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    GUYS, I think we've all been going to exfail and breatheheavy for so long, that we didn't realize the other sites that were out there. I've only been to this site for ONE DAY, and I ALREADY think it's better than breatheheavy. And NO, i'm not just saying that because I dislike breatheheavy. I mean, right when you enter the page, you see that amazing face staring at you and it makes you smile. And the webmaster (WHO IS HE?!) updates faster and more often than Jordan. I'm glad I found this place y'all! Who's with me?
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    After reading this: I really thought about it. I mean,she said several times that this is her most personal album to date. And then she released "Work Bitch" as the first single. It doesn't make sense,right? Well,I think that the song is about how much this industry forced her to be a certain image that they wanted to promote. So let's start: You wanna,You wanna You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch You want a Lamborghini? Sippin' martinis? Look hot in a bikini? You better work bitch It seems like someone is telling this to someone,and I think Britney, (since she is a co-writter) is trying to say something. What is she trying to say? Maybe the pressure she got from this industry,to work hard,because "she wanna". And she did work hard,right? But with the word "Bitch",she's probably trying to say that she didn't get the respect she deserved in this industry. You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? You better work bitch, you better work bitch You better work bitch, you better work bitch What if the meaning here is not that "If you want to party in France you better work bitch" but it's "You want to party in France? No,you have to work." Is she trying to say that she wasn't able to do what she wanted to? Now get to work bitch! Now get to work bitch! Bring it on, ring the alarm Don't stop now, just be the champion Work it hard, like it's your profession Here it doesn't seem like she is the one who's talking. She got so much pressure to be number one,and somehow,they forced her to work hard,to "be the champion". Watch out now, cause here it comes Here comes the smasher, here comes the master Here comes the big beat, big beat disaster No time to quit now, just time to get it now Pick up what I'm putting down Pick up what I'm putting down She couldn't stop,"no time to quit now",because she had to make performances/albums/hits. She wasn't able to do what she wanted. Break it off, break it down See me come and you can hear my sound Tell somebody in your town Spread the word, spread the word "You can hear my sound." She's talking about the worldwide hits,and how fast she became one of the most successful pop artists. I am the bad bitch She admits,that she is the bitch that everyone was talking to. Hold your head high, fingers to the sky They gonna try to try ya', but they can't deny ya' Keep it moving higher, and higher Keep it moving higher, and higher So hold your head high, fingers to the sky Now they don't believe ya', but they gonna need ya' So basically,this is her talking,and her thoughts about all this. They can use you,but they can't change who you really are. You know who you are,and people can't take it from you. :britney-agreedlol: Work, work, work, work Work, work, work, work Work, work, work, work Work, work, work There's a reason she's repeating this word. It's what she heard all her life. And she is working,bitches. Am I wrong? Discuss!
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    that is all best performance in a LONG time, probably even better than some of her prime stuff EDIT: pics
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    Let's just pretend that was an EP
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    So, as many of you guys know, I have a source that works at Change Lingerie, and today I got some interesting facts! 1. Britney have been really, really, REALLY involved with this collection! 2. Britney have actually been sketching underwear and lingerie for many years by herself, and many of the finished products looks like the drawings she made herself 3. It was Britney's team that contacted Change about the collaboration 4. She have been to Denmark 5-6 times these last 2 years! 5. She wanted more colours in the lingerie, but the team behind Change told her "It's winter here in Europe when this is relased and we are pale, so we have to go with a lot of beige to match every skin" 6. Britney is the one that wanted all the lace, cause she said lace always made her feel sexy and she wants every woman to feel like she does when she is wearing lace! You can chose not to believe me if you don't want to, but I was right about the entire lingerie line so, yeah
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    Make Me is the problem. I still like the song don't get me wrong but after listening to the album you just wonder why they wanted THAT to be the lead single. The album can have longevity if she keeps promoting it but right now they need to GIVE UP on Make Me asap. If they keep forcing it this era is going nowhere.
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    Queen of throwing shade at pissed off fans with the music video answer.
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    None of them. That's just rude. How do you think Britney would feel if she actually saw it? There is a reason why they changed the video, respect that. Show her your support instead.
