matters. My trust in him is at like 80 percent right now, when he finally submits the paperwork to remove Jamie, it’ll jump to 90, then to 100 when he submits paperwork to end the cship completely.
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    It seems that the Wednesday court date will be all about Lou Taylor and accounting issues. It appears Ingham will be asking for another continuance 🙄
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    Swimming is good but I can also see why it didn’t make the cut, as for Matches, I don’t have an opinion yet, I’ve only heard a shit quality snippet.
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    I agree, they’re gonna do whatever they can to still bring money in, even JL had to get her ass back to work, lol
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    It seems like everyone in her life has always wanted something from her. Her family wants money, the people around her want money, 80% of her partners were fame or money motivated, and many of her fans want her to be 18 again. It must be really hard. I hope she is able to break free from this conservatorship and finally do what she wants to do. Get married, have kids, live life, enjoy her freedom, whatever makes her happy. I feel like she's worked her entire life and has supported the people around her and it's honestly time for her to be able to live her life the way she wants to live it.
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    I think that post is awfully convenient timing just an hour or so after the documents detailing the 2 million+ robbery by team CON came out. Why would Fe take part in something that would upset or embarrass Britney?? Why would Sam speak out right after the doc?? That doc supported Britney, why would that upset her?? You know who it didn’t shine a good light on, team CON. This post is just a distraction from team CON and it’s clearly working since media is focusing on this and not them robbing her blind. Plus why is it when Sam posts stuff with/of Britney, it’s always in a flattering light but hers not always?? Plus if she don’t like being pitied or seen as a victim, why would she write a post that just pities her and makes her seem like a victim?? Sorry, I just think her Instagram should not be taken as gospel when we know for a fact that people who benefit from the CON are also in control of it. Plus that doc came out like 2 moths ago, talk of it was dying down, why comment on it now???? DISTRACTION!! You can believe it was her if u want but I ain’t buying it, how about a video of her saying this out of her own mouth and that’s it, no caption, just video of her speaking, then I’d be more inclined to buy it.
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    Everything that has come out about Jamie and how he sees Britney (the racehorse comment especially) leads me to believe that all he sees when he looks at Britney is dollar signs and someone to control. In the 12 years of this conservatorship he's done NOTHING to help her handle her life outside of it while claiming that he wishes that could happen. Every time Jamie is gone, Britney thrives. 2016 Bryan was around more and we had the Glory era which was as close to her prime as we've seen since. Right now Jodi's in the picture and despite the ridiculous comments on her Instagram Britney is happy, healthy, seeing her kids, living her life, and having fun doing what SHE wants. It's very clear Jamie is the cause of whatever problems she has and he needs to respect Britney's wishes and leave her alone. Especially if he wants the world to believe he's as much of a loving father as he tries to say he is. SHOW IT THEN, JAMIE.
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    I def think she’s had to endure a lot of manipulation through this thing but I feel like, if she wasn’t working, what else would she have to do with her time, it’s not like she can come and go as she pleases??? But I would say she did lack passion in many things and honestly who can blame her. I think the reason she finally put her foot down was a whole bunch of things and working was not at the top of the list, I think Jamie attacking Preston and her losing time with them as a result, IMO, that’s what gave her the push she needed to finally fight. She seemed to have the most passion for Glory and correct me if I’m wrong but I think during that period Brian was with her more and not Jamie.
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    Love the Justin shade!
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    Honestly, I haven’t watched SNL since the early 2000’s, lol, so I have no clue who that girl is and I don’t have her other Britney impersonations to compare to but I thought she was pretty spot on, even if a little exaggerated, it doesn’t come off as insulting and that’s what matters. Im getting so sick of the fans who are just seeing negativity in everything now, while Brits situation is corrupt and sad, it doesn’t mean everything has to be seen as bad because of it, it is possible to fight the CON but still enjoy stuff at the same time.
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    Alli introduced them at some club! I don't think he got into contact with Lynne through her, his story was always about trying to help Britney and Lynne reconcile. I also don't think she's as bad as Sam, but she's no angel either and I don't have an ounce of sympathy for her.
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    Objections raised by James Spears' attorney, Vivian Thoreen, on how the co-conservatorship would be delegated were rejected Thursday. One objection raised by Thoreen asked that James Spears have the power to delegate investment powers, an issue that was a point of debate between the two attorneys Thursday. Ingham told the court that the nature of a co-conservatorship is that James Spears' powers as sole conservator, appointed by the court in 2019, would be reduced. Thoreen argued that the court orders should be consistent with the 2019 order that gave him sole conservatorship. "There's no intent or desire to create unequal power or decision-making as between the two, your honor," Thoreen argued. "This is a way to make it consistent and to not take away powers that Mr. Spears as a conservator had." Thoreen also denied a concern raised by Ingham that James Spears would delegate the investment powers to a third party, stating that her client simply wanted "to be able to delegate the investment decision making authority to Bessemer." The objection was denied by the judge. Both James Spears and Bessemer Trust are expected to work together on a budget and investment proposal for Britney Spears' estate following Thursday's hearing. “My client looks forward to working with Bessemer to continue an investment strategy in the best interests of his daughter," Thoreen said in a statement after the hearing. "My client Jamie Spears has diligently and professionally carried out his duties as one of Britney’s conservators, and his love for his daughter and dedication to protecting her is clearly apparent to the court," the statement said. Another hearing on the conservatorship is scheduled to take place next month. Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/britney-spears-father-loses-bid-retain-control-delegating-her-investments-n1257502 Another small win for our girl!
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    She probably doesn't even know about it. Looking at the tracklist, it looks like a quick fan-service compilation to bring in some cash. This kind of random releases sometimes happen because the artist's contract says they have to release a certain amount of albums in a period of time, I believe.
