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    Jamie Lyn's fakeness reeks throughout that enite video. She just think this entire fanbase is dumb & stupid. We got those reccipts of her using Britney's money & yet she has the nerve to say she "supports her sister". If she truly loves her sister she would of helped Britney get out this abusive conservatorship from the beginning all those years ago!. If I was Britneys sister They've would of had to bump me off to stop me from saving her from thses revolting people!
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    This was unexpected and heartbreaking as it shows the issue is just as big and serious as we have all suspected over the years. Her whole family have treated her like a slave. The birth control part is just so fucking disgusting that I can't even imagine how much pain it causes her having that thing inside and not being able to get it removed. I'm beyond sad and I'm sure her story is going to shock the whole world. I don't trust the legal system, as she says it has failed her multiple times and it made her feel like they don't give a damn. But I'm glad she told her truth in court and not on social media or on a magazine cover. I'm so fucking proud of this woman!
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    I don't think he was lying with malicious intent, he was lying because it was clearly an accident and fans were going to spoil the surprise. I think it's really kind of patronizing to say it's "cute" Britney continues with her love life. Why shouldn't she? "Failures" don't define HER or her past relationships, and Britney deserves happiness in all aspects of her life, including love. It's not "cute" that she "continues" — that's human nature.
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    Yeah, having Jason be conservator of her person felt like modern day arranged marriage "I hand my daughter over to you" bullshit and was always weird. I felt like their whole relationship was. He was one of the only people around in 06/07 that her dad let stay around and I'm not sure if it was team con who ended that relationship or Britney. I could see her thinking getting married would be a way out of it, and when she realized that no, Jason was just gonna be conservator she didn't want to go through with it anymore. The whole David breakup was so weird, too and I definitely believe the narrative that Jamie sabotaged that relationship because David was encouraging her to fight against the conservatorship.
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/samasghari/2602535537309721845/ I'm so happy that Britney finally has a guy that actually cares about her.
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    I don't know if I love the message or the photos more. She is beautiful and so is her mind, and I'm so glad she's sharing more! This caption reminds me SO much of the letters she used to write with an updated 2021 emoji twist!
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    So glad she's explained the reasoning. It's like therapy for her (no Britney Jean promo tease!) Kween of liberation and nudity. I was someone who wasn't impressed with her POM stage outfits because there was nothing to them, but if showing flesh makes her feel better than great. Anything that helps tbh after what they've put her through
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    She looks incredible and her reasoning makes sense, although she didn’t owe anyone an explanation but I can’t with some of the comments straight out of the 50’s. The world would be such a better place if all the pearl clutchers could be banished from it, lol
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    Fucking gross. He made a fortune by isolating, enslavering and terrorizing his own daughter, causing her damage that is going to take years of treatment and therapy to overcome. I hope they eventually make him pay a huuuge compensation for all the damage and the abuse he's put Britney through. Everything about this case makes me so angry
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    The petition to remove Jamie is here and it is 127 pages, lol, he also had the date moved from dec. to sep. 29 which will now address Jamie’s removal!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iDcC9GzQtyzhiQ8DqrieW4CA7O6Sf6kg/view
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    I want to hear them tell the judge how a person with a "serious mental illness" can do stuff like this on-stage but can't go on a ride with her boyfriend. Good luck, Jamie!
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    Britney cut them out of her life back then for a reason. INCLUDING Lynne. They were scared they'd lose whatever little access they had left to her money, not her, and devised this plan for the conservatorship with the help of Lou Taylor. Lou was the brains of the operation, there isn't a single brain cell between any of the Spears' (Besides Britney). All they see is money and greed. There is no love there between Britney and her family. Sadly, I'm not sure there ever was. Britney was always their ticket out of poverty. At what cost? As much as I would love to see them all get what's coming to them, at this point all I wish is for Britney's freedom and her happiness to live life the way she wants to. The way she's always deserved to.
