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    Hi everyone! Really excited to share this project I've been working on, hand illustrating Britney's iconic looks through the years. Let me know what you think! I have prints available here if interested.
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    Not surprising, he’s insane, HE is the one that needs to be in a cship!!
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    As thirsty as I am for new Britney music, and having that photo on vinyl, I'm not buying this. Britney herself is boycotting Britney brand. Fans need to respect that too.
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    This is desperation from Jaime's side and it's really fucking disgusting. Proves he's only after that money. Britney's lawyer still has until September to submit their paperwork, so I wouldn't be surprised if it will now include wanting this fuckhead out, too. Didn't he leave because staying would cause "irrevocable harm" to Britney?
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    Homegirl ain’t on a hiatus, she on a strike, huge difference in my opinion, so I would imagine she’s not happy about it. But as long as there are still some fans willing to hand over their cash despite everything that’s gone down, then u can expect her team to continue to put shit out even without her participation.
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    There was a hearing today in which Ingham (Britney's lawyer) was requesting extra litigation counsel to help him fight Jamie in court next month over removing Jamie/adding Bessemer Trust. Jamie objected to this request and wanted mediation. The judge sided with Britney and Ingham and their request has been approved! This is EXCELLENT news!
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    Court documents saying the movement is far from being a conspiracy theory or a joke and that Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans, it’s official y’all...Britney IS FREE BRITNEY, lol, this just gets better and better!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/Martiijnn/status/1301573084374327298 Edit: just read the entire court document, she really is fighting for herself, this is incredible, I’m sooooo proud of her!!!
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    NO! The reason I left exhale and came here was because it turned into a pop forum. Like @MonaLisa613 said, I have absolutely no desire to discuss any other pop acts.
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    He’s stepping up now and seems to be doing a good job, so at the end of the day, I guess that’s what really matters. My trust in him is at like 80 percent right now, when he finally submits the paperwork to remove Jamie, it’ll jump to 90, then to 100 when he submits paperwork to end the cship completely.
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    It seems that the Wednesday court date will be all about Lou Taylor and accounting issues. It appears Ingham will be asking for another continuance 🙄
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    Swimming is good but I can also see why it didn’t make the cut, as for Matches, I don’t have an opinion yet, I’ve only heard a shit quality snippet.
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    I agree, they’re gonna do whatever they can to still bring money in, even JL had to get her ass back to work, lol
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    It seems like everyone in her life has always wanted something from her. Her family wants money, the people around her want money, 80% of her partners were fame or money motivated, and many of her fans want her to be 18 again. It must be really hard. I hope she is able to break free from this conservatorship and finally do what she wants to do. Get married, have kids, live life, enjoy her freedom, whatever makes her happy. I feel like she's worked her entire life and has supported the people around her and it's honestly time for her to be able to live her life the way she wants to live it.
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    Yeah, it was Lou’s idea, Lynne even said so in her book. Lou even tried to talk Dina Lohan into getting Lindsay in a cship. I don’t think a single fan thinks that there shouldn’t have been some form of intervention, cuz Britney was in a complete dangerous downward spiral and Sam L. had to be removed also, the problem is the fact that she’s still paying for it 12 years later and that it was made permanent based on a lie. There’s also been no indication that they even tried to see if she could live freely again, they just continued to infantilize her instead of help her to grow, this cship has caused damage the longer it’s gone on. I also 100% believe that the only reason moves are being made now is a result of this movement.
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    I'm happy about this. Finally some sort of movement, some kind of progress. I do feel like a lot of the conspiracy videos about Britney being in danger and symbolically asking for help are ridiculous and take away from the actual importance of the #FreeBritney movement. Financially and emotionally taking advantage of people in conservatorships is not a foreign topic. It's happened before. If Britney is truly as ill as they try to make it seem then they never should have pushed her back into the spotlight as soon as they did. I also think it's really transparent that TMZ decides to release a story about Britney being "mentally ill" as soon as any kind of pro Free Britney article comes out. It's so annoying.
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    If it turns out that Britney TRULY DOES need this thing, I’d be more comfortable about it, if it was all brand new people, people with clean records, cuz all of the people involved in Britney’s have allegations against them, therefore, I don’t trust any of them. But, there are better ways to give Britney any help she might need without having to strip her of all her autonomy, I’d rather see one of those methods put in place. I also wonder if Jamie is given the boot, do his like 11 lawyers go with him, so that Britney’s not paying the MASSIVE bill for keeping this suffocating ordeal in place, cuz over a million dollars a year for this shit is just so unfair.
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    At this point, her Dad just needs to go; I know people don’t like the Jodi chick, but to me, she is a neutral party; having a neutral party in her finances would also be good. We still don’t know what is wrong with Brit, and probably won’t unless she decides to say something, but she may require some form of C-ship for a while, or forever. If they have people who are neutral in the situation, and she can a true say in her own decisions (I would say she is chomping to get some new management; I think Larry and Lou are beyond damaged, especially Lou), it will be better. However, certain fans would still complain; honestly, I think some people think if the C-ship is over, they will get 99-03 Britney again, but I believe they will disappointed. She has a legit problem.
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    Anyone thinking it would end tomorrow is delusional, lol, I feel like shit is being done in steps, I believe fighting for it to end will be much easier with Jamie completely out of the picture but he clearly won’t go down without a fight, which just makes him look worse than he already does!! At least, the lawyer is finally working on her behalf for once, part of me feels like he’s doing it cuz he has no choice to now, he’s now realizing that the Titanic has officially hit the iceberg and it’s starting to sink and it’s in his best interest to be on her side now. This is great news, finally some movement in this thing!!
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    What he said about driving and making reservations just went to show how he doesn't know at all what's going on with the conservatorship. It's why I will always say there needs to be an agreement that Britney can still have a team of people that handle those tasks for her, but SHE hires them and is the boss so to speak. Oh yeah, he is EXTREMELY MISOGYNISTIC! The way he was so annoyed that the women in his family are strong minded with opinions rubbed me the wrong way and put me off of anything he had to say tbh.
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    -Jodi has been extended as temporary conservator until August -The judge ruled in Britney's favor in regards to the accounting discrepancies and has added 2 more court dates in March and April allowing both parties to gather evidence needed. -Ingham is particularly interested in Lou charging the conservatorship for her personal lawyer in which she used to sue fans. -Apparently Ingham said in court "Doing it the same way for years doesn't make it the right way" You can read all of it and more on the BritneyHiatus Twitter account. All in all it was a good and slightly productive day. https://twitter.com/BritneyHiatus/
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    I swear, Jamie better get kicked off soon, cuz I’m not gonna lie, having to choose between the person and the artist does kinda suck, I love her as a person but I also love her work, so sue me, I want both. While we all know she’s on a strike and respect that, at the same time, it still hurts to see fans hoping for her work to fail and are almost gleeful at the thought of it, all thanks to this fucking Conservatorship. This has got to be the most stressful and most abnormal fan base to ever exist, lol
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    I think Swimming in the Stars has really good lyrics, the synth is nice and the vocal arrangement is also good. But the melody is kinda heavy for a song that's supposed to feel cute and sweet, and the 2009 rnb beat kinda kills the whole thing. It would have been a good filler track... in Femme Fatale or Circus, but not in Glory. Matches is a mess, though.
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    My only opinion on both songs is that there's a reason they weren't included in Glory. They're the weakest of the weak.
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    idk what’s wrong with me but i think it’s a banger it’s been stuck in my head all day
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    The song is really weak anyways. It's worse than whatever song you consider the worst track on Glory and it sounds like every Dr. Luke pop song from 2012-2013. They shouldn't have released it, even if Britney was cool with this re-release, which she's not
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    It shouldn't surprise anyone. Her father has always been a nightmare with good intentions but lacking the proper tools and ability to deliver them in a way that isn't hurtful to his family.
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    yay... new songs. i'll listen on youtube, but won't give team b a single dime
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvsTMPAJHF/?igshid=1k97tg5kk3gsx https://www.instagram.com/p/CHwRgM3AMsX/
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    I’m assuming his comparison is in regards to the level of control/force that Team CON have, cuz in HT, they forcing women to HAVE babies. There are ways to keep her from getting pregnant, now even contraceptives aren’t 100%, so what, did they force her to get her tubes tied??? Force her to get abortion if the contraceptive fails?? Force a day after pill, every time, she has sex??? Dude shouldn’t have made that statement, if he ain’t gonna spill specifics. I’m confused by the Sam and Jamie comment tho, if Jamie don’t like Sam, wouldn’t he just give Sam the boot, cuz up until Jodi took over, Jamie was in control of everyone Britney can see, why would Jamie let someone he don’t like and don’t get along with stay around for five years???
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    This is worth a FULL read not just what's highlighted! It's so nice to see Britney's lawyer actually working FOR her.
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    Yeah, he needs to face reality, there’s really no coming back from everything that has happened and has come out. I can’t see Britney cutting Lynne or her siblings out of her life forever but her father, I can see it. So Jamie needs to decide, money or his fucking daughter, a good father would say fuck this, I give up, I’d rather try to fix my relationship with my kid, so we’ll see how this plays out.
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    The Hawaii ones aren't from this trip! Britney and Sam spent last weekend at her home in Destin, Florida.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/MeanerThree/status/1300969117269127171 I was literally just thinking about this last night so it’s a nice treat to wake up to seeing he actually submitted the documents. I was thinking he might drop the ball, lol, he doesn’t have all my trust yet, still a lil skeptical. Apparently, according to what fans dug up, they represent some pretty big companies, such as Apple and Amazon. So that’s a good thing imo. Some fans are saying this will include that trust that JL took over but idk, either way, not having Jamie and Lou in control of majority of her fortune is the most important thing so hopefully the judge approves this. Update: So this all looks like good stuff, the box where it says conservatee is not able to provide for herself meaning physical health, food clothing shelter is NOT checked but the box that says conservatee substantially cannot manage financial resources or resist fraud or undue influence is checked followed by a note saying this is a voluntary cship and that she wishes to nominate a conservator of her estate (which we already knew) the box DOES NOT is checked for has a developmental disability defined in probate section 1420. Petitioner is aware of the requirements of Probate code section 1827.5 Nothing is checked under the medical treatment of conservatee section https://www.docdroid.net/VLssd1y/bessemer-petition-pdf Call me crazy but doesn’t this shit look good, like saying there’s nothing wrong with her health wise and there should be no need for the personal cship??
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    I'm glad to see her lawyer finally doing his job! It's also really nice to see that something happened that empowered Britney to truly start the fight for herself again. I have to wonder how the whole family is feeling about this though. Technically it's Britney vs her family, not just Jamie, because they're all together while she's alone fighting by herself. Sure Lynne kinda sorta stepped up, but she's still with Jamie, too. It's not her lawyer making these requests, it's Britney's. If they cared really, if Jamie did, he wouldn't fight her requests. Time will tell and it really makes you wonder. Also it seems like if this request is granted Britney will start working again. Something about if her request is granted this company will have the authority to make and fulfill contracts. She still clearly wants to work, but not under her current conditions.
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    You don't know it wasn't Britney's choice though, and if you think about it logically, having her sister in charge instead of her father is exactly the decision Britney would have made.
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    Poor woman just can’t catch a break!!
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    I think the people behind Jamie, I mean his lawyers and other people providing him different legal services and financial counsel, ended up making the conservatorship a profitable business for them. Removing all that people draining Britney would be the first step in my opinion. I don't think it's going to be easy to do that in court as they have probably safeguarded their position. That's where I think the #freebritney movement has actually helped, because it has shed some light on all the not-so-moral aspects of the conservatorship.
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    I've never been on his side, I have always said it's none of our business (it's not) and until britney says something I'm not going to make a judgement whether she should or shouldn't be in it. Britney said something finally.
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    I believe her Dad had good intentions in the beginning; I truly believe she would be gone if he wouldn’t have gotten involved. I also believe he still cares about Britney, but he either got “drunk with the power” or someone corrupted him (rumors to Lou). But yes, I think letting professional handle her affairs is a step in the right direction; I don’t trust Britney’s Mom either, so she needs to stay away too; it is ok to be on the loop, but no more family involved.
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    Completely agree with you! Some fans don't want to accept that there just might be something wrong with Britney to the point where she needs a form of the conservatorship. But I think we can all agree that how it stands currently is NOT helping her and there needs to be some changes! A lot of us have been on the side of professionals handling her case instead of her family and that's exactly what she's asking for now, so this is definitely some positive progress and I'm hoping for the best.
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    I wish this place was more active but I really have no desire to discuss other celebs, they just don’t have the intrigue that Britney does. You can only talk music and videos so much, it gets boring, Britney’s mysterious personal life keeps shit interesting. Just look at Exhell, Jordan did exactly what your suggesting but it’s the Britney forum that’s still the most active.
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    Thank you!! So tired of reading that over and over, in addition to all the “wear this if.....” garbage. Honestly, C-ship or not, I would just tell people to piss off and retire; that nuttiness from paranoid fans is so not worth it.
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    Well it’s def his girl cuz there’s pics of them together, as well as a video during the interview, I’m just shocked she’s being so open, does that mean only people with Britney have to sign NDA’s?? But it’s just so confusing, is he having her spill the tea cuz he can’t?? Cuz why go behind his back like that and tell us all this stuff?? Unless she’s the only one with a conscience and just doesn’t give a fuck, idk, I don’t know how to feel. Have u seen the video of Lynne talking about the free Britney movement in the car?? It’s hard to make out what she’s saying tho esp. when Lexie starts talking. This whole thing is just getting so weird.
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    There’s no way it’s a coincidence, I feel like this is 2020’s go to the light and see Jesus video, lol
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    With some podcast, I really hope this is cuz he’s on Britney’s side and feels someone finally needs to speak out and he’s not just being propped up as team cships mouthpiece. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC96VAGJXYH/
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    Just finished it, I feel the only useful nugget he dropped is that she wants out of it and has for a long time. We all pretty thought the same thing about her social. I wish the host would of pressed more, like Brian alluded that not everyone feels the same regarding the cship, well who feels what?? He should of announced this interview days ago and polled fans for some real questions. Him feeling this should stay in place cuz she can’t drive and personal development is bullshit, so get someone who teach her that stuff. He comes off a little misogynistic too.
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    They were together in the hearing but on opposite sides of the courtroom. This was different in that Jamie and Lynne are together at Lynne's home in Kentwood. I truly don't think in the beginning they intended for this to go on as long as it has, but I think people like Lou got into his head and was able to manipulate the situation into the shitshow it's become.
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    Guess what? I dropped a new single, stream and buy it here: https://joshleesite.weebly.com/im-stronger-now.html#/
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    Just wanted to let you all know i love you all 💋❤️💋
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    A design pack with: Logo's from the album Fonts from the albums and singles Some select Pictures
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