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    I swear they are pimping that Zone more than they did Glory and the fact that Britney still has not made an appearance kinda speaks volumes, I honesty feel like the reason they’re having to do things without her is cuz she’s refusing to work until it’s on her own her terms, in other words, in control of her life again. Britney IS the product, without her they ain’t gonna make much of a profit so they’re grasping at straws.
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    I found the art therapist’s reading of the painting very interesting ... Source: https://www.dazeddigital.com/art-photography/article/47524/1/britney-spears-art-painting-exhibition-analysed-art-experts “This person isn’t depressed in my view and seems quite energised. There are four flowers, so there’s some sort of relationship going on, perhaps a family. There’s a little, fifth flower outside, which is a mystery, it’s unformed, as though something is coming in and the other flowers don’t seem aware of it. Whatever’s coming in is not on the earth, it’s perhaps just a concept or a thought, but it’s not rooted. It could be a new idea, a new project, that is not in place yet – or the other group of flowers could be rejecting whatever that little flower means, throwing it out.“
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    Wow, I find that crazy. Britney is not textbook smart but she's really people smart in my opinion. She has a lot of social anxiety and is very private but behind the scenes she's a whole different person imo. She doesn't know her true personality/character to the GP like the person above mentioned. Remember the days when she was all super sweet and soft-spoken and super kind in every interview? And then during the ITZ era and during Chaotic we got to see who she really was? Britney keeps a lot of things hidden and she plays a character infront of the general public. A lot of people do, but I notice this a lot with Southern people especially because of their upbringing and being taught to be polite. They're super polite and respectful around strangers but then they have the real them which only family and people close to them get to see. Britney used to write some amazing and deep poetry on her website, some of the material we got to hear on her scrapped album Original Doll had serious meaning and showed awareness about herself. She went to radio herself and premiered Mona Lisa on KISS-FM without her management/labels permission. Britney is not stupid or weak. Most people would have killed themselves if they were humiliated numerous times infront of the whole world, mocked, laughed at, judged, labeled crazy, had pictures of their privates plastered all around the internet, got labeled a horrible mother and then being an adult and being treated and controlled like a child with serious freedom limitations for over a decade. The level of mental anguish Brit endured literally made her develop social anxiety! A social, bright, funny, fiery girl becoming all awkward and shy infront of the world because of the level of trauma she had to endure. And she's still surviving. She's gotten more comfortable in public situations throughout the years. She has stayed fit for a long time. She did more interviews and felt more comfortable in the Glory era then she ever has since 2008. She is very, very strong. I personally believe that it's inevitable that she gets freed from her conservatorship and you will be shocked at the kind of material she will release. The only reason Britney has been flopping is because she has none to very little control of her work and Britney MADE Britney Spears. Not her management. Her BOMT music video idea launched that song into becoming a phenomenon. She wanted to be dancing and performing. She wanted to dress the way she dressed. She pushed for Toxic to be a single and came up with the video concept. She wanted to release My Prerogative when people were judging her. Even recently, she contacted Giorgio Moroder and wanted to re-make Tom's Diner which is literally (to me) her best work in a very, very long time. Britney knows herself and knows who she is as an artist but she has been restricted, dealing with the hard parts of life and not fully expressing herself. Britney will make the kind of comeback we've been waiting for since 2008! You will see! With Pluto in the 1st house, you have an intense gaze and powerful persona, and you’re intensely aware of yourself. You will quite often have a powerful impact on other people – but may also alienate them. Drawing on your own depth of determination and commitment, something within you is demanding that you find new ways to express yourself. Throughout life, you experience a rebirth of raw potential, will-power, and a restructuring of your personality. In your possession there is an unlimited inner strength and energy that overwhelms everything, so you can be quite a potent force for change, growth, and healing in the world. Dramatic changes in your life direction will be reflected in changes of hairstyle, clothing and even relationships. It will particularly reveal itself in the expression of your physical appearance and identity, for there is a deep intensity of self-expression, which tends to go to extremes and it can make more moderate souls feel uneasy. http://theastrologyplacemembership.com/2014/08/pluto-in-1st-house/
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    I'm 100% sure she's smarter than she lets the gp think. I'm also certain she knows what people think of her in general and that she wants to reveal at least some of her actual smartness to them. She's been dropping plenty of hints in her Ig captions during the past year about her awareness of the sittuation and I'm not gonna be surprised when she finally reveals what she thinks about all that's been happening lately.
