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    I can’t help but wonder how long some fans have been fans cuz I see some saying that these lastest videos of her clapping back are out of character and so not her, some are even finding it troubling. Heres the thing, this is Britney, I’ve been a fan since day one, I’m also her age so in a way grew up with her and was old enough to comprehend everything. Yes she’s always been a shy girl and sweet girl but she also had a sassiness to her, many times she’s clapped back at people and showed attitude. Now that vacant, closed up robotic girl we’ve unfortunately been given majority of these past 11 years is what was out of character to me, which is why anytime she would show some feistiness was like a breath of fresh air. It seems most fans are constantly crying for “old Britney”, yet they can’t seem to handle it now that she’s starting to show “old Britney”, like I don’t get it, what they hell do these people want, lol I don’t know what’s prompted those videos but it’s nice to see that feisty attitude, some fans seem to think they’ll have a bad outcome on her evaluation, I don’t see why, when she starts driving all hours of the night, wearing a pink wig and talking British, then we should worry, until then let the damn woman stick up for herself if she wants!! I doubt Instagram is a top priority in regards to the evaluators, lol
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    I definitely agree with @MonaLisa613 about this being to fans and their conspiracies and not believing what Britney is telling us. I also find it quite funny that the mainpage is once again silent because Britney is speaking directly against their agenda.
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    Looks like Britney went to Louisiana and visited at least her sister this weekend! Cute picture.
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    We told him multiple times. I was an editor for a college newspaper for a year and was on staff for like a year and a half, so I know a little bit about journalism, and we HAD to fact check everything before we posted it. We HAD to have NON-ANONYMOUS sources. If it was opinion based we HAD to state it was OUR opinion. So really I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
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    Her post broke my heart. I really hope these people will see the pain they've caused her. Honestly, she should turn off her comment sections. I can't even look at it - it's disgusting and scary.
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    AB has lost all credibility in my opinion. A once trustworthy and respected website has become trash
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    Since y’all mention the main page posts, if you go check the absolute Britney twitter, now that is praising Britney for speaking out, well what is it my dude, I thought her Insta couldn’t be trusted, lol, make up your mind. There literally throwing anything against the wall now hoping it sticks, they look so stupid and Britney is a human being, obviously she gets bothered by hateful comments, I fail to see what is so shocking about her speaking out. Plus, they want her to have more freedom, she’s clearly having some but it ain’t what they want so she should shut up, oh the fucking irony, lol
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    Anthony, this is embarrassing. "Absolute Britney can confirm these letters are 100% written by Britney herself and are true." ....how? Just because you said so? You have GOT to stop "confirming" rumors you have no CONCRETE evidence for.
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    That does look like her writing, you keep insisting fans should believe all the allegations yet no one has gone on record yet. Not all fans blindly believe “sources”, some of us are waiting for someone close to Britney (someone current not Lutfi) to actually have some fucking balls and go on record, anyone who genuinely cares for Britney would say fuck an NDA, fuck a lawsuit and go public if she is being this abused. That has yet to happen.
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    I find is ridiculous that she is being punished when she did the right thing. That's so f*cked up, but if Kevin and her are "agreeing" upon this, then hopefully it's temporary.
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    Awww love the crowd's reaction when Britney appeared
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    Don’t forget when you called out Anthony here, @HeadstrongWolf! I’m sure Britney and her team know you’re one of the good ones.
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    You're always so logical and I love that about you.
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    No money for another bumper sticker, so we goin with window marker But don't forget I work in the area where her dad does business I'ma be a headline soon.
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    This video is SO adorable! Glad to see her so happy and talkative. https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/17/britney-spears-performing-soon-boyfriend-free-britney/
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    I think if she didn't learn who she can and can't trust through the disaster that was 2007, she's definitely learned it in the last 11 years. I definitely think it's a pride thing with Jamie and Larry and not money. Britney is Larry's only real successful client, because of Britney his career as a "manager" took off and she's made him MILLIONS. As far as Jamie, I think he wants to be proud of his daughter and be proud that HE helped her. Her rebelling and "disobeying" him can be seen as a failure on his part as both a father and conservator.
