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    It's been 84 years since she performed the songs below: Hold it against me Overprotected Outrageous and why hasn't she ever performed My prerogative which happens to be one of my all time favorites? Which ones do you want to see in the new show?
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    I agree with you completely! This is the stage presence and direction that is missing from current performances. The Britney era is by far my favorite era from her. DWAD was her best tour, hands down.
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    I KNOW. It's one of my favorite tracks on there, though! Tbh, there isn't a single track on Britney Jean that's underrated imo. The ones that are good (Work Bitch, Alien, Perfume, etc.) get all the love. I WANNA DANCE TILL MY BODY ACHES
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    I will DIE if she brings performances like this in the new residency! She is giving attitude, stage presence, fierce eyes! She walks and dominates every single piece of this stage... Who cares about back flips...Give me THIS stage presence! She was feeling it...She was ON FIRE!
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    She needs to perform (I Got That) Boom Boom and The Hook Up again. Urban ITZ songs are the best blessing we could have received!
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    i'm dying to see her perform overslaytected
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    Completely agree, DWAD was actually the first time I saw her in concert and it was fucking incredible, the concerts post-breakdown have been good but not wow. She needs to find that swag again as well as confidence, cuz it seems like she second-guesses herself. Also lose the fucking hooker heels, I think it’s obvious they slow her down.
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    That was indeed an awesome era. I think her team and even Britney herself are missing the direction that made her performances unique back then. It wasn't about Britney doing necessarily the same choreo as her dancers or outdancing them. The dancers' role was to compliment her performance and presence on stage. After her comeback, they tried to hide the fact that Britney didn't dance as much and didn't have the same fire in her eyes, by having them do a much more difficult version of her choreo. After Britney started wanting to really dance on stage, they had Britney dance like a back up dancer and she couldn't perform her songs properly. In both cases, it looked as if they were building Britney's part around her back up dancers' choreo and as a result she was losing her presence on stage. In my opinion, they should be doing the exact opposite. Create an amazing number for Britney and build the dancers' part around this to compliment Britney's performance. Afterall, they are back up dancers, not the main performers on stage... Just my opinion...I would like to hear other people's thoughts on that!
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    I think there is potential in those. It seems that the choreographers actually listened to the songs and rhythms when they created the choreos. However, they also look like a mix and match of old moves. I'll wait and see the final product to judge properly. I hope there are new interesting themes in the songs. Give me something new! I know Britney has skills, can do backflips, dance etc. This time, I do want to see those but I actually want to see her perform!
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    stage costumes that aren't focused on being sexual and revealing everything, a better set list (new songs, removal of her overdone songs, etc), rerecorded and or live vocals (never gonna happen), less pitch shifting, ugh the list goes on.
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    I asked for Overprotected, Love Me Down, and Toy Soldier to be on the setlist. 😍Can't wait for this show to begin!!😍
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    BRITNEY please Overprotected!! It has been ignored for such a long time!!! Plus HIAM please, kind of tired of overrated TTWE
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    Thats for flop Tinash.. vocals version. Album version slays!
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    ...Baby One More Time Favorite track: I Will Still Love You Least Favorite track: E-mail My Heart Overrated track: Baby One More Time (still a cute bop tho) Underrated track: Sometimes Oops!...I Did It Again Favorite track: Where Are You Now? Least Favorite track: Dear Diary Overrated track: Lucky Underrated track: When Your Eyes Say It Britney Favorite track: Lonely Least Favorite track: That's Where You Take Me Overrated track: I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman Underrated track: What It's Like To Be Me In The Zone Favorite track: Showdown Least Favorite track: Brave New Girl Overrated track: Breathe On Me Underrated track: Early Mornin Blackout Favorite track: Gimme More/Freakshow Least Favorite track: Toy Solider Overrated track: The Whole Album Underrated track: Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Circus Favorite track: Kill The Lights Least Favorite track: Mmm Papi Overrated track: Out From Under Underrated track: Shattered Glass Femme Fatale Favorite track: Till the World Ends Least Favorite track: He's About To Lose Me / Don't Keep Me Waiting Overrated track: Till the World Ends Underrated track: Up n' Down Britney Jean Favorite track: Dik Dik Boom Least Favorite track: The Whole Album Overrated track: Perfume Underrated track: None Glory Favorite track: Liar Least Favorite track: Private Show Overrated track: The Whole Album Underrated track: None
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    ...Baby One More Time Favorite track: Born to Make You Happy Least Favorite track: I Will Still Love You/Soda Pop Overrated track: Crazy Underrated track: Deep in My Heart Oops!...I Did It Again Favorite track: You Got It All Least Favorite track: Satisfaction Overrated track: Lucky Underrated track: One Kiss from You Britney Favorite track: Before the Goodbye Least Favorite track: I Love Rock 'n' Roll Overrated track: Boys Underrated track: I Run Away/When I Found You In The Zone Favorite track: Touch of My Hand Least Favorite track: Brave New Girl Overrated track: Me Against the Music Underrated track: Don't Hang Up Blackout Favorite track: Break the Ice/Gimme More Least Favorite track: Toy Soldier Overrated track: Radar Underrated track: Outta This World Circus Favorite track: Unusual You Least Favorite track: Quicksand Overrated track: Womanizer Underrated track: Rock Me In Femme Fatale Favorite track: Trip to Your Heart/Selfish Least Favorite track: Big Fat Bass Overrated track: I Wanna Go Underrated track: Inside Out Britney Jean Favorite track: Til It's Gone/Hold on Tight Least Favorite track: Chillin' with You Overrated track: Work Bitch Underrated track: Perfume Glory Favorite track: Just Love Me/Mood Ring Least Favorite track: Hard to Forget Ya Overrated track: Slumber Party Underrated track: Better
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    Cute! Hope 2019 will be another great year for her.
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    This is my favorite gif now