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    I have now officially decided I’m done with the Instagram, by that I mean, I’m only believing court documents from now on, it’s the only way we know truth. Thanks to court documents we know she welcomes and appreciates fan support, we know she’s scared of her father and wants him gone. I’ll still look at the Instagram content cuz I do enjoy it but the only discussions I’m having about it going forward is superficial, she looks good, that was funny, that’s it, I’m done wasting energy on a topic that at the end of the day is an assumption, none of us can prove if it is her or isn’t her, it’s not worth the stress anymore.
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    Maybe she should try and watch the whole doc, and not some bits that are probably out of context, before thinking they portrayed her as a dumb, crazy or unbalanced person. Quite the opposite... she was portrayed as a hard worker, a perfectionist and a sweetheart. She probably didn't like the media remembering 2006-2007 and maybe that's what she saw or was told about, but that's inevitable given what the documentary is about.
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    It’s just all so stressful, all of it, like why can’t Jamie do the right thing and just step down, it’s the one thing we know for sure that Britney wants, I know it won’t be enough for all fans but it would be enough for me and if full dissolution comes after, even better. The Instagram wouldn’t bother me so much if they would just disable the fucking comments already, while I question the captions, the content is all Britney and there’s nothing wrong with the pics/videos but it breaks my heart to see all these people in the comments questioning her sanity or saying she’s on meth and other mean stuff.
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    I think that post is awfully convenient timing just an hour or so after the documents detailing the 2 million+ robbery by team CON came out. Why would Fe take part in something that would upset or embarrass Britney?? Why would Sam speak out right after the doc?? That doc supported Britney, why would that upset her?? You know who it didn’t shine a good light on, team CON. This post is just a distraction from team CON and it’s clearly working since media is focusing on this and not them robbing her blind. Plus why is it when Sam posts stuff with/of Britney, it’s always in a flattering light but hers not always?? Plus if she don’t like being pitied or seen as a victim, why would she write a post that just pities her and makes her seem like a victim?? Sorry, I just think her Instagram should not be taken as gospel when we know for a fact that people who benefit from the CON are also in control of it. Plus that doc came out like 2 moths ago, talk of it was dying down, why comment on it now???? DISTRACTION!! You can believe it was her if u want but I ain’t buying it, how about a video of her saying this out of her own mouth and that’s it, no caption, just video of her speaking, then I’d be more inclined to buy it.
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    Everything that has come out about Jamie and how he sees Britney (the racehorse comment especially) leads me to believe that all he sees when he looks at Britney is dollar signs and someone to control. In the 12 years of this conservatorship he's done NOTHING to help her handle her life outside of it while claiming that he wishes that could happen. Every time Jamie is gone, Britney thrives. 2016 Bryan was around more and we had the Glory era which was as close to her prime as we've seen since. Right now Jodi's in the picture and despite the ridiculous comments on her Instagram Britney is happy, healthy, seeing her kids, living her life, and having fun doing what SHE wants. It's very clear Jamie is the cause of whatever problems she has and he needs to respect Britney's wishes and leave her alone. Especially if he wants the world to believe he's as much of a loving father as he tries to say he is. SHOW IT THEN, JAMIE.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CN3lLK3guo4/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CN3Ib7WAD97/
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    Holy moly! You are amazing heather!
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    I totally agree, but it's probably easier to sell FreeBritney-merch when there's a scary conspiracy going on. I don't doubt for a second that many of the bigger FreeBritney-accounts are in it for the money and popularity they gain. I'm seriously considering blacklisting the word "Britney" from Twitter. It's getting exhausting to see all the crazy conspiracy theories. Again, I'm so grateful for your thought-out posts.
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    This a 100%. There's something special about seeing a bunch of men decide how a woman feels in 2021. They go out of their way to invalidate her in every possible way when something doesn't fit their narrative. I've honestly lost all faith in the "movement". It isn't said enough. I really appreciate your takes on the forum, @heather.
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    is that it better be an actual project yall -- or I will go crazy if its all leading up to another cryptic message or worse, not leading up to anything at all, i will actually LOSE. MY. MIND. but im just wondering how it can possibly be a project when Britney is refusing to work until her dad is removed from the c-ship. I just can't with that red fridge post what do you guys think about this project red thing? the thought just occured to me today, that it could potentially be a trick by her team to make everyone think that she really is cuckoo bananas
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    Billy B has been caught lying about his relationship with Britney and was cut from the documentary because of it but okay let's believe him now cause it fits the narrative The only thing I agree with him about is that Britney doesn't want to be a victim. And there was nothing victimizing herself in the caption nor was she denouncing fans or the "movement". She spoke about the MEDIA and how they treat her.
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    Oh it’s all fake concern mixed in with some people who are just natural douchebags and the fact that the media has actually taken that “concern” and wrote stories about it and saying it’s from fans makes me livid. Who is actually coming up with her captions will always be a mystery but the comment section is one area where no one can deny that her people are hurting/sabotaging her, comments like that on TMZ is one thing but allowing that bullshit at her own front door is unacceptable!!
