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    It seems as if everything leading up to Domination and B10 were major steps in the right direction as far as appeasing certain fans and allowing Britney to grow professionally. This time off will be a blessing in disguise for her, she deserves a proper break and certainly to be with her family.
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    He's far from a flavor of the month rapper. I really like him and his work, and he's been steadily gaining traction. I think they could actually produce something interesting and fresh sounding together, if this rumor were even true in the first place.
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    Nothing! And I actually forgot his instagram account @T!M please send me again your insta or your nudes
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    Could have had a solo release and a remix with a feature. Could have been a big hit but that’s none of my business.
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    @BritneySpearsVEVO Why aren't you asking for his nudes? Did he already sent them to you?
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    Two of Glory's most underrated songs
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    Looking forward to a new album, but she should take her time, deal with her family shit first, then start everything with a clear head. Shelve domination, cuz it was just too soon after POM. I also wasn’t aware that there were so many psychics up in this bitch, lol, stop acting like u know what their plans are, cuz y’all look stupid as fuck, u don’t know shit, none of us do, so live your own lives and stop acting like your in Brit’s head.
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    Am I the only one who was beyond happy when they announced her canning Domination? lolz. Especially after reading Larry's interview about "no plans to release any new music in the near future" but to focus on the new Vegas show. Bye bitch. Even if the routines were slightly better and the costumes were fiercer, let's face it, it would have been a slightly better (or who knows, maybe even WORST) version of POM. It was WAY too early for her to start a new residency and it was a clear-cut money move by her team. They probably thought they could get away with Britney doing another half-assed residency and putting together some sloppy ass album consisting of rushed tracks by the last half of the show or whatever... Or maybe not even an album, just a single or two that would flop and put an actual album on hold for another few months. If it wasn't for Britney's dad being so sick, this would have been the reality! Like someone else said in here, it truly is a blessing in disguise for her career. Hopefully they don't rush things now. Put that stupid show on hold, fucking cancel it for all I care. Let her focus on her family and when she's ready, get to the studio and start putting an album together. I don't know much about this Justin Tranter guy but from what I do know, he is generic as hell, but I am hoping for great things, or really ANYTHING of quality. Even if something is not your taste, you can still appreciate it if it was done with quality. Anyway, I am ranting. But yes, hopefully nothing is rushed now. GIVE US A CONCEPT ALBUM, AN INTERESTING ALBUM, GIVE US THE SEX BOPS TOO, GIVE US A CONCEPT SHOW, I WANNA SEE DANCERS IN BIRD CAGES HANGING ABOVE BRITNEY WITH FIRE ON STAGE AND BRINNY ELEVATED ON THE STAGE. I WANNA SEE IMAGERY, FLAWLESSNESS, TOP OF THE LINE STAGE PROPS, OUTFITS, CHOREOGRAPHY CAN BE WEAK FOR ALL I CARE AS LONG AS BRITNEY IS NOT DOING MOVES THAT LOOK UNFLATTERING AND STIFF! Now it is the time to take shit seriously and really focus on her shit. Her team needs to stop touching themselves over a Vegas show pay cheque and rush her into another residency just because they want the $$$$ now. No one was even buying tix to the fricking show! Anyway, hopefully they step up now.
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    Probably because when/if "Domination" comes back it will be entirely different than what she rehearsed. It's weird they always delete it from her Instagram first.
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    The irony of you trying to tell someone else not to be stupid. You don't know what the direction is you literally only know he's an executive producer for it. As far as personal, you are no one to say that Glory wasn't personal. YOU are not Britney, and judging by your original comment, I don't think you even understand the kind of artist that Britney is.
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    He seems to be a very fresh and new name in music, this could be a good move. As far as the album goes, I want Britney to take as much time on it as she needs, and take as much time off as she needs to be with her family. I hope when she resumes working, she puts all she has into this album and delivers!
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    Still sounding so fresh! I wouldn't say no if they put out a single off Glory.
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    I'm doubtful. We've wanted her to work with someone urban for how long now?
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