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    Oh my god. That is absolutely flawless. It’s literally rocked my whole world this morning. And that music. Oh wow, please let that be some kind of taster of b10. Queen, I love you!
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    i'm planning on getting one of those 18x zoom camera lens for iphone to get good shots of her
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    It's better than Pretty Girls tbh... This instrumental was shopped everywhere. Little Mix also had a demo with it, I don't remember if it was Pretty Girls or they made it a different song.
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    So check this out, we have got new Britney music officially released or leaked songs every single year since her debut in 1998: 1998: ...Baby One More Time 1999: 13 Baby songs + I'm So Curious + (You Drive Me) Crazy Remix 2000: 15 Oops songs + Walk On By + My Only Wish (This Year) 2001: 15 Britney songs + Intimidated + What's Going On; She'll Never Be Me first started circulating as a demo around this time. 2002: Technically nothing, but we did get the Boys and Overprotected remixes. 2003: 16 In The Zone songs; It Feels Nice (the Punk'd Rap) leaks, as well as a remix of "Guilty". 2004: 2 new songs for My Prerogative (since IJBHMF was a ITZ DVD bonus track) 2005: 4 Chaotic EP songs + And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix) 2006: Crazy with K-Fed; we get snippets of "Little Me" and "Rebellion" and full versions of "Get It" and "Luv The Hurt Away" 2007: 15 Blackout songs + "Britney Spears Calls Thrill" album interlude; official version of "She'll Never Be Me" leaks, alongside Blackout outtakes "State Of Grace", "Untitled Lullaby" (Baby Boy), "Sippin' On" (feat. AC), "To Love Let Go", "Hooked On" (Sugarfall), "Kiss Me All Over" and "Pull Out" (When You Gon' Pull It). 2008: A whopping 18 Circus songs; "All That She Wants" leaks alongside a version of "Dramatic" featuring Heidi Montag's vocals. 2009: 3 is released 2010: Official version of "Dramatic" leaks, alongside "Britney" outtakes "Am I A Sinner", "Mad Love" and "When I Say So". Britney's demo version of "Telephone" also leaks, becoming the most illegally downloaded song in the world. 2011: 17 Femme Fatale songs + S&M Remix with Rihanna; "And Then We Kiss" and "Sippin' On" leak in September in their original "In The Zone" incarnations, while "911", "Abroad", "Dangerous", "Everyday" and "Rockstar" leak in October. "Just Let Me Go" (Love 2 Love U) and "Strangest Love" leak in December on Britney's birthday and Christmas, respectively. A remixed version of "Burning Up" also leaks, as well as a snippet of "Welcome To Me". 2012: Scream & Shout; Snippets of "My Big Secret" and "Peep Show" leaked, alongside full versions of "Look Who's Talking Now" and "Money Love and Happiness". "Ouch" and "This Kiss" leaked as snippets shortly before leaking in full. "Pleasure You" also leaked, edited to include former Britney collaborator Don Philip's vocals on the track. 2013: Ooh La La + 13 Britney Jean songs + SMS (Bangerz) 2014: "Unbroken" leaks, alongside the original version of "Burning Up" and the full version of "Welcome To Me". 2015: Pretty Girls + Tom's Diner; original version of "Guilty" leaks, as well as "In The Zone" outtake "Conscience". 2016: Hands + 18 Glory songs; a snippet leaks of Nelly's "Tilt Ya Head Back" featuring Britney. 2017: In The Zone outtakes "Instant Deja Vu" and "Take Off" leak in full. "Hey Ma" with Britney's vocals leak. 2018: "Red Hot Lipstick" from Blackout sessions leaks, "Let Me Take You There" from ...Baby One More Time sessions leaks
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    you're going too? me, my bf and roommate are going too!!
  9. 2 points
    Myah Marie and will.u.not are the two of the worst things to ever happen to Britney's career.
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    It's just a song that was pitched to her and so she sung it. It isn't about him.
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    I think he’s probably perfect for what she wants from her career at this time.
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    Happy 20th anniversary Britney We love you. 20 years since Baby one more time.
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    I am! I wasn't initially, but my ma is visiting with one of her friends and they bought weekend passes. They can only see Bruno because they have to leave Sunday so they're giving me their wristbands for Britney on Sunday! I'm super excited, too. Did you do the upgrade to be closer to the stage?
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    i was talkin' bout the box
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    Don't blame her management for Britney's decisions. Don't you think he'd LOVE to have her out there promoting more? Especially if, as everyone loves to say, it's all about the money for them? Britney is more in charge than fans give her credit for.
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    I am afraid i will be bored by the new recidency. I need new music and fresh stuff.
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    There's this guy who got the right information about the release of Slumber Party, the MV and everything, who's been teasing something. It's weird that no one has posted about it in this forum, he was supposed to be "close" to the admins of Universe, did something happen? I need the tea
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    I think Circus is a nice album. It is pop, quite safe, nothing forefront but way better than BJ. A looot better
  24. 1 point
    69K pure album sales. LESS THAN GLORY, JOANNE, CHEEK 2 CHEEK AND WITNESS. Horrible sales for the so-called "most powerful couple in Hollywood." Taking a back seat to some boy band. LOL! And they even tried to sell out their twins and exploit them for press before dropping the album. Now I'm just waiting for the lawsuits to eventually come in to see who's music they stole this time. Or some demo's to leak of some of the tracks on the album that have Beyonce listed as a writer to see she changed a word or two or nothing at all yet still got credit. Now THAT would be the cherry on top of this beautiful sundae.
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    ?Happy Friday #BritneyArmy? ?I Hope You All Are Having An Amazing Day Today? ❤️I Just Want To Announce To You Guys That The Megamix Is Now Completed❤️ Check It Out Here https://www.mixcloud.com/BritneyFanMixes/britney-spears-the-invitation-world-tour-fanmade-megamix-2016/ Download Britney_Spears_-_The_Invitation_World_Tour_(Megamix_2016)_[Full_Audio].mp3 Individual Track Download Folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8vvCBGseWA3MEdRWUw4bU5ZTlE ?Britney Spears - The Invitation World Tour (Fanmade Megamix 2016)? ?Well, I Hope You Guys Have An Amazing Weekend!!?