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    Anything but a damn leotard. They don't flatter her body AT ALL
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    Looks like she might have injured her ankle again. But at least everyone can quiet down with their "sHe'S LoCkEd Up AgAiN" bullshit.
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    I think if she would have toured with Glory rather than just added more Vegas dates and then eventually that tour, it would have been a lot better for her. I think she was just getting burnt out and tired of doing the same show (except for the few changes over the years) over and over again. I'm glad you got to see it though!
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    I feel the same way. I really hope that's why she's not involved because it would mean that sooner or later she'll get the advantage over her team when it comes to making decisions about her career. An artist should by default be the one who makes the final choices anyway, can't wait for the day Britney gets back the artistic freedom she deserves.
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    I agree with @MonaLisa613 that I feel like Britney is straight up refusing to work until she gets whatever it is she really wants to get back. I'm sure Britney has/had a lot more freedom than what gets spread around all over the internet, we saw that with our own eyes for years. But clearly something caused a riff between Britney and her team within the last year, and at least on Britney's side it put a halt to anything she wanted to do career wise so now they're desperately scrambling to keep the money flowing.
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    So true. It's not like she was in jail all the time, I think she just got used to that situation and tried to live her life and yeah, we've seen her happy sometimes. Although I'm sure it bothered her all the time, like she wished she could just go shopping whenever she wants and just be independent. But anyway, we don't have much information on how the c-ship bothered her in her private life. It changed a lot in her career, her image. They did a good job with Circus, but after that there was too much in control and I think her image has become boring. There was almost no Britney in Britney, and not because she's changed that much, it was just that they didn't let her speak freely. They knew they're using her for money and they were afraid that if they let her speak, she will get them in trouble. But it all turned into an own goal. She's become less profitable and now, as you can see, they try to sell perfumes or that experience thing at the same time without even Britney involved. Desperate much?
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    Yeah from what I’ve read about these things there hard to get and even harder to end, so anyone who thinks this thing can end at the drop of a hat is delusional and we have seen her happy many times since it was put in place especially during the period when Brian was apparently the one watching over her instead of her dad. Maybe she’s just tired of coping with it, maybe her age is playing a part and she wants to live the rest of her life on her own terms, maybe her sons age are playing a part, once they turn 18, they will officially have more rights than her, that’s gotta feel humiliating, whatever made the tide turn, I’m glad it did and I hope Lynne is indeed on her side cuz we still don’t really know if she’s trying to help Britney or just wants to be kept in the loop. We obviously don’t know what she’s doing behind the scenes to try to get out but I can’t blame fans who get upset when she doesn’t go to these court dates esp. important ones, like wouldn’t she wanna be there when the results of the investigation and results of her evaluation are revealed?? Her not going does give the appearance that she doesn’t care even if she does.
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    When the freebritney nutcases are spamming people's social media with their bullshit, they're bound to speak out to quiet them. Speaking out does nothing but get fans attention. Sorry, but it's true. No celebrity is going to be able to help Britney by tweeting about it or posting an Instagram picture. Her team doesn't give one flying fuck about online noise, to them it's more people talking about Britney. Any publicity is good publicity. The ONLY thing that can help Britney is BRITNEY herself standing up for herself and making moves to end it. Public support probably helps her feel stronger, but ultimately SHE is the only one that can do something about what's going on. And I 100% believe she's making those moves.