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    As long as it’s not mostly mid tempo/ballady like BJ, than I’ll be happy but I sure won’t be holding my breath while waiting for a new album cuz quite frankly I don’t see her having another successful era as long as she’s still in cship.
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    Hollywood beauty awards released a statement, for people hating on her for her abrupt departure and it’s all thanks to a douchebag photographer spreading a lie about a pap being inside https://www.instagram.com/p/B2rkjwQFrDW/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_mid=XYZn2gAAAAHGl86H1-_SNR1vrQj8&utm_campaign=dlfix
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    Such bullshit, I’m guessing this is cuz stupid Jamie and Ingham chose to pussyfoot when finding someone to do the evaluation, they should have never been given a choice, the judge should have just assigned someone.
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    Yasssssss 2000 performance is so overlooked, but it’s iconic af! Also my favorite.
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    God I remember his embarrassing attempt at music/rapping.
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    Cute, I have to say though, I’m getting sick of the fans who think that her being young at heart is a bad or odd thing. People who take themselves and things seriously all the time are so annoying. Lighten up and get out of the bitter barn and go play in the hay.
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    oh yes. specially the ones that went to go "demonstrate"
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    That’s kinda odd that she’d separate the posts but I can’t at some of the assholes on Exhell upset at that video and saying it’s rude, like seriously bitches, lol, you’ve only been harassing her family for the past like month and a half, not to mention the constant insulting her over these past eleven years but God forbid when she claps back, don’t be dishing it out if you can’t take it your damn self!!
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    This is a VERY interesting video regarding the whole #FreeBritney movement. Take aways: -Conservatorship is NOT about money, she's not a cash cow. It's about ego, pride, and control. Jamie and Larry have a real fear that if freed Britney would choose the wrong people and lose everything, thus making them failures in the process. -Britney spoke to us and will again. This video was on April 25th, and if you believe the speculation about her Instagram post emulating Janet's control, that was May 3rd. -Again, this video was April 25th, he predicted Lynne would become involved. -He thinks that Sam "snitched" on Britney, but not in a malicious way that led towards the mental facility. -He predicts the conservatorship will end and it might be because of a pay off on Britney's end. -He predicts the downfall of Lou, that she has been meddling in everything from the beginning, and that she will lose everything. He says this woman basically amps up everything, for example, if Britney is sad she'll tell Jamie that she's suicidal to make her seem worse than she is. -He also predicts a huge album/song, saying Britney will leverage her music meaning she won't do anything until they let her go and Lynne will be on her side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sbqp75eSj0
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    He definitely overstepped his bounds with that interview, here’s hoping this is true.
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    2 minutes later: Britney gets stopped by the police for talking on the phone while driving
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    Agreed, she definitely isn't over performing but I bet she's gonna focus on all the court stuff 100% untill things are settled, no artist likes to be restrained. I'd love to see her fight for her freedom for real, with her own way, even if that way means refusing to work untill an agreement that satisfies her is made. Good things are worth waiting for, after all.
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    https://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity-scandals/britney-spears-lynne-spears-killed-boy-never-called-grieving-mom/ First off... I see y'all. Of course Lynne doesn't want to fucking talk about it. How would you apologize for something like that? But the important thing to notate here, is why bring up this old news in the middle of the court battle? Exactly "who" asked this woman about this?
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    That caption made me laugh, love when she trolls. She looks amazing and that yellow dress reminds me of the OK mag shoot in 2007. Is it the same one?
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    When this much power and money is involved for this long it's hard to judge who to trust. Jamie has definitely shown his true colors this year, and that's alarming and saddening. Lynne showed her colors for 11 years of doing absolutely nothing for her daughter. I'm glad she's stepping up now, but she's only marginally better than Jamie. Her sister is an absolute snake and always has been. Her brother has stayed out of the spotlight, and I believe he's the reason Britney was so happy in 2015-2016 when she was with Lexie all the time AKA Bryan was around helping her. But I still think the person appointed needs to be an unbiased, third party chosen by the judge and not anyone else involved, including Britney. As for Jamie Lynn and Instagram. There's not one ounce of me that believes she was hacked. I don't believe anyone (Lou) went into her account either. JL blocked Britney because, in my opinion, JL is a daddy's girl and on Jamie's side fully. Her attitude during that whole story was salty AF especially at the end "why would I block a good follow". Way to prove you only care about the followers being Britney's sister brings you and not her actual well being. I do think fans went at her too hard in the beginning of this whole mess and she's probably still bitter about it, but she needs to realize she would literally be nothing without her link to Britney and take her seat as the Diet Spears and sit the fuck down.
