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    You’re free to believe whatever u want but I’m not wasting my time watching that shit and I sure as fuck ain't sharing it on my social media due to the fact that I don’t wanna be involuntarily committed. Sorry I’m just not the tinfoil hat wearing type.
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    Great to see her interacting with fans. Love that Britney continues to prove "freebritney" morons wrong.
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    Lucky fan, she seemed totally relaxed too. I honestly think her core team/certain security is what made her uptight in the past, notice in this vid, no core team and newer looking security, her past security would just drag her away.
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    As entertaining as I find conspiracy theories, that's all they are for me: entertainment. I've seen one or two of these videos before, watched them out of curiosity, but they weren't exactly convincing. Plus, like @MonaLisa613 , I don't want to be involved with the #freebritney movement, there just hasn't been enough evidence to convince me to join it. So you do you, and I'll do me
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    Listen, I've played your game long enough and now I'm fed up with your straight stupid, disgusting, vile behavior. You're not funny, you're not cute, you're a garbage bag. What Britney and Sam do is THEIR business and it's not mine, yours, or anyone elses to speculate about. Do you not have your own life to worry about that you have to wonder what Britney does in the bedroom? Stop degrading women by talking about their private sexual behavior. She's not your sex doll to imagine in whatever scenarios come to your mind. We are in an adult age, so act like one and treat the woman with the respect she deserves.
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    Wow how degrading to Britney. You're trash.
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    I don't expect anything from Britney this year. Regardless of how much stuff she could have possibly recorded and done right now, her personal life is no where near in the condition it needs to be in for a successful era for Britney. She needs time to heal.
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    Wow its so cool and refreshing to her interact with a fan; when in the past few years, it felt like their was a distance between Britney and her fans
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    Awww love the crowd's reaction when Britney appeared
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    If Lynne really did instruct y’all to post that, then I hope she’s gonna have Anthony’s back in this lawsuit cuz the whole situation is fucked up.
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    Cute, I have to say though, I’m getting sick of the fans who think that her being young at heart is a bad or odd thing. People who take themselves and things seriously all the time are so annoying. Lighten up and get out of the bitter barn and go play in the hay.
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    It's "thinking". And Heather is right on this one. You are rude af, bitch. Calm your ass a little! And you don't seem adult a bit, you're childish as anybody else. I haven't seen anyone so brainless around here as much as you are.
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    Once again, Britney hitting back to everyone saying Lou is posting on her IG and it's not really her. You think Lou would post/approve this? Hell no.
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    They are the cutest!!! I really love this video, it has made my day!!!
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    I’m not sure it was just one article that did it. I know there were several on here that Anthony was called out on by members. I think he got caught up in the FreeBritney movement and it’s coming back to bite him. Fans seem to forget that there are real people involved in this. You don’t have to agree with their every move, but we also don’t know these people (including Britney) or all of the details of literally anything. Any “insiders” for any celebrity are willing to give away info for money, fame, or just regular ole attention, to feel important. When tabloids do this, they are incredibly careful with their language because no one likes being sued! Also, that second paragraph wasn’t directed at you, @Domino, I’m just adding my two cents to the convo overall. 😆
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    Thank God September is just next month, the idiots are unbearable at this point, although, if the cship continues, they’re never gonna stop.
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    I love that all her captions lately are direct hits to all the idiots who talk about her private life as if they know what's happening. Her boys are SO big now, and she looks so good.
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    She’s adorable, although it’s a little weird how he went from smiling and laughing to looking like he bout to cut a bitch, lol
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    this!! I was waiting for that and people are always loud with her
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    Thank you, i am working hard on giving this forum it’s comeback. Soon we will launch that download section and fill it up. I hope you comeback more often. Thanks ❤️
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    oh wow I love the calendar, she looks SO pretty in all the pictures!
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    She looks stunning! So glad she's not wearing black. The fact that she looks better at a premier than she has for any of her own recent appearances is not lost on me. She is beaming with happiness, I love it.
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    She's adorable! Glad she's having fun and living life. Some people in her comments could take a lesson from that and chill the fuck out.
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    I'm 90% sure she knows the situation, and Anthony's name. (And hopefully mine or yours or Heather's or Lara's or MGO's or MagicalFlare or JoshLee or any of the other members I'm forgetting)
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    She probably knows, she doesn't really need to approve or disapprove of it. It's an issue between Jamie and Anthony. Jamie isn't suing on behalf of Britney, he's suing himself.
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    Tbh have not explored BTW in full, but its kinda cringy tbh.
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    Music technique in pop music. Using the same chord progression and what not. If you haven't noticed, Born This Way sounds a lot like Express yourself.
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    Almost 20 years and you JUST noticed that?
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    Love how she smiles with the red dress :)
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    Anyone who thinks she’ll just morph back to her 20 year old self is delusional, honestly, I’m sick of the conspiracy theories and every time she posts on Instagram, they say it’s Lou and saying Sam is on the payroll and just a spy for Jamie, Lou and Larry, if her getting free and cleaning house, will stop that bullshit, I’ll be happy.
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    Yeah it's noticeable, though I think it's a good thing, people expected a song from Britney that would be as good as BOMT so...Oops happened. And Brinty slayed the world again
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    Bi the way! It's amazing and iconic!! Want you back is another bop Great work
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