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    Have you seen the documentary about Britney? Here http://smeartha.com/6lqD Wow. I have enjoyed Britney's music for years. What has happened to her is just unfortunate. I hope things work out for her, she is sooo talented. She does not deserve the mistreatment. I do believe she is strong, she understands the business and will get thru this. Sincerely, Lisa
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    Honestly, I haven’t watched SNL since the early 2000’s, lol, so I have no clue who that girl is and I don’t have her other Britney impersonations to compare to but I thought she was pretty spot on, even if a little exaggerated, it doesn’t come off as insulting and that’s what matters. Im getting so sick of the fans who are just seeing negativity in everything now, while Brits situation is corrupt and sad, it doesn’t mean everything has to be seen as bad because of it, it is possible to fight the CON but still enjoy stuff at the same time.
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    Alli introduced them at some club! I don't think he got into contact with Lynne through her, his story was always about trying to help Britney and Lynne reconcile. I also don't think she's as bad as Sam, but she's no angel either and I don't have an ounce of sympathy for her.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CLpr7vgAwkQ/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CLp20Hxