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    This is desperation from Jaime's side and it's really fucking disgusting. Proves he's only after that money. Britney's lawyer still has until September to submit their paperwork, so I wouldn't be surprised if it will now include wanting this fuckhead out, too. Didn't he leave because staying would cause "irrevocable harm" to Britney?
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    I really hope this is letting Britney see how much we love and appreciate her talent and gives her some kind of a boost to get back to her career when she's ready.
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    There was a hearing today in which Ingham (Britney's lawyer) was requesting extra litigation counsel to help him fight Jamie in court next month over removing Jamie/adding Bessemer Trust. Jamie objected to this request and wanted mediation. The judge sided with Britney and Ingham and their request has been approved! This is EXCELLENT news!
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    Court documents saying the movement is far from being a conspiracy theory or a joke and that Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans, it’s official y’all...Britney IS FREE BRITNEY, lol, this just gets better and better!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/Martiijnn/status/1301573084374327298 Edit: just read the entire court document, she really is fighting for herself, this is incredible, I’m sooooo proud of her!!!
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    NO! The reason I left exhale and came here was because it turned into a pop forum. Like @MonaLisa613 said, I have absolutely no desire to discuss any other pop acts.
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    If you’re US-based, go check the iTunes pop charts. At the time of writing: • Mood Ring Is still (STILL) #1 • Glory is at #3 in albums MV rankings: • #6 Toxic • #8 I’m A Slave 4 U • #19 Circus • #21 Womanizer •#22 BOMT
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    The rest of the article is a good read, too https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/pop/9393539/songwriters-melanie-fontana-jon-asher-britney-spears-mood-ring
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    My opinion hasn't changed. Britney Jean isn't her best album, probably my least favorite, but I still have yet to see any actual proof Myah sang more than Britney on it. I also think everyone still harping about this shit needs to let it go, the past is the past.
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    I agree, they’re gonna do whatever they can to still bring money in, even JL had to get her ass back to work, lol
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    It seems like everyone in her life has always wanted something from her. Her family wants money, the people around her want money, 80% of her partners were fame or money motivated, and many of her fans want her to be 18 again. It must be really hard. I hope she is able to break free from this conservatorship and finally do what she wants to do. Get married, have kids, live life, enjoy her freedom, whatever makes her happy. I feel like she's worked her entire life and has supported the people around her and it's honestly time for her to be able to live her life the way she wants to live it.
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    Yeah, it was Lou’s idea, Lynne even said so in her book. Lou even tried to talk Dina Lohan into getting Lindsay in a cship. I don’t think a single fan thinks that there shouldn’t have been some form of intervention, cuz Britney was in a complete dangerous downward spiral and Sam L. had to be removed also, the problem is the fact that she’s still paying for it 12 years later and that it was made permanent based on a lie. There’s also been no indication that they even tried to see if she could live freely again, they just continued to infantilize her instead of help her to grow, this cship has caused damage the longer it’s gone on. I also 100% believe that the only reason moves are being made now is a result of this movement.
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    I'm happy about this. Finally some sort of movement, some kind of progress. I do feel like a lot of the conspiracy videos about Britney being in danger and symbolically asking for help are ridiculous and take away from the actual importance of the #FreeBritney movement. Financially and emotionally taking advantage of people in conservatorships is not a foreign topic. It's happened before. If Britney is truly as ill as they try to make it seem then they never should have pushed her back into the spotlight as soon as they did. I also think it's really transparent that TMZ decides to release a story about Britney being "mentally ill" as soon as any kind of pro Free Britney article comes out. It's so annoying.
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    If it turns out that Britney TRULY DOES need this thing, I’d be more comfortable about it, if it was all brand new people, people with clean records, cuz all of the people involved in Britney’s have allegations against them, therefore, I don’t trust any of them. But, there are better ways to give Britney any help she might need without having to strip her of all her autonomy, I’d rather see one of those methods put in place. I also wonder if Jamie is given the boot, do his like 11 lawyers go with him, so that Britney’s not paying the MASSIVE bill for keeping this suffocating ordeal in place, cuz over a million dollars a year for this shit is just so unfair.
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    At this point, her Dad just needs to go; I know people don’t like the Jodi chick, but to me, she is a neutral party; having a neutral party in her finances would also be good. We still don’t know what is wrong with Brit, and probably won’t unless she decides to say something, but she may require some form of C-ship for a while, or forever. If they have people who are neutral in the situation, and she can a true say in her own decisions (I would say she is chomping to get some new management; I think Larry and Lou are beyond damaged, especially Lou), it will be better. However, certain fans would still complain; honestly, I think some people think if the C-ship is over, they will get 99-03 Britney again, but I believe they will disappointed. She has a legit problem.