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    After reading this piece, Lynn really disgusts me even more. When people were rooting for her because she liked a few Free Britney posts and made some offhand remarks about it, I was so confused. Like they're yelling at Sam Asghari to file a petition when her seemingly do-nothing mom is right there? I get her mom not being confrontational, but this isn't about her or confrontation - it's about saving her daughter. And I'm sure Jamie is gaslighting and being abusive to Lynn, too, but it's strange she sought his help when Britney had that slight breakdown in 2008. Why him??? Also, the costs of the lawyers and PR firms - made my fucking head spin. Ingham gets $500k/year???? $900k on Jamie's lawyers and PR crisis team???? What the fuuuuuuccckkkk
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    This just makes me hate her family and team even more than I already did, like throwing gas on an already raging fire. The fact that she reported herself as a victim of cship is most def. interesting. I liked the parts with the housekeeper saying she would never harm her children. The family friend, her parts were eye opening too. Hearing she couldn’t afford a dinner bill when out with her colorist is just...I sure wouldn’t be able to afford that bill but Britney fucking Spears should. There is some no so great stuff in there regarding Britney tho, I hope the drug use and her reaching out to Lutfi doesn’t flip the script for non-fan supporters, make them be like, oh maybe she does need this.
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    Not the first time they've done it, nor is this the first time Britney has called it out. Also important to note, Britney's Instagram did a massive unfollow the other day, among the people deleted were Lou Taylor and Cassie Petrey. Cassie was her (maybe former now) social media manager. Make of that what you will, but I know what it means to me.
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    Her Instagram is such a rollercoaster, lol, I feel like I’ll never understand what’s what until she’s free and yeah I saw posts about the unfollows but apparently the account also unfollowed free Britney supporters such as Mariah Carey so who knows what to make of the unfollow spree, like I said...rollercoaster. And of course the same fans convinced she don’t use Instagram are upset over this post, we can’t prove if it’s her or isn’t but even if it is, she clearly don’t mean all fans, any fan that feels targeted must be guilty of harshly judging her.
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    She gonna see how much it affects her when her ass is cut off and out of Britney's life and Britney goes through with her wish to sue. I 100% think she only came out to save her Netflix show since there was that petition to get her kicked off. I thought it was stupid because petitions online don't do anything, and let the girl have one way to make money so she isn't taking as much from Britney, but now after this? I hope that little girl loses everything. I am dead at the Kfed comparison! EXACTLY! Jamie Lynn acts like it was her talent that got her where she is and it's 100% thanks to BRITNEY she even had a chance at anything. I remember watching all those childhood videos of them, Britney's Diary episode in particular, Jamie Lynn always acted like a spoiled brat in comparison to Britney, and it soured me on her ever since. If I was in their position and I believed I did everything I could to help Britney, after hearing her testimony my only response would have been an apology for not doing more. Not I love her, not I want her to be happy, I'd apologize for all the pain and trauma Britney suffered as a result of her not feeling like I had done enough to help. It boggles my fucking brain that strangers care more about Britney then her own goddamn family.
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    She’s talking about her career like she’s Meryl Streep, like no bitch, u did two kids shows and are a supporting act on that Netflix show (but who knows for how much longer), I know I watched that show for Joanna Garcia, sure not JL, then she had a blip in the music world, I think K Fed’s music career lasted longer, lol. She needs to realize she’d be working at Wal Mart, if it weren’t for her sister. What’s also sick is that she shows more love to that slithery snake Lou Taylor than she does own fucking sister!! Yeah I was getting on Lynne’s side too but Brit said family and I’m believing her. They’re all such fucking narcissists, I honestly, don’t ever expect them to apologize or own their part in it.
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    Yuuuuup! If she loves Britney and cares about her happiness then why the hell is she so defensive? Why is she so hateful towards a "hashtag" that wants the same thing? Why is she talking when Britney explicitly said she doesn't like it? She brings up her career as if she would have had any of those opportunities if it wasn't for Britney! I've never trusted her whole leeching trash bag family, only recently started warming up to Lynne, which after Britney's testimony I'm back on the Lynne is a poor excuse of a mother train again. I choose to believe Britney. Her whole family let these horrific things happen to her and did nothing, nothing they say will change that. The least they can do is apologize, not say they love Britney - APOLOGIZE for being part of the problem.
