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    Yeah, this is a reasonable conclusion given what Larry said today. Trying to save his ass might have just cost him his job, as information he told is not his to tell. Really hope he's fired for the third time. He and the rest of Team B need the boot.
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    And thankfully they can't fool the people who matter in this situation and that's the judge and whoever is appointed to evaluate Britney. Those people aren't going to look at Britney and deem her fit to be "free" and then suddenly change their minds because they read TMZ. So, TMZ can do the most to try and ruin Britney's character and reputation when it comes to the GP, but they can't fool a judge and other professionals in charge.
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    Once she hopefully becomes free, she has got to drain that swamp, she needs people who are gonna actually listen to her and let her do what she wants with HER career. Also her current team are stuck in the 90’s with the way they market her, she just needs freshness all around her. She fired his ass twice for a reason!! Fuck him!! Plus it’s kinda funny, they had no problem pushing her back on stage after two 5150’s and when she was actually displaying troubling behavior, but now suddenly she’s not capable, such bullshit. I honestly believe the reason this happening is cuz she’s fighting for herself and to have her life back and they don’t like it!!
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    I think the only truth to this is that she hasn't called him for months. And that's a good sign, in my opinion. Larry can say he's not involved in the conservatorship all he wants, truth is Britney fired him twice and was only rehired after Jamie was in charge. It's time for a completely new team.
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    I have a feeling that "Glory" will be the last Britney album that plays up to her past image as a pop star and that album 10 if she has her way will be a much deeper record. She has too much to say and I think part of her sadness is because she's silenced under this pop star image. So if my instincts are right her next album will be more freeing for her and hopefully turn the tide of public opinion back on her as a singer instead of on this mental illness she has.
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    I hope the part about Lou Taylor's world collapsing is true.
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    I don’t think it’s old cuz she still looks a lil thicker, loving this video and Heather took the words right out of my mouth regarding song choice, I do not think this song is a coincidence.
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    My husband, who is not a big Britney fan, but surprised me with tickets to see her twice, stated that something big is definitely going on. I sincerely hope that her Dad does come out of this unscathed because I am just hoping he is doing all this “overprotection” because he really loves and cares for Britney. That would hurt me more than the rest of team, who can just go away and never come back. But, if Brit’s Dad is doing her dirty, then he needs to put to the curb too. More twists and turns than a soap opera.
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    I think if she didn't learn who she can and can't trust through the disaster that was 2007, she's definitely learned it in the last 11 years. I definitely think it's a pride thing with Jamie and Larry and not money. Britney is Larry's only real successful client, because of Britney his career as a "manager" took off and she's made him MILLIONS. As far as Jamie, I think he wants to be proud of his daughter and be proud that HE helped her. Her rebelling and "disobeying" him can be seen as a failure on his part as both a father and conservator.
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    I can only imagine what she’ll say when she finally has a voice again, whether it’s music or a good, mysterious book. If they’ve been doing her dirty this whole time, she deserves to expose them all, take em all down!! I hope the Lou part happens, that bitch esp. needs to go down!! But I can understand fear of her reverting back to 2007 when free, I don’t think fans want that either, hopefully she learned her lesson with Lutfi and knows u can’t trust anybody and to be extremely careful with who she lets in. She needs to be more street smart this time around.
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    This is a VERY interesting video regarding the whole #FreeBritney movement. Take aways: -Conservatorship is NOT about money, she's not a cash cow. It's about ego, pride, and control. Jamie and Larry have a real fear that if freed Britney would choose the wrong people and lose everything, thus making them failures in the process. -Britney spoke to us and will again. This video was on April 25th, and if you believe the speculation about her Instagram post emulating Janet's control, that was May 3rd. -Again, this video was April 25th, he predicted Lynne would become involved. -He thinks that Sam "snitched" on Britney, but not in a malicious way that led towards the mental facility. -He predicts the conservatorship will end and it might be because of a pay off on Britney's end. -He predicts the downfall of Lou, that she has been meddling in everything from the beginning, and that she will lose everything. He says this woman basically amps up everything, for example, if Britney is sad she'll tell Jamie that she's suicidal to make her seem worse than she is. -He also predicts a huge album/song, saying Britney will leverage her music meaning she won't do anything until they let her go and Lynne will be on her side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sbqp75eSj0
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    I 100% believe she will perform again but on HER terms. Whether that means out of the conservatorship or a new situation where her mental health is managed but she's still allowed to do what she wants, is yet to be seen.
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    Radar Online: Britney wants Larry fired Finally
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    He definitely overstepped his bounds with that interview, here’s hoping this is true.
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    Oh I completely I agree with the pride thing and the fact that they are now currently destroying her character in the media is proof of it cuz let’s be real, who else would TMZ’s sources be, it’s gotta be them. Their panicking and trying to make her look bad, so people don’t learn about their shadiness and they know non-fans will just swallow it whole and not question. Well they can’t fool the fans!!
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    I'm with the other fans on here I hope her manager is a liar and shes not really retiring from her music career. I hope his ass gets fired.
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    He's full of so much fucking shit. Talking about he only wants her to perform when she's mentally, physically and emotionally invested into what she's doing. Ok dickhead if that was the case, explain Femme Fatale and Britney Jean? Clearly she didnt want to be there for FF press tour and BJ was not her original direction and when that changed she walked away from it as soon as she could. Explain how she was clearly over all this shit back in 2003 when she was getting ready to release ITZ but yet she still got that out there and did the promo for it and a tour, even when the cracks in the facade were starting to show. These are just 3 examples of her being made to work when she clearly needed time and now all of sudden that shit is hitting the fan he "cares" about her. He can kiss my whole asshole with that lip service. Trying to make it seem like she can never be great again without him or this conservatorship. It's all bullshit and she needs this team to go. Like now. They probably got along at one point in the past but she's clearly been hurt and they don't seem to care. She's his meal ticket and has been for all these years so he has some nerve being lowkey shady in this statement. Talking himself right out of paycheck that he doesn't deserve because he's not a great manager anymore. I do truly feel for her and her mental health needs to come first, point blank period but she's not going to get better with these looney toon ass handlers around her.
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    You know we haven’t really discussed the whole aspect on here about what she’ll do when she’s free, will it rejuvenate her or will she retire? If all of these allegations are true and sadly it’s looking like they are, then that means she’s been stifled for 11 years, prolly being forced to record music she didn’t really believe in. A lot of fans seem to think she’ll just retire. When she’s free, she’ll finally be able to speak her truth and if she chooses to retire, I don’t see her doing it quietly, I see her dropping one final album that is all 100% her, I can’t really see her wanting to leave fans with albums she didn’t have complete passion about. She wouldn’t have to tour, do videos, just drop one final album...her REAL “baby”, then bow out. It could also go the other way, light a fire under her ass and she comes back with a vengeance.
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    Water is wet. Plants are green. We all know her a fucking fact Larry is full of shit and he's already been fired twice so I honestly believe this one. We all know he is grabbing at straws trying to save his ass because he fucked up and all the shit that we've been talking about for years has finally come to light. And now he wants to say boohoo I love Britney and her fans... Bitch, where was this love at during Britney Jean? He talks out his ass all the time. Larry, you better withdraw all your stocks now cause your net worth is about to go down the drain. Better leak Rebellion cause it's the only slim chance you have of saving your career. Also #LeakPerfumeDirectorsCut #LeakDLMBTLTKProTools #LeakDLMBTLTKInst #LeakDLMBTLTKDemo #LeakDLMBTLTKAcapella #LeakDLMBTLTKBrolls #LeakRebellion
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    Britney's life might as well be a TV series, there's been so much stuff going on with her... let's hope that like most series this one also has a happy ending
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    Agreed, it's about time Britney gets to have her creative freedom, maybe then people will finally respect her as the artist she deserves to be recognised as
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    She really needs a new team; but I still think something bad has happened to her mental health.
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    At first he says they are 3 industry women, and guesses that they are pop stars (or people who have been through similar circumstances.) Miley and Courtney Love definitely fit in with that, and they have both made a lot of noise about #freebritney recently. I wouldn't be surprised if another one comes forward between now and September. Both Miley and Courtney have been involved with the same players like Sam, Adam Leber, Larry, etc. I'm guessing the third will be someone involved with them, as well - esp. Lou since she seems to be the catalyst. What did Demi do?