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    Anyone thinking it would end tomorrow is delusional, lol, I feel like shit is being done in steps, I believe fighting for it to end will be much easier with Jamie completely out of the picture but he clearly won’t go down without a fight, which just makes him look worse than he already does!! At least, the lawyer is finally working on her behalf for once, part of me feels like he’s doing it cuz he has no choice to now, he’s now realizing that the Titanic has officially hit the iceberg and it’s starting to sink and it’s in his best interest to be on her side now. This is great news, finally some movement in this thing!!
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    What he said about driving and making reservations just went to show how he doesn't know at all what's going on with the conservatorship. It's why I will always say there needs to be an agreement that Britney can still have a team of people that handle those tasks for her, but SHE hires them and is the boss so to speak. Oh yeah, he is EXTREMELY MISOGYNISTIC! The way he was so annoyed that the women in his family are strong minded with opinions rubbed me the wrong way and put me off of anything he had to say tbh.
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    Completely agree, who ever thought of this is stupid, she needs genuine supporters, I’d esp. love to know who the genius is who thought the movement needed this guy, lol, this dude is a republican, he’s most likely against everything Britney and her fans stand for.
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    I’ve seen other videos like this, I think even Lance Bass did one, these people are just saying whatever the customer/fan pays them to say.
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    Yup, people criticize her when she posts a photo of herself standing and smiling - she'll definitely get criticism from this. I'm not going to look at the comments tho. I want to take the good vibes from her post and leave it at that.
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    It for sure wasn't Britney, old video. I'm very doubtful of everything she posts online tbh. Also Kim Petras and Britney are in the same management company, so it isn't that far out of the park.
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    I hope this shows Brit to believe in herself and push to get what she wants from her label. For me this is one of the strongest songs on the album and it was a shame that it was decided to leave it out of the original release but im so pleased its getting its glory finally.
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    Who doesn’t find her insta bizarre, it’s definitely cheesy and extra goofy most of the time, but I don’t think she should be committed to an institution over social media posts. You should see some of the threads on Exhell right now, u got some fans making the diagnosis of her being severely mentally unstable based on these short ass glimpses into her life and that perhaps she does need the cship after all, than you got others who think she’s being held at gun point to act this way on insta by her team in order to keep there legal hooks in her. I feel so bad for this woman, during FF, she was too quiet, boring, reserved and closed off. Now she’s deranged, unstable, bizarre, she can not fucking win. Britney HAS ALWAYS BEEN QUIRKY, sure she may be 38 but she’s clearly young at heart, that’s an expression for a reason and there’s nothing wrong with that, many people are young at heart, hell, I’m gonna be 39 and as I type, I am rewatching 13 Reasons Why, ooops my bad is that show too young for me, anyone who thinks so can fuck off, lol, just cuz u reach a certain age, doesn’t mean you have to suddenly become a boring, fuddy duddy and I pity anyone who believes that!! Im getting so fed up with these armchair psychologists, she may very well have mental health issues in some way, shape or form and it wouldn’t surprise me cuz who doesn’t these days, lol, but the only people who have the right to specify anything like that about her is her doctors or herself. Could u imagine if social media really was used as a tool to gauge a persons mental health, something tells me there wouldn’t be room in the mental health facilities, lol It is truly my belief, that if 2007/08 and the cship never happened, no one would bat an eye at her posts, they’d just see it as a good ol goofy Brit but because those things did happen, that poor woman is gonna be forever stigmatized and it’s sad as hell. Sorry y’all, I just had to rant, lol
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    From what we can see of Britney she didn't look into this, either. But if I had to choose between the two, I definitely think TTWE choreography suited Britney better than HIAM.
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    You absolutely are not alone! This has always been Britney's personality, people only have a problem with it now because they want to deem her "crazy" or "controlled" or whatever it is to fit their narrative about how her life is. Everyone's always going to have an opinion and I'm glad that Britney has remained the kind of person that doesn't let the things people say change the way she is. She's always been a silly, carefree, FUN girl and she's remained that way even when life threw the shittiest shit at her. It REALLY pisses me off to see all the "are you ok" comments on her IG, whens she hasn't done anything that makes me question her mental health.
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    Definitely better than HIAM. Too bad he stood in front of her the whole video
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    A few good songs but pretty much a subpar album, as for the Myah thing, I feel that it’s now 2020, not 2013, fans need to get over it already, she made up for that fiasco with Glory.
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    I just saw a tweet saying Glory is currently n 2 on Itunes top 100 pop albums, and that is actually true! Omg! Do you know why? http://www.popvortex.com/music/charts/top-pop-albums.php
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    This is worth a FULL read not just what's highlighted! It's so nice to see Britney's lawyer actually working FOR her.
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    Yeah, he needs to face reality, there’s really no coming back from everything that has happened and has come out. I can’t see Britney cutting Lynne or her siblings out of her life forever but her father, I can see it. So Jamie needs to decide, money or his fucking daughter, a good father would say fuck this, I give up, I’d rather try to fix my relationship with my kid, so we’ll see how this plays out.