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    PATHETIC!!!! I can understand not wanting to say anything till Brit did, HOWEVER, this comes off as so passive aggressive and her trying to save her ass. Changing lawyers and wanting kids, is that really all she got from Brit’s over 20 minute heartbreaking testimony??? No calling out her father for drugging her sister against her will or allowing her to be shipped off to some abusive place cuz she didn’t wanna do a dance move. No calling him out for finding joy in her misery. If she thought this was gonna shut people up, well, think again. And that fake ass tear wipe, this bitch will never be getting an Emmy, that’s all that proved, lol
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    Her family especially makes me mad in all of this; I get Jamie being an ass, but her Mom and siblings couldn’t do a thing to help her?? And I don’t buy this Lynn is scared of Jamie stuff; she could have intervened a long time ago if she wanted to; she could have gotten protection from Jamie if she was that scared. Britney just needs to forget them, and her team for good; they see her as a cash cow, not a human being. That being said, I really hope Sam Lufti leaves her alone and doesn’t try to worm his way back in if the c-ship completely ends. To me, he, Ali, and others were just hanger ons, taking advantage of someone that was, and still is going through a true rough patch. I really hope Britney does not fall for people’s false BS anymore, and surrounds herself with people who are best for her. But, damn, she has had some truly crappy people in her life.
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    Looooool!! Team con trying to distract fans.
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    This really breaks my heart, I’m glad she finally got to speak but it angers me it has not only taken this long but that she felt (knew) she was ignored and not taken seriously.
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    I listened to the live feed and hearing her speak her truth in her own voice was so powerful. She destroyed them!!! This was not at all what I was expecting today, I’m so fucking proud of her!!! I don’t know about y’all but going forward, I’m gonna be side-eyeing and skeptical of anything posted on her Instagram, since she pretty much confirmed that it’s bullshit!! And a 20 minute recess just so Viv can come back spewing her daddy loves her bullshit and I’m like bitch were u not listening to what I was just listening to, I’m sure Britney would say, he can shove his love up his ass, for Christ’s sake she wants to sue her entire family!!! This had better not fall on deaf ears this time and we better see Ingham submit termination paperwork cuz she said she wants it over a few times!!!
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    I must say I do feel like fans are more doom and gloom about her situation than she is, she’s trying to live her best life despite her situation and I honestly feel like that upsets fans. Like just stick to court stuff, there’s no need to psychoanalyze every aspect of her life to death, I’m sick of it, so I’m sure she is. It’s to the point I’m even avoiding certain Twitter users cuz it’s nothing but the sad/bad shit and don’t even get me started on the ones who are literally speaking for her. I do feel people being informed about her situation helps but that can be done without dragging the past into it, everyone knows she shaved her fucking head, we don’t need the constant reminder, just stick with the court stuff.
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    I have now officially decided I’m done with the Instagram, by that I mean, I’m only believing court documents from now on, it’s the only way we know truth. Thanks to court documents we know she welcomes and appreciates fan support, we know she’s scared of her father and wants him gone. I’ll still look at the Instagram content cuz I do enjoy it but the only discussions I’m having about it going forward is superficial, she looks good, that was funny, that’s it, I’m done wasting energy on a topic that at the end of the day is an assumption, none of us can prove if it is her or isn’t her, it’s not worth the stress anymore.
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    Maybe she should try and watch the whole doc, and not some bits that are probably out of context, before thinking they portrayed her as a dumb, crazy or unbalanced person. Quite the opposite... she was portrayed as a hard worker, a perfectionist and a sweetheart. She probably didn't like the media remembering 2006-2007 and maybe that's what she saw or was told about, but that's inevitable given what the documentary is about.
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    I really feel she has no desire to retire, she just wants shit on her terms and I have a feeling when she’s free or even just when Jamie’s gone, she’s gonna come back with a vengeance!!
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    I'm glad that when reading the comments she chose to focus on the free Britney ones and not the social media moms and their fake outrage. I have to roll my eyes at them and so called fans!