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    I wonder what prompted her tho, were fans tweeting her FreeBritney stuff like they were with Cher cuz we need people to be concerned about the right thing, which is the shady cship, not falling for team cships narrative, u know??? I hate to sound dramatic but it would be nice if we could get like a proof of life pap pic, when’s the last time we’ve seen her out, her insta posts can be from any time. It was this time last year that she was sent away, so I can’t help but feel paranoid, lol
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    That´s so rude. Seriously? You´ve kept up with Britney throughout the years and think that? She´s proven many times she is very smart..She´s not naive you know..
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    I'm so happy you got to see her!! I´ve been saving A LOT to go to Vegas to see her. I couldn't afford it when she came to South America, so I was planning to see Domination..well...maybe some other time
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    I've seen pictures of Bryan/Lexie with Jamie Lynn and Lynne. I think the last time they were all pictured together was this post.
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    POM definitely lasted too long, but I'm still glad she did that final tour though, I would have never been able to go all the way to Vegas to see her, Sweden however is close enough for me so I finally got to see her live for the first time in my life.
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    That’s true, although, I do remember her making attempts but the pap sitch was massively out of control. Heres hoping she doesn't have to actually be there in order for progress to happen.
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    Yup, they're fucking idiots that make their whole "cause" laughable because they don't bother to actually look into shit and just go off each others nonsense. It will be a LONG process for this thing to end, and it maybe never actually end completely but with some sort of agreement both parties are happy with.
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    Well they do care about online noise a lil bit otherwise, both Jamie and Lou wouldn’t have taken legal action against two fans but in regards to the cship ending, sadly your right, it’s up to Britney and honestly I’m not hopeful cuz she’s tried to get out of it a few times since it started, plus it seems like it’s her against all of them, even Ingham who was appointed to be her advocate seems to working against her.
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    I agree. I read a lot of comments made by the #freebritney fans, that were absolutely mad because Britney doesn't give a f.. her freedom since she doesn't even appear on court..lol. I think she, in some way or another is doing what she has to do. We just have to keep waiting..
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    I think her team is using the Britney The Zone thing and bombing her instagram stories with tik tok videos to divert attention from her personal stuff.
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    I will never get over the fact that actual art experts took the time to analyze Britney's art, but this paragraph is definitely interesting!
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    Memories... For those who liked the show and haven't seen the latest episode I made few months ago...
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    Astrologically Britney Spears has her planet Pluto in the 1st House. We cannot be contained/controlled after we want a chapter to end. When we want change, we fight like no other placement to bring transformation about. She is definitely rebellious and no pun intended, but not that innocent. This does sound like Britney. And I hope she does express her struggles with the conservatorship and being overly-controlled in her music once she has the artistic freedom to do so and my bet is she most likely will! This all sounds believable if you guys have kept up with Britney throughout the years and weren't blinded by the good girl image. Aquarius Moon gives her a rebellious spirit, too.
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    I really do wanna believe it’s her, it’s just these doubting Debbie fans sometimes get in my head, lol I’m shocked they’ve lasted this long too, cuz honestly, I wouldn’t think that someone that young would wanna be with a twice divorced mom of two, who’s stuck in a conservatorship (hopefully not for the rest of her life 🙏🙏🙏), as great as she may be, dating her must feel a lil complicated but I really hope he genuinely loves her, cuz she deserves it. He’s definitely gotten more exposure being with her but he already had stuff going on before hooking up with her, he was in a Fifth Harmony video, I think he was already doing the bodybuilder stuff, I think he was doing modeling too, so I don’t see him as an opportunist, being with her just fast tracked what he was already doing.
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    I tend to take these things with a HUGE grain of salt, however, some things he said before did happen, so who knows. But I would LOVE to see badassney emerge and call out all those motherfuckers!! As for Sam, is this her longest relationship? It seems like it is but I could be wrong.
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    what is wrong with you? this topic is closed
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    Urban Outfitters is gearing up to release Femme Fatale on Vinyl soon. Get your coins ready!