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    I’m honestly not that worried, like that one document said, the world is watching and I think they know by now that fans aren’t giving up, so it’s gonna be much harder for them to get away with the shady shit like they could in the past. Plus, one probate attorney named Lisa, says the judges tend to side with the court appointed attorneys and now that Britney’s is finally working for her and seems to be doing a pretty damn good job, I think going forward more rulings will be in Britney’s favor, she already got a slight win with the judge deciding to tentatively deny Jamie’s request to seal documents. So I don’t think fans have to feel so doom and gloom anymore but also keep in mind, this isn’t gonna be an over night thing, this fight will be lengthy, so patience is a must.
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    So it won't end tomorrow (didn't think it would), but if Britney's request is granted then that's steps in the right direction for it to be! It's nice to see her lawyer actually on her side for once, saying these are Britney's wishes and that he believes it's in her best interest. This is HUGE because it's the first time she's ever filed something like this to actually change the conservatorship. This account is a bit misleading in my opinion, because it doesn't seem like they're filing to outright end it, but make changes because I also saw on TMZ that they filed to keep Jodi on as personal conservator and have her father out permanently with a competent corporation to handle her finances. So it seems to me they're not filing to end it all together just yet, but to have these changes for the time being.
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    Poor woman just can’t catch a break!!
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    It’s infuriating, Ingham just better not start drinking the kool aid again, she needs someone on her side!! Yeah, that’s exactly what he said during his abrupt exit.
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    It looks like they’re re-releasing them again? lol not sure what’s going on, but this one has a paint splattered looking effect on it. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-britney-limited-lp2?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=095&searchparams=q%3Dbritney%20spears&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1
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    Oh wow, my mistake! Didn't know fans were paying celebrities to say this stuff. Wouldn't have made a thread had I'd known. But wow, some fans are super crazy. And lowkey hilarious. Wow. Britney fans never fail to surprise me.
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    The B-Army is undefeated 💙💙💙 Source: https://www.idolator.com/7911211/britney-spears-mood-ring-is-also-a-streaming-hit?ios=1&safari=1
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    Agreed that that’s who it’ll piss off and I agree they should be exposed, it’s just that I feel like I’m drowning in hate and negativity at the moment, I live in Philly, so my neighborhood Facebook page kinda has me wanting to bang my head against the wall with all the back and forth fighting and my newsfeed is filled with mixed reactions, it’s making me wanna take a social media hiatus.
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    It'll only piss off the racists and "all lives matter" morons, and to be honest, let it and let them show their asses to the world.
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    I figured she would say something eventually, what she wrote is perfect, it’s neutral too, which is good, I can’t see this celeb post pissing anyone off.
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    The public misses her! We all do!
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    I find the way that a lot of people (fans and non-fans alike) respond to Britney’s IG posts are prime examples of “begging the question.” Her posts are fine, she is relatable and beautiful and amazing. They brighten my (often fucked up) days.
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    I’ll never understand why people think they have to interject their opinions on someone else especially the uncalled for negativity. Britney is human and I think she’s fabulous! I wish her and everyone else kindness love and peace all over the world! ❤️✌🏼💫
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    You need to stop living in the past and finding reasons to pick on Britney! Body doubles aka stand ins are common practice in EVERY part of the entertainment business. Britney's time is money and she's not going to waste her time doing reshoots just like EVERY OTHER ARTIST. I 100% guarantee you this wasn't the first or last time she ever used them, but the only reason anyone cares is because they don't like Femme Fatale for whatever stupid reasons, so you and every other bored ass fan have to pick it apart to try and find a reason why you don't like it! I don't see you analyzing Slave this way, or Toxic, or anything else from before the breakdown! It's only afterwards, so you can find an excuse for why Britney doesn't behave like YOU want her to. Let the woman be, let her breathe, and enjoy what SHE CHOOSES to give you. Or peace the fuck out and find someone that makes you happy, not someone you have to tear apart!
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    THIS is what I was waiting to see! If he would have worked with her more on this it would have been SO much better than that chair. Which, he recently did an AMA on exhale and stated that it was HIS idea for that chair breakdown 🙄
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    I agree, the last picture is really beautiful! And YES, she is trolling the shit out of people and they're falling for it everytime.
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    Wow she looks so gorgeous and young on the last picture! Loved that..and the fact that she posts 2 or three times the "samepictureswiththesameclothes" lol (as some of the haters write on every single post)
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    Look at what a united fan base can do. Source: https://kworb.net/aww/
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    I never liked the choreo he came up with for HIAM. Not really Britney's style, and she wasn't feeling it at the time. I remember the breakdown was such a letdown (I would have loved something like Break The Ice breakdown instead), and the last chorus was kinda messy and unappealing. But then again, FF beats didn't exactly give her a chance to shine on stage. I'm sure Domination would have been a nice turnaround for her dancing, since they she was trying more urban approach to her catalogue. Sadly, we'll never know
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