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    I just went down a rabbit hole about Brian's wife. Idk how I missed all that, but wow is it hella disappointing. I was such a huge BSB fan. I bought tickets to the last two tours (though I never ended up going - that's a whole other mess)!
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    @heather I always thought the conservatorship was abusive and her dad/family just wanted to make profit of her situation. But I chose to believe she was happy with it because she had found some kind of balance, based on the lies they have been feeding us. I never imagined she was being forced to work, even though she didn't really look into it for many years. For the last 10 years, every time she made an appearance or a performance people would say she was mentally ill because she looked or sounded like she didn't want to be there. Well, the thing is most of those times she didn't want to be there, hence her discomfort. It was right after Domination sudden cancellation and the bullshit story about Jamie's near-to-death anal fissure that I started to feel something else was going on. But I never imagined it would be this disturbing.
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    Britney Spears and her new lawyer say Jamie Spears has stripped Britney of her dignity, autonomy and fundamental liberties ... and they lay out their case in new legal docs as to why he must be removed as conservator of her estate. In the new docs, Britney and her attorney, former federal prosecutor Matt Rosengart, claim Jamie has essentially terrorized his daughter, forcing her to get certain treatments and signing off on drug regimens that were allegedly harmful to her. The docs also challenge Jamie's management of the conservatorship, claiming he's made a king's ransom over the last 13 years. He gets $16,000 a month plus $2k a month for office expenses. He also got 1.5% of the gross revenues from her Vegas residency ... which brought in $137.7 million. The docs say Jamie's cut alone was at least $2.1 mil. The docs go on to say Jamie got $2.95% from Britney's 2011 Femme Fatale tour ... an estimated $500k. Britney and Rosengart say Jamie is ill-equipped to manage Britney's business affairs, saying his family "struggled financially under his leadership and filed for bankruptcy in 1998." The docs claim Britney's life has been upended by the conflict she has with her dad. The docs say they don't speak and the current situation is "traumatizing, insane and depressing." The docs call the relationship "venomous" and "it impairs Ms. Spears's mental health, her well-being, and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career." One of the more interesting parts of the document is the intimation Britney may have possibly needed some sort of conservatorship 13 years ago but things have drastically changed ... "Since receiving professional medical care at the outset of this conservatorship over thirteen years ago, Ms. Spears is clearly in a different place now, and she has been for many years. The entire world has witnessed Ms. Spears working tirelessly -- with astonishing dedication, precision, and excellence -- as a musical artist and performer, an exceptional earner for Mr. Spears (and others) who had a financial interest in making sure she would continue to work and perform." The docs quote Forbes as saying given what Britney has earned, her net worth is "shockingly low," and Britney and Rosengart appear to be placing a big part of the blame on Jamie. — About time they follow the money! This is all really great, positive news for Britney going forward.
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    To throw it all away AND get banned from Britney's life, leaving her more isolated and alone! I get his position completely. I'd rather stay quiet for the sake of my friend and stay in her life, giving her that escape from the torment and the chance to speak when SHE was ready to! Britney speaking is exactly what needed to happen for all of her friends to come forward too. Because they can't ban these people from Britney's life now, without looking exactly how Britney's described her abuse.
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    If I was Britney, I’d totally have Sam film me on the phone with it on speaker talking to a hotel and booking a room, then post it to the gram with the following caption.... this one’s for you Brian 🖕🖕 and did u also notice in last nights post when she said...MY fans, lol, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Brian referring to us as the family’s fans in that interview??? Yeah, the Sam hate enrages me too, he is all she has and is the only person in her world actually supporting her. You know what really pisses me off are the ones who imply that such a young, good looking guy couldn’t possibly wanna be with Britney. As for the ones who think he’s after her money, really, I’m sure dude has access to more money than she does.
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    Yeah I’m happy to see the names too and people need to just leave her alone, stop criticizing every god damn thing.
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    YUP. Britney isn't even in a mental health conservatorship so let that sink in. They're using her "mystery illness" as a way to keep power and control over her and it's, above all else, illegal from day one. I don't think it was ever out of concern for her well being, but concern she was gonna cut her family out for good. Enough is enough at this point.