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    - An incredible revamped (and insanely sexy) residency show - A BBMA performance that slayed lives and included BOM / TOMH - TWO red carpet looks at the BBMAs - Britney working HARD on B9, taking things seriously & being so excited about the project - Personal, fun, funky and cool photos and videos on instagram - A DAVID LACHAPELLE VIDEO!!! - Behind the scene photos + videos on the first day of filming while still keeping things secretive - Goofyney, slutney, and happyney all at once This era hasn't even officially started and it's already snatched all my wigs, tbh. I'm so happy to see Britney in such an amazing place and I'm so excited for this entire fanbase. I really think something special is coming. I can't wait for what's ahead
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    I love that he's been working with Britney since circus, he really understands her ability and actually pushes her to keep improving, which is what she needs instead of choreographers giving her simple moves she gets bored with. This break down is truly one of the best since onyx.
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    The guy I just started seeing is my dream boyfriend!! He has all the qualities I've been looking for in a man - clean ( he is allergic to alcohol, doesnt smoke cigartettes or anything else) - OCD neat and organized - successful ( works as an engineer at Apple headquarters) - gentleman (opens doors every time, always asking me what I want and buying me stuff) but BEST OF ALL he likes Britney and that like is now turning into love!!! we did private karaoke the other day and sang only Britney songs and he was all into it with me he lets us listen to Britney in the car and even says her unreleased stuff is good (although he likes the upbeat songs more than the trancey songs) this is a dream come true guys we talk and joke about Britney and he doesn't make me feel like a obsessed freak like everyone else does on Sunday I am going to paint a portrait of Godney and he will help me because he is a expert painter anywhoo I just wanted to share with you all how lucky I feel to have found a perfect straight guy who likes/loves/will stan for Godney
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    Sure you did. Reality:
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    I feel bad for Charlie. Every time he says he's going to attend something Britney fans spam him asking if Britney is going too. Charlie could be like "Going to a family members funeral." And Britney fans would be like "OMG is Britney going with you? SLAY ME FUNERALNEY!!!!"
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    I felt the excitement I felt the first day I knew about the new album, about the Vegas show and about the documentary . The last few months of 2013 were the worst months I've ever lived, my house got burned, and my family and I had to work really hard to rebuilt our heritage, and you know, Britney's music helped me to keep positive, I was so happy about Britney Jean, because I was hoping new music from Britney, and when I finally got it, it felt like a ray of light was shining through the darkness. That's the power of music, no matter what you are getting through, there's one singer, one song, one moment, that makes you forget about everything and be free. I wish y'all be happy always, no matter what !!!
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    The BeyHIV needs to realize there's a difference between viral hype and legacy. The only iconic thing about SL is turning your hand around quickly. BOMT has an iconic look that is known to all the GP down to the color of her scrunchies, a lasting pop music imprint, a defining choreo, and everytime Britney is mentioned in the news, the MV's intro scene in teh hallway is universally used. Bitch please. When a 16 year old's debut album sells more than your entire fave's discog, it's time to rethink your life
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    We're gonna be able to listen to Private Show in full tonight, isn't this amazing?
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    I know, but MM doing better than WB, PG and what about to say Pefume ... something that we don't see since FF era, we also must understand that Katy is promoted through the world, is the theme song of the Olympics, something that is very relevant worldwide, lowered her single to cents, she is an "artist of the moment" and the girl is pretty hot, there's no denying, visuals always sells. That being said, even if her song was complete rubbish trash, imagine "Snooki" from Jersey Shore doing the Olympics theme (lmao), It would be doing better, with all this massive promo. Still MM is doing pretty well, for the little promo that has been given, is simply the power of Britney, or else watch other good artists like Tinashe and Demi Lovato, both with new singles and not even in the top 10... they don't have the legacy that Britney already has. So forget about sells and charts right now, she's expected to promote this, and when the video comes it will go up again! She can't just throw everything within the first days, that would be a MM killer! Be thankful for the new era, or it will end right before your eyes without you enjoying it. Peace out and stream Make Me.
