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  1. 4 points
    I can already feel that the Kenzo campaign is gonna get her a lot of exposure, I hope they use this oportunity properly and we finally get a decent era. Come through fashion legend
  2. 4 points
    I thought the song was gonna be released on Circus, but was kept out for Phonography. Then it was gonna be on The Singles Collection, but they opted for 3. Then Gaga got the track and wanted to feature Britney (we have this version), but Britney and her team decided against it. Thats the story as far as I know. Aside from producing the track, I can see how this back and forth could’ve been stressful for Gaga as well.
  3. 3 points
  4. 3 points
  5. 3 points
    So a Matt Stopera article on Buzzfeed led to another article on an interview with Lady Gaga from 2011 where she talks about hating the song Telephone - notably this: What’s your worst song? I hate ‘Telephone’. Is that terrible to say? It’s the song I have the most difficult time listening to. Because it was offered to Britney first? Well that’s not exactly what happened, but I don’t want to delve into that. I could delve into it if you turn that (motions to recorder) off… But ultimately the mix and the process of getting the production finished was very stressful for me. So when I say it’s my worst song it has nothing to do with the song, just my emotional connection to it. What does she mean Britney wasn't offered the song Telephone first? Everything I've read said that's how it went down - unless Gaga was just being snarky back then (maybe she was tired of the Britney comparisons that every female popstar gets)? Anyone know?
  6. 3 points
    I voted 2001 because I think that was when she really started making music she loved
  7. 3 points
    One bitch gave me dislike with "wtf is this 0/10". And I answered "Where tf is your comment now? Deleted ?"
  8. 3 points
    Why so angry with other people's views? I do not get it tbh. And stop with these " you need your eyes examined" kind of comments, they all use the same words. I find it too photoshopped and yes, she looks way different and it is not for the age. I have accepted her changes as long as she is happy with herself but I am still free to say that she looks way different in some pics. Just compare with other pics if you can't see the differences. I did not say she ain't beautiful, just different.
  9. 3 points
  10. 3 points
  11. 3 points
    Just imagine her performing Work Bitch or Me Against the Music with this outfit
  12. 3 points
  13. 3 points
    I would love to see Mariah Carey collaborate with Britney. BTW I made this edit of her.
  14. 2 points
    I am probably late, but I hadn't seen the Kenzo video until now! She looks phenomenal in the video!!
  15. 2 points
  16. 2 points
  17. 2 points
  18. 2 points
    it has a similar beat to a lot of current pop hits, but its so much better flawless message about being in love with your sexual partner that this generation of girls and boys desperately need club banger for sure, twerkable its so good so good so damn so good Better= the very branding of this album and era. Better than these wannabe pop divas, better than the last few albums, better in her life, better music ahead!
  19. 2 points
    @RodrigoNalerio upload here these pics - I see only main page of that site This
  20. 2 points
    Well it's important for kids to see both of their parents when it's possible. I don't think Britney needs the c-ship either but like you said none of us know what's happening behind the scenes, what the sittuation really is. We don't have access to her medical files or court files
  21. 2 points
  22. 2 points
    I have a feeling this is gonna get ugly but good for Jamie, if a judge orders she pays, then so be it, but don’t give in without exposing if she’s paying for things not related to SP and JJ. Also, I’m sorry but if I was her this would make me wanna start fighting to get that cship lifted so I could fight to get custody of my kids back!!
  23. 2 points
  24. 2 points
    It just gets irritating after awhile, cuz some fans seem to have an obsession over it, can’t look at a picture without bring up her face. She still looks beautiful, that’s all that should matter. Honestly, the problem isn’t even this forum it’s the other one, I don’t like the fans that mock her and are nasty and mean about it. Plus, I admit my nerves were frazzled to begin with, it’s the third day of spring and I now have to go shovel my car out of a foot of snow, so I definitely took my anger out and I apologize for that, lol
  25. 2 points
    So glad that it's over. For me a residency in America means no chance to see her. Also lately the outfits were too similar and bad looking
  26. 2 points
    I think she never stopped being iconic. But maybe her peak of iconicness was i 2000 with Oops. She exploded, was everywhere and everybody wanted to be like her. however she has had many iconic years and still have, but I think that year was the most
  27. 2 points
    Honey, I'm Home! and I just sang it with lyrics!! YASs!
  28. 2 points
  29. 2 points
    Tbh. What I think is happening is they haven't been following anything with Britney and they're shocked to discover she no longer looks like her 17 year old self, which is the only Britney they remember. That being said, Kenzo could've toned down on the photoshop a little, but I think she looks great overall. That body of hers!
  30. 2 points
    I can't play this song right now. I love Heart though. Everyone on Exhale back then hated it and I always defended it.
  31. 2 points
    She looks so GORGEOUS, so good. P.s. i wanna come for the photoshop police out there! Them bitches think no profesional photo gets retouched. Fuck them and their insecure, jealous asses!
  32. 2 points
  33. 2 points
  34. 2 points
  35. 2 points
  36. 2 points
  37. 2 points
  38. 2 points
    well I have a happy ending ? after all I sent a letter yo the name and address of the tickets asking the guy to send me a copy of his ID, and today he anwer me and sent me the copy, so today I am sure I will have no problem to access to the concert ????
  39. 2 points
    That she is using computer for singing her songs And that she was borned as man
  40. 2 points
  41. 2 points
    I’ve seen that before and still don’t understand it, I need all that music sale lingo shit explained to me like I’m a five year old, lol
  42. 2 points
    IKR!!! How is he taking care of all these kids and does his wife even work?? Britney isn’t a fucking bank, he needs to get that through his head!! Plus the fact that he’s not willing to answer Jamie’s questions about what the money is going toward is extremely sketchy, the courts should force him to share that info.
  43. 2 points
  44. 2 points
  45. 2 points
  46. 2 points
  47. 2 points
    That was not even shade, he just did not know it was Christina Even worse than shade
  48. 2 points
    Definitely a collaboration with Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé
  49. 2 points
    Everyone looks different to themselves in the mirror I hope Britney doesn't see this she didn't need the surgery but I hope she's happy.
  50. 2 points