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    The one thing I can’t stand in TMZ’s (and a few others) write ups of her supposed mental state - assuming it’s real, a mental disorder is still not an excuse to take away someone’s right to live their life how they want. If she wanted to blow every dollar she has, do all the drugs, party hardcore, never work again - that would be her prerogative (~reference~)! Not saying she would at all, but if she wanted to, it’s her life and her choice. This idea that a mental illness she supposedly has would cause her irreparable harm if she weren’t in a conservatorship - bullshit. Psychologists and medicines, where necessary, can help one lead a very productive life. We should be allowed to fail, and allowed to fail on our own terms and in our own way. This conservatorship sounds like, “If we let poor Britney out, she’ll stub her toe! We have to protect her from corners of furniture!” Fuck out of here. If that’s how conservatorships work, there are helicopter parents who would immediately deploy them, and that is absolutely not how that shit should work. /ENDRANT
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    She just want save her career, not help to her sister. She never had normal long-term job and always lived from her sister bank account. She is fake as silicone tits.
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    She came off very selfish, defensive, and I'd go as far as to say narcissistic. She was very me, me, me. When she said it doesn't affect her whether or not Britney is in a conservatorship, that was VERY telling to where she stands. She doesn't give a fuck about anything or anyone but herself.
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    Same. The way Twitter fans are trying to revamp Lufti's image is disgusting. Her family sucks, her team sucks, Lufti also sucks - these things aren't mutually exclusive.
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    She was clear that any new care plan has to be approved by her. The whole world is watching. Team con really isn't going to be able to get away with the things they've been able to get away with any longer.
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    All she said was Jamie is sorry, loves and misses her. That’s it!!
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    A lot of this is heartbreakingly frustrating and a testament to Britney's incredible strength. To me it shows that Ingham HAS tried for YEARS to advocate for Britney's wishes, but was fighting a losing battle. The previous judge was absolute GARBAGE, and makes these small wins Britney's had in court lately seem much bigger in comparison. I feel like a lot of this were those things Ingham said that they could reveal about Jamie that he wouldn't want out there should he continue to fight against her wishes. I saw this on LawyersForBritney and I think it's important to note regarding the lack of a petition to terminate being filed. They said, if the conservator (Jamie) does not voluntarily step down it could go to trial, which is costly and time consuming. So, it seems like Britney's strategy is still to get Jamie to step down on his own to avoid that. Tomorrow will be very interesting. Britney has all of my support and well wishes.
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    https://www.tmz.com/2021/05/05/britney-spears-conservatorship-jamie-spears-judge/ I think that this is more close to the truth than anything else. While we all know there's no legal reason for this conservatorship, we need to respect and trust Britney's decisions about HER life! Everyone wants her to be this and that and no one stops to think about what BRITNEY wants! Let her live her life how she sees fit, even if it doesn't align with what YOU think is best!
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    Yeah, they want her to be a prisoner. Yes this movement is helping, it’s even being cited in these new California cship bills but not cuz of her Instagram or stupid shit like that, it’s about the courts violating her rights and the rights of countless other conservatees. Senators don’t care about her Instagram, lol, I def. feel a large portion of this movement has gone into full blown QAnon territory and I’m so over it.
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    Agreed. And judging by the caption, these people already know her and are friendly with her. It's nice to see she has a whole private life and private friends where they treat her as they would any other person.
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    Everything that has come out about Jamie and how he sees Britney (the racehorse comment especially) leads me to believe that all he sees when he looks at Britney is dollar signs and someone to control. In the 12 years of this conservatorship he's done NOTHING to help her handle her life outside of it while claiming that he wishes that could happen. Every time Jamie is gone, Britney thrives. 2016 Bryan was around more and we had the Glory era which was as close to her prime as we've seen since. Right now Jodi's in the picture and despite the ridiculous comments on her Instagram Britney is happy, healthy, seeing her kids, living her life, and having fun doing what SHE wants. It's very clear Jamie is the cause of whatever problems she has and he needs to respect Britney's wishes and leave her alone. Especially if he wants the world to believe he's as much of a loving father as he tries to say he is. SHOW IT THEN, JAMIE.
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