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    I LOVE this video so much! Love that she's taking time to show exactly what she's doing, while still jabbing at the nuts with dating her posts 😂
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    This needed its own post. It's SO cute!
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    Not really a fan of this idea. Even in their primes when people were clamoring for them to work together, it didn't make sense to me. Their styles, vocally and otherwise, do not complement each other at. all. And they still don't. Christina would overpower Britney vocally, and Britney's not just going to stand in one place on the stage like Christina does. It's hard to think of who I would pair Britney up with for the Super Bowl. Maybe the answer is no one.
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    She looks great and so does her hair! Glad to see her posting again, I've enough of the speculation from the conspiracy nuts.
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    Would really appreciate if you all supported and promoted this. THANK YOU💕
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    Yup..some people keep throwing garbage at her and in return she "throws" positivity, good energy and love. I honestly don't know how people can criticize her
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    The way she ignores them and keeps being herself with such grace is part of the reason she's so admirable. While people are losing their minds, becoming detectives and putting their noses into her personal life, she's over here dancing the way she wants with the purest, most sincere smile on her face and I live for it.
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    I wouldn’t want Britney doing the Super Bowl by herself or with someone UNLESS she absolutely brought her A game!! I also agree with @MakeMySugarFall, they’re two different kinds of artists, it just wouldn’t work right, just watch Like A Virgin, Christina completely over powered not just Britney but the song itself.
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    I know! the part about the burned down gym was everything
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    She really is into that kind of tops lol. Not my kind of thing but she can rock everything! I also like that whenever she has a chance, she writes inspiring captions
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    A lot more pictures here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8436027/amp/Britney-Spears-breaks-free-quarantine-time-enjoy-fun-filled-day.html
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    Yes, im for it. Because it shut down to all their haters their mouth and my dream will come true to see them together.
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    I agree! The less heavy makeup and addition of bangs took years off her look.
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    She looks amazing and it really does make such a huge difference when the makeup on her lower eyes isn’t as heavy as she usually does it.
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    She looks great but I can’t help but laugh at her excitement over the bangs like it’s the first time she’s had them, lol, and I’ve always loved that bikini.
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