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    They’re just gonna repeat that like a broken record hoping that if they say it enough times it’ll stick. I actually think it’s gonna be Bessemer Trust who is gonna bring him down, now that they are a 3rd party in the c-ship and not only know about but have the ability to fight her dad’s decisions
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    Per laywersforbrit's Twitter account the following happened today in court, which is all GREAT news:
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    Britney is owed a lot of apologies but at this point they wouldn't be genuine or pure, and if I was in her shoes I wouldn't want them. Justin Timberlake remains trash.
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    That documentary BLEW this shit up, people been talking about it for days now, so many more eyes on this now, Team CON must be fuming!!!
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    Agreed! I've always liked Sam and how he's treated Britney. People drag him for nothing, at least he actually WANTS to work and better his life unlike the losers she's dated in the past. They've been together for damn near 5 years, no one sticks around and puts up with shit for that long if they aren't serious. Agreed! There's more eyes on them then ever before if they try to interfere in the relationship now it'll just continue to add scrutiny and heat on their necks. It's over for team con it's only a matter of legalities now.
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    "THANK YOU SAM" is trending on Twitter. This documentary has been trending on Twitter in some form since Friday. Also, I've been a big supporter of Sam (I truly do love them together because she seems happy) and I'm happy the fans are getting off his damn back.
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    It's been listed for almost a year now. When she went to Kentwood last year is when it went up, my theory is they discussed it then and gathered things they/she wanted to have.
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    It’s on FX/Hulu, apparently the Britney episode airs Feb. 5, it’s titled Framing Britney Spears, I hope this is pro freeBritney and is focused on legit info, such as the court documents, none of that conspiracy bullshit.
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    -Jodi has been extended as temporary conservator until August -The judge ruled in Britney's favor in regards to the accounting discrepancies and has added 2 more court dates in March and April allowing both parties to gather evidence needed. -Ingham is particularly interested in Lou charging the conservatorship for her personal lawyer in which she used to sue fans. -Apparently Ingham said in court "Doing it the same way for years doesn't make it the right way" You can read all of it and more on the BritneyHiatus Twitter account. All in all it was a good and slightly productive day. https://twitter.com/BritneyHiatus/
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    Extremely frustrating!! What’s really sketchy tho, is I’ve read a couple of people say these things are normally hard to get, yet with Britney it was like a snap of the fingers. People should be punished in addition to Britney getting her freedom.
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    Well according to Jamie’s side, Ingham has been in regular contact with her doctors (they make it sound like he’s overstepping his bounds), hopefully, that’s why he is.
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    I agree and I think those things will happen once they're able to prove all the fraud and shady shit Jamie has been doing with Britney's money. However, I believe it will also take her medical team to okay the fact that she doesn't need the personal conservatorship for it to end completely, so I think having the goal of Jamie out completely is the most obtainable at this time.
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    I swear, Jamie better get kicked off soon, cuz I’m not gonna lie, having to choose between the person and the artist does kinda suck, I love her as a person but I also love her work, so sue me, I want both. While we all know she’s on a strike and respect that, at the same time, it still hurts to see fans hoping for her work to fail and are almost gleeful at the thought of it, all thanks to this fucking Conservatorship. This has got to be the most stressful and most abnormal fan base to ever exist, lol
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    I think Swimming in the Stars has really good lyrics, the synth is nice and the vocal arrangement is also good. But the melody is kinda heavy for a song that's supposed to feel cute and sweet, and the 2009 rnb beat kinda kills the whole thing. It would have been a good filler track... in Femme Fatale or Circus, but not in Glory. Matches is a mess, though.
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    My only opinion on both songs is that there's a reason they weren't included in Glory. They're the weakest of the weak.
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    idk what’s wrong with me but i think it’s a banger it’s been stuck in my head all day
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    The song is really weak anyways. It's worse than whatever song you consider the worst track on Glory and it sounds like every Dr. Luke pop song from 2012-2013. They shouldn't have released it, even if Britney was cool with this re-release, which she's not
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    It shouldn't surprise anyone. Her father has always been a nightmare with good intentions but lacking the proper tools and ability to deliver them in a way that isn't hurtful to his family.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvsTMPAJHF/?igshid=1k97tg5kk3gsx https://www.instagram.com/p/CHwRgM3AMsX/
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    The artwork is BEAUTIFUL! I hope more from this desert photoshoot is released.
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    I know we're all furious that Jamie isn't suspended yet, despite everything that came out before and during court, but it's a process and it's going to take time. The fact that the judge said he's not suspended AT THIS TIME isn't a no, so there's a possibility it can (should) happen later, plus she did say that she can suspend him later. My guess would be that Ingham and her new lawyers need to file the proper paperwork and have their ducks in a row. The matter has been moved to December 16th. Here is a great recap of everything that went down. And yes, In my opinion, Jamie is a disgusting excuse of a man and a "father". The comments he made to Lynne made me so angry and sad for Britney. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbfJb-lRN6/ Some good news! Bessemer has been accepted as co-conservator! At least for the time being Jamie won't be able to do anything shady in regards to Britney's money, and hopefully come December he will be out for good.
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    I’m assuming his comparison is in regards to the level of control/force that Team CON have, cuz in HT, they forcing women to HAVE babies. There are ways to keep her from getting pregnant, now even contraceptives aren’t 100%, so what, did they force her to get her tubes tied??? Force her to get abortion if the contraceptive fails?? Force a day after pill, every time, she has sex??? Dude shouldn’t have made that statement, if he ain’t gonna spill specifics. I’m confused by the Sam and Jamie comment tho, if Jamie don’t like Sam, wouldn’t he just give Sam the boot, cuz up until Jodi took over, Jamie was in control of everyone Britney can see, why would Jamie let someone he don’t like and don’t get along with stay around for five years???
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