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    Sorry but I think her dad is a douche, if this is granted i imagine it would just make it harder for her to fight for her freedom, this move just makes the whole c-ship thing even shadier than it already was. Do the claws really need to be in her this deep, it’s so fucked up!! https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/22/britney-spears-dad-extends-conservatorship-hawaii-florida-and-louisiana/
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    And I'm not really fond of this. The beauty of Everytime is its simplicity.
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    Agree. And we all know here that Wolfie is a true die-hard fan. I mean, please! #Justice4DLMBTLTK
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    I always saw her having multiple phones for different purposes like one for work and another for personal use. Yeah, that's why I think it's always easy to tell when it's Britney posting something and when it's her team doing it.
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    True, just trying to make sense of it all. I definitely think it’s a mix of people who post on her social, I would think every famous person would have social media people. I do not think she posted this video tho, esp. since it doesn’t fit with the caption, wouldn’t she rather work on her summer bod in her nice home gym with the pretty purple string lights instead of this dungeon looking place that she was apparently forced to go to, doesn’t make any sense, lol
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    Awwww...lately we are seeing more pictures of her smiling. Love that