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    We literally know nothing except that another court date was scheduled for April 21. But, Cher tweeted twice about this situation and questioned why if Brits so sick why has she been working all this time, in other words, Cher thinks the sitch is shady too. Cher is an icon, so the fact that she tweeted about this is huge!!
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    She's only performed here in Finland like once during her entire career so I'm not gonna expect her to perform here again, good thing she seems to like Sweden though, it's really easy to travel there from here.
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    I think we all would have rather had a Glory world tour, the album deserved it. And yeah, I did sense her being bored when performing the classics, definitely can't blame her for that, I would have been bored too if I was in her shoes.
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    Bryan stepped in to help with Vegas around that time and yes 2015-2017 was a great time for Britney, so I think people just put two and two together and assumed he was stepping into Jamie's place but that's never been confirmed as far as I know. We also have to remember that Jamie hasn't been present in Britney's personal life for quite some time, too. He was there for professional shit like Vegas and any promo but he wasn't living with her, he wasn't there day to day, he was off in Louisiana most of the time. That, too, probably contributed to Britney's personality at that moment, because I'm sure she felt a bit of a burden off her back not having her dad breathing down her neck all the time, you know? I think by 2018 she was tired of Piece Of Me as a whole and like always her team was milking it to the last drop which caused a lot of the complaints you're talking about. She was SO much more relaxed and excited for Domination with the previews we saw (let's not count that announcement, that was a mess that wasn't her fault). We know Britney gets bored quickly and Piece Of Me went on for entirely too long.
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    I've read it somewhere that around 2015-2016 her brother stepped in for a while to replace (?) Jamie and Britney could have some more freedom than before. And yeah, it's easy to see by pics or vids of her in 2016, for a while she seemed happy and almost back to her old self. 2017 was fine also but in 2018 it all got messy, she got ticks on stage, "where are we", cancelled M&Gs and more and more stuff that finally led us to #freeBritney.
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    And she deleted it today... Well something's going on there.
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    I honest to god ship her and Sam so hard, I do hope they work. That being said, if she’s over the relationship, she should get out. It’d be a disservice to herself and him to continue it. My own feelings on it are that Sam makes her happy and he genuinely loves and supports her. He doesn’t seem manipulative or like he’s using her for personal gain (like K. Fed in the past). I don’t think I’ve liked any of her boyfriends until Sam tbh. That all being said, I do think Sam is not book smart. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m not going to call him dumb because he’s made it pretty far in life! But I guess stupid people can also fail upwards.
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    If he’s using her, I hope she’s using him right back like the psychic said but she does seem happy and that girl does not have a poker face, so if she were miserable with him we’d see it, like we’ve seen it with interviewers and her team, I remember one red carpet event, her eyes were like throwing daggers at her PR guy, lol, I’m sure they fight like all couples but if she really wasn’t happy, we’d see it.
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    I think some captions are easy to tell when it's her and ones that are promoting shit and talking about how she's SOOOOOooo excited for The Zone are obviously not. I think he genuinely cares for her and I'm actually surprised they've been together as long as they have. I think he's gotten more professional opportunities because of his relationship with Britney but I don't think that makes him an opportunist, if that makes sense. Like, I don't get the sense that he's using her, but he's definitely got farther because of her. I hope it lasts and I hope Britney is happy with him, because girlfriend deserves some happy romantic ending after all this shit she's been dealt.
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    Same! I already have the Glory one, but I'll definitely buy it again from Urban if they release it, too.
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    If they do release Britney Jean, which I hope they do, it will most likely be the regular version like all the others. Which is a shame because the deluxe versions always have better songs.
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    i am not alllloneeee i can still feel you ICONIC
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    Britney has always been about the dancing/performing, props, putting on a show, etc. But yeah, prerecorded vocals would be nice I never expect her to sing live though
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    Court records are sealed and another date is scheduled. Ending the conservatorship will be a very lengthy process and we will likely get no details if/when it does end.
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    All I remember is that last year when asked by a paparazzi if she'll ever go back on stage she said "of course". I think that's all we've got for now.
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