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    Of course I have questioned it. I've stated several times it's very easy to tell when it's Britney posting something and when it's not. That caption and the one previously were both very Britney to me. Just because it happened to be posted at a time where shady conservatorship documents were leaked doesn't mean it's a big conspiracy to cover up shit. Because guess what? People are STILL talking about the money, the conservatorship, AND her "weird" posts on Instagram. It didn't distract anything except to further the "Britney's so weird and unstable and we must help her!!!!!!!!" narrative. Which fans are promoting by invalidating Britney's feelings and that just maybe she DIDN'T watch nor like the documentary or the spotlight being on her life in that way. Instead they run with "it's not her posting" because if it was her posting that doesn't fit their narrative of Britney loving everything about freebritney and everything the fans have "done for her" (I HATE this take, fans take way too much credit for this shit). Because, like I said before, no one can just take the things Britney says at face value without attaching some weird ass conspiracy around it. You'd think if they were trying to distract something, they'd have her come out with another "I'm fine, all is well" video. Not a video of her dancing, which she LOVES TO DO, and speaking her mind via caption.
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    Yeah, we're gonna have to agree to disagree here. People are in too deep with their conspiracies. Britney can't win for trying! If she said this from her mouth there would be the "she's reading off a script, it's what they told her to say, she doesn't really mean it!" nonsense. Just like when she came out with the "I'm fine, I'm the happiest I've ever been" video and no one believed her! 90% of the takeaway from the documentary was about the media and how awfully they treated Britney. Everyone who spoke out about it since focused on that aspect of the doc and ignored the conservatorship part besides to say her dad sucks. Despite Fe being on the doc, it was NOT authorized by Britney. She had NO SAY in what they put out there, and do I blame her for feeling embarrassed by it? HELL NO. People are digging into Britney's life to make a buck off her name under the guise of activism and concern. There's no REAL concern for Britney or her feelings if you're going to invalidate them because of "timing" and whatever other bullshit excuse you want to use because it doesn't fit the narrative of a prisoner unhappy Britney. The documentary exploited Britney and her situation, and every documentary that comes out now that is not authorized by Britney is doing the same. Regardless of the light it puts her in. And no, talk of the doc was NOT dying down, every day new celebs were coming out saying they watched/didn't watch it and in fact they're planning on making more! And while I'm glad that it made people take a second look at the way women are judged in the media, I have to think about how terrible it must have made Britney feel to see those moments in her life and relive the embarrassment the media caused her talking about her body, her virginity, her mental health, etc. It 100% made people feel sorry for Britney and what she went through and that's pity. What Britney has expressed she does NOT want. There was nothing "pity me" in that caption, quite the opposite. It was very "STOP pitying me, STOP talking shit about me, I AM FINE, I AM HAPPY, I AM OK" people are being gaslit to hell and back to believe Britney isn't ok and it's quite frankly, really frustrating to see daily. What on her Instagram is in a negative light? What about a woman dancing, because that's what she loves to do, is so negative? What's so wrong with posting a million photos of the same photoshoot because she liked them all and wants to share them is SOOOOOO harmful to Britney and her character? Explain that! What has Sam posted that's so much different than what Britney posts? Did you see the video of them playing tennis? Did you go on to see everyone commenting about her "high voice" and that it was "weird"?" No one can ever take anything this woman says at face value. There always has to be an over analyzation of every tiny detail to paint the narrative the way they want you to see it, rather than to just LOOK and see something for what it is.
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    I agree, and I think she was also pissed that he pulled the plug on Domination; like dangling a carrot over her head to keep her in line; that is not right; to me, a person who is in control of someone’s mental health, you need to do healthy things to build that person up, not treat them like a five year old. I agree with the life coach idea; the c-ship is way too strict for her to function on her own as an adult; or Jamie wanted to just keep it strict because he is on a power trip or something.
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    Britney would greatly benefit from a life coach. Someone to guide her through decisions in her life while still letting HER be the one to make them, as well as a professional fiduciary to handle her money. I've said this A LOT. They're making progress with the appointment of Bessemer. Now it's about getting Jamie out for good and then getting rid of Jodi. Anything "wrong" with Britney at this point, in my opinion, was caused BY the conservatorship and no one getting Britney the help she would need to be able to handle life out of it. And yes, you're 100% right it will NOT happen over night. Fans seem to think every court date is a chance the judge will dissolve the conservatorship and that will never happen until Britney and Ingham file that specific paperwork.
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    My thoughts are that there is something legit wrong with Britney, and she does need people to help her; that being said, Dad just needs to go, and let her be. Her needs have clearly changed, and she no longer wants him around; the courts should respect that. I hope one day she can be on her own again, but it is not gonna be overnight like some people think.
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    I read that Britney wasn't. That she wants to tell her story but not in an interview, and that makes the most sense because we know how much Britney HATES interviews.
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    I have zero interest in documentaries unauthorized by Britney, and those that especially include freebritney "leaders", sorry.
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    That option is still open. It seems Britney and Ingham's strategy is to get rid of Jamie first. Right now Jodi is only temporary, meaning Jamie could come back as her personal conservator at anytime. Having Jodi be permanent removes that possibility.
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