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    Usually when she dyes her hair brown, she is fire bomb. Something ia happening. We will see... It's september too
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    Yes! I would really love to have one! Fingers crossed
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    If you check out protools session, there is vocal mix file without vocal editing (you can clearly hear what did Myahney and what did Britney) and file with vocals after vocals edit, that difference is BIG. You can hear this vocal mess in Tik Tik Boom/Til It's Gone.
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    Glad I'm not the only one feeling that way, it's the first thing that came to my mind : D
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    They'll just ask for the posts to come down and for Anthony to stop posting negative stories as truth without merit. It's just a blog not the nytimes. Don't worry yourself over it. I understand why he's suing or threatening to sue on one level but I gotta be honest it does not leave a good taste in my mouth for them to come down on fans this way. With all the negative publicity she's faced over the years it just seems odd that they want to react to this. But again I'm not her team and I don't think I'll ever fully understand their logic.
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    She totally is relateable, that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about her. As for her post, sucks she’s gotta go back, she has seemed so happy on this vacay.
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    That bikini is super cute, but can someone teach her how to video edit. These tiny ass videos ain't it. Her "rising in the am of the morning" made me chuckle. Adorable.
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    What matters is where she's at now. Sam Lufti or whoever sent this your way is thinking that this will win him favor by showing that she was under duress and being manipulated but that's not how I would view it. I would totally question where this letter came from. This reads like a written statement where she was told to write in the 3rd person (she broke that somewhere in the middle when she says "I was shocked..." Anyway point is we know she was in a bad state back then and we can see this arraignment has appeared to help. This does not add the reasons why it should be lifted. If anything it's confusing an already confusing situation. I again just really feel bad for her, I don't have much else to say but I hope she gets what she wants and deserves. And fuck Sam Lufti.
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    True but people are forgetting these facts and making it seem as if Britney has been this "prisoner" for 11 years without a phone and access to the internet or able to drive or whatever other nonsense they're saying. I don't think these things are "freedoms" that Britney has ever been without. MAYBE in 2008, when things were completely out of control and she needed structure, but now? Nah. I don't believe it. And I completely agree with you about "sources". It's all made up bullshit meant to invoke reactions from people. Until a source is named, I don't believe anything that has "sources" in the article. I also think IF "sources" are true and talking to these publications they need to be exposed for what they're allegedly telling the public about Britney's PRIVATE mental health issues.
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    That’s true esp. the part about the boys, cuz if they were told to act like mom has a phone when she doesn’t....their 12 and 13, they’d question it cuz it’s odd. We’ve been seeing her for years with a phone, it’s the internet we wouldn’t know about but wouldn’t it be a lil hard to restrict all internet, even if they somehow restrict the cell data, surely she has WiFi in the house cuz why restrict the boys. And yeah those posts getting deleted would be suspect. I’ve said it before, I’m saying again, oh to be a fly on the wall.
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    They’re getting closer to the ones I really want on vinyl: ITZ, FF, and Blackout. *fingers crossed*
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    It looks like janet jackson's cover for control. The name speaks for itself already. She decided to do this shoot and she is serious on purpose in the pic. She is sending a message i believe
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    Looking at these pics, our girl is not looking good. We all love her, but it’s just so hard, sitting on the outside and not knowing what to fucking believe. https://www.tmz.com/2019/04/22/britney-spears-mental-health-facility-easter-day-pass/ This website features more pics: https://www.hollywoodpipeline.com/2019/04/22/britney-spears-spotted-for-the-first-time-in-months-not-being-held-against-her-will/
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