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    This isn't easy. I wholeheartedly believe the court was not going to move in her favor without the added attention the documentary gave. She will be able to speak in full in her own time and she can voice her opinion on her situation when she's ready. None of these docs will take the place of her speaking, I hope she knows that. The problem is she's been robbed of her voice for 13+ years because of the situation. I know the money clouds everything, and makes people question the intentions of the documentarians but honesty I believe it's better we get the docs while the case is current, and people are closer to it because they can effect change now and she seems to need the help now. I hope she is truly appreciative of people caring about her. The reality is once she's free, she's still going to be dealing with the trauma of the situation and even if these docs didn't happen, the media will continue to speculate on her - that's not going away. She's infamous at this point and the pressure will always be there unless she purposefully fades into obscurity. One thing I will say is it would be nice to get a clear and consise statement from Britney that explicitly addresses the docs, not just a written caption that can't 100% be attributed to her or something from Sam. She spoke so well in court so I know she can. Of course, you're going to say she shouldn't have to respond and we should just respect her wishes but I do think it would be more impactful if we heard her wishes from her mouth.
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    Rosengart going in hard again, I love him and at least the prenup shit can officially be put to bed.
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    Yeah it is odd and you’d think the fiancé would be in the pics, lol, as for Cassie, I’ve seen a few people say she’s no longer the social media person and there’s someone new.
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    SO happy for her! And that's a beautiful ring!
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    @heather I agree it’s extremely hypocritical, some fans really are no better than team CON, u can’t fight for her freedom, then in the same breath dictate what she should do or question her decisions, sorry doesn’t work that way. I give him credit tho for handling the prenup comments how he did, it’s good he has a sense of humor, I feel like a person would have too in order to last in her world. Yeah, he’s def. brought out a side of her that’s been stifled for so long, shit, I missed that story, that’s so sweet.
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    IMO fans are getting way too cocky in regards to Britney and her life. If you wanna argue Britney can make her own decisions then LET HER in every aspect of her life INCLUDING her love life! I think it was great that Sam made a joke out of all the "get a prenup" comments but seeing that pissed me off and made me feel sad for Britney. No one can just be happy for her without TELLING HER WHAT TO DO- the same thing she's currently fighting against and so are so called fans. And they use the excuse of wanting what's best for her, but who else used that excuse? Her father! Fans are no better than team con when they question Sam and his intentions. Yes, yes, yes! Sam has brought the fun carefree side out of Britney, a side I would argue is the reason most of us fell in love with her in the first place. I also loved his story about making her dreams come true one at a time, Britney deserves this happiness more than anyone!
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    I don’t get shady vibes either, in fact, he seems like a very positive, uplifting guy, which she’s never really had before, you’d think fans would like that for her. He works, he does his fitness stuff, acting, modeling, he does a multitude of things unlike Kevin. The fact that HE bought the ring that was specially designed (lioness engraved is so cute, he clearly put thought into this ring) and HE proposed is a good sign in my opinion. Fans like to harp on his age but Britney is young at heart, I think younger is better for her and not all young people are all about the wild and party lifestyle, some are actually serious in life and ready to settle down. Then there’s the cship, he clearly had to play along and keep in line in order to see her, the fact that he was able to last despite the obstacles and bullshit just goes back to his positive personality. It seems like he comes from a good family too, so that’s a bonus for her.
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    100% agree. Whether fans like it or not Sam is her longest relationship EVER and, as Britney said, has loved her through the HARDEST time of her life. It speaks volumes to the type of person he is, imo, and I don't for a second get shady vibes from him. I actually never have, unlike EVERY SINGLE ONE of her past relationships.
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    I don't think he was lying with malicious intent, he was lying because it was clearly an accident and fans were going to spoil the surprise. I think it's really kind of patronizing to say it's "cute" Britney continues with her love life. Why shouldn't she? "Failures" don't define HER or her past relationships, and Britney deserves happiness in all aspects of her life, including love. It's not "cute" that she "continues" — that's human nature.
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    I like them together so I hope this is the real deal cuz she fucking deserves it.
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    I definitely wouldn't say no to more Glory tracks. Selfishly though, I think whatever music she puts out next will do well because of all the good will and attention she has been getting so far, and I'd rather that success go to new material than songs that are 5+ years old now. But if it gets her away from RCA, I'm all for it!
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    I hope it's true so that she can be done with the conservatorship contract and figure out how she wants to move forward with her career when she's free.
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