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    Or maybe the label wants to make people believe it's not coming (yeah i still hope )
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    my friend's sister's Uncle fucked a janitor at RCA who heard the entire album and said it comes out tomorrow
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    When y'all are let down that she isn't performing at the Super Bowl All of this speculation has come from everywhere except Britney or her team. I believe someone even asked Fe at Piece of Me and she said she'd never even heard that rumor. But for some reason whenever y'all are let down, you start calling Britney lazy, saying it's a missed opportunity, that she doesn't care... The truth is, Godney may have never even been asked to be a part of the show. She may have shown interest and not gotten it, she may have rejected an offer, she may have gotten into negotiations and not reached a deal, etc. We have no fucking clue. Personally, I don't think our good sis Brit would even want to do the Super Bowl now. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see it Either way, I'll fucking scalp you cunts and bury your pets if you come for Brinti on the 3rd Leave ha alone, let ha focus on B9, Vegas and ha flawless Instragram game. Don't blame her if she isn't involved, because there's never been one credible piece of evidence that pointed at her doing it, especially not from Godney herself
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    Good Morning America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8G2jB7Lb78 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152304569622061 (Slave 4 U Part Complete) Acces Hollywood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCVSfVX7xx0 The Tonight Show Extra: ET Preview: Despierta America: UPDATED: The Insider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZMGaFUwdyU NEW POPSUGAR INTERVIEW http://www.popsugar.com/fashion/Intimate-Britney-Spears-Collection-Interview-Video-35721559 E! interview http://www.eonline.com/news/578094/britney-spears-reveals-her-dream-duet-partners-and-talks-about-her-new-intimates-line-watch-now I will update when more come, tell me if i forgot one
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    Im not sure if this is also the place to post this or whatever, but y'all can move it if you want. So since Jessica Biel posted that tweet the other day, a lot of you have been dragging her thinking she was insulting Britneys new line of lingerie by her saying "Life's too short to wear mediocre underwear". Now, when I read this, I actually thought it was more of her saying "Yeah Britney, you rock those panties, life's too short to wear mediocre underwear, so slay the masses with your godlike self." Okay, so maybe not that enthusiastic. Biel has expressed her admiration for Britney before, and I doubt that tweet was directed towards our Britney. Now, I click a link, and end up on Jessica's Instagram page, while you are all DRAGGING her because of something that is HEARSAY. On posts that have nothing to even do with Britney people are calling her a horse, and making fun of her looks, her relationship etc. Guys, its one thing if we joke about it in private as a fanbase, but going and saying it all over her social media is ridiculous and childish ESPECIALLY if this isnt even confirmed that she was talking about Britney. It literally makes me embarassed. I LOVE my B-Army, and I LOVE it here (Just made 800 posts woot ) But think about if she just had that thought and wanted to be sassy and tweeted it having no intention of dissing Britney, and now we just jumped down her throat for nothing. I think that makes our fanbase look like a bunch of psychos who are bored and looking to attack anyone for anything. I am especially irritated by the people doing this coming from Exhell. Really guys? We leave that catty shithole to come here where we can all be supportive of Britney and one another, and you go display that behavior to someone else based on what we "Think" she means? Come the fuck on B-Army! Even if Jessica was saying something about Britney, LET HER! Britney is legendary, and no one can touch her. Britney doesnt talk shit about anyone in the industry because SHE DOESNT LOWER HER STANDARDS, why should we? I know y'all are trying to protect her, but dont start an alll out war over hearsay. Like I said, I love this army, I love this place, and most of all, I love Britney Spears, just like the rest of you. People make fun of me all the time, and say Britneys fat, Britney lipsyncs, uses autotune, cant sing, shes crazy, shes a drug addict etc and I STILL stick up for her in a classy way, and LOVE her. So sorry if it sounds like Im sticking up for Jessica Biel, but personally, I feel like Britney would be sad for y'all right now. And Im sure y'all are going to downvote me, or drag me, and I dont care. As far as Im, concerned every downvote I get tells me that the person who down-voted me is a dramatic child and cant accept ones opinion. :dealwitit: Bring it on.
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    I don't think it underperformed. Britney keeps a low profile these days and she still pulled impressive numbers. Her name is still a brand but the Britney era will never happen again, and she doesn't want it to. She's having fun and doing it the way she wants. I don't know why some of her fans are so obssessed with the top spot when she clearly isn't. I would think what we want is good music and we got it. I think the album and single have done very well considering. Just my two cents. :-)
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    Y'ALL WE AIN'T READY!!!! A source says: "G-Eazy is basically having sex with her as he raps. It's implied that Britney is holding the camera as he gives it to her." "It's controversy; that's what they all want, that's what they wanna see."
