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    I'd be fine with R&B type vibes with pop. I love EDMney and danceney, but I'm over the tropical house sounds and the typical latin beats... the industry needs something new... so I'd be fine without EDM since we've had that for the past 3 albums. R&B seems to be what she's always said she's interested in, and she can make it poppy as well and still have good lyrical content.
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    I personally want tracks like Mood Ring or Invitation. Some fresh R&B with heavy synths, trip-hop vibe and sultry vocals. I also wouldn't be mad if she pulled a few experimental tracks like Coupure Électrique. Definitely some old school catchy pop bangers like If U Seek Amy or Womanizer. But please, no more tropical house. Whale sounds are way too 2015-16 and she had her fair share in Glory. And nothing too EDM either...
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    Britney already had her rock phase(s). Rockstar. Rock Boy. You Oughta Know. ILRNR She's currently in her country phase, with Chillin', somethin to talk about, and Just Like Me. Ugh we stan an innovative genre-changing QUEEN She showed off her "HIP HOP IS KEWL!" phase, which she has every 7 years. Outrageous, Mood Ring, maybe BTI choreo from POM? I'm ready for PC music Britney. Or Alt-Britney. Could you imagine Sophie on a Britney track? The same chick who produced Bitch I'm Madonna? Fuck that lowkey, I want Bjork and Lorde. And Tove Lo on the next album .
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    Sorry, I worked hard for my shit. I'll put out an edit when I feel like it. been brainstorming a new vaporwave mix
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    So I am pretty much pop for life lmfao! I don't know why. But my taste is so pop. Like pop, pop, pop! I can't help it. I know that even though there's ALWAYS going to be a place for that super catchy pop hit (Sweet But Psycho), the general public is kind of bored of that with Britney and are expecting something different. I also feel like right now she has a better chance with something "a little bit more urban" (her words lol) compared to going the pop route. Most stuff on the radio kind of has this urban feel to it anyway. I mean, it's not 2009-2013 anymore. There has been a complete transformation in what is considered "hot" and what gets played on the radio in the last few years. Katy couldn't transition with the times and fell off the map (although Britney will always be different because she has such a strong core fanbase due to her impact on pop culture. Katy Perry? Not so much. She was just a generic radio friendly pop star who flopped miserably when the sound she put out was over and done with.) Britney has to evolve, grow and adjust! In-terms of vocals and production (minus Private Show where she sounds like a squealing chipmunk), Glory was definitely a step in the right direction! Although many people love it, for me it was kind of bland, a little outdated for the time it came out in and there was nothing really "special" about it that gave it that "Britney edge" like her past albums had (Blackout, ITZ, even Britney). And on Femme Fatale, they did something different with the lead single having that dubstep breakdown and the video being a reflection of her career. I honestly think something super sexy with like an innuendo and "urban" sound would be sooooo perfect. Something like this for the first single. NO FEATURES.
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    Pre-debut/Baby One More Time vocals+classic tracks and some of solid R&B + ITZ/OD tracks. Something experimental and decent. Nothing with 75% of instrumental and almost zero lyrics.
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    Not gonna lie it's pretty great Although I'm more impressed with my DWAD bluray.
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    dude, that onyx hotel tour bluray looks amazing
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