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    You might think that this thread is an excuse to post beautiful pictures of her, and you wouldn't be wrong
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    Guys im just leaving the show, im so happy!!! She wAs on fire! Costumes look great live, soooo sexy!!!
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    me: wathcing this thread friends: britney used to look so pretty, what the fuck happend to her..... me: this from 20 minutes ago friends: she sitll looks amazing ... omg is that really from 20 minutes ago?
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    Expectation ( ME) Reality (YOU)
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    Technically she's been around since she was like 8...
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    I made this for all those that didn't like the official cover, I was just having a little fun on photoshop! hope you like them
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    Even if they release the original MV now, I think the damage is already done.
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    Aaaaaaaand she's gonna have a great time doing something that she loves while some people keep loosing their shit over a song maybe, just maybe, it's time to relax, like, c'mon, it's summer, just play Make Me on your way to the beach or something, because that's what Britney's music should be to us, something to enjoy, not a reason to be stressed or mad
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    of course it's fake, we all know it's coming on May 20th in time for the BBMAs
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    thanks for posting! she went from this to this
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    And some people here please quit sounding so "noble" and "hardworking". We all work us ass off right now only because we have to, if we don't we won't get enough money to feed our family or even ourselves. But about Britney there's another story. She doesn't have to work that hard to earn enough money to support her whole family, she is the richest one in her family, she once worked so hard that the Spears family was so well-known and every family member has been getting the benefit from it. If I were her, after so many years' hard working, and so many people bashing me non-stop, maybe I would get tired of all of this, we're lucky she's still performing out there, because she's strong, at least stronger than I am lol. And about other artists working so hard right now, maybe they're still new to this industry they still get that ambition. If they're not, then they at least didn't experience their own 2007. So they still think the world is nice to them, sometimes things are tough but overall everything is great. Britney said herself she had been through both heaven and hell and I'm sure she's not exaggerating at all. But she's just a brave woman, she usually doesn't feel the need to sell this thing to the GP again and again to make them feel pity for her, and make herself a perfect victim and take the moral high ground to judge anyone who disagrees with her is disrespectful. She is just not that kind of person. That's why I love her though. And please I didn't even name anyone in this post, don't ever come after me to prove you're the so-called "noble" ones I mentioned above lmao.
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    While everyone's melting down over the video saga the queen is rehearsing for the performance we've all been waiting for
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    I get that a lot. A gay from my class came to me and said: "I don't think it's possible for a straight guy to like Britney Spears" and there are also people who say that I'm gay for liking her(as if it was a bad thing) I'm a straight dude who likes Britney and I'm proud to say I'm not ashamed. Music Taste does not define your sexuality. I love Britney,I have her whole discography right beside my iron maiden discography and anyone who thinks this is unnaceptable can go seek amy themselves,if you know what I mean! I have no patience I also love the fact that Britney never used her majority of gays and girl fans to mark territory.She just adress us as "fans",and it's amazing not to be left out I also think is very cool that I'm accepted here on Universe,and even made new friends
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    she didn't spend any money in the womanizer outfit where she is in the sauna
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    I don't see retirement for Britney I think she will move to a new label.
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    They are just abusing the conservatorship at this point. Even if it protects Britney from lawsuits, it is still an abuse of the legal system.
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    I feel like with all of the videos she's done in the last couple of eras they've tried to go for expensive MV's with over the top sets, explosions, special effects, controversial scenes etc. And I think that rather than relying on the shock factor they should try to keep things simple and hire a talented director that focuses on finding the right angles, the right lightning, the colours, the perfect shots, etc. and carefully puts everything together to create a good quality final product. I don't know if you understand what I mean, hopefully I explained myself, but I just wanted to make this thread because of this whole "her next music video is gonna be her cheapest ever omg it's gonna be horrible, they're gonna scrap everything omg" drama that's starting to haunt the fanbase again. You don't need to spend millions of dollars on a music video for it to be good, it just needs to be done right, and I think that it's time for Britney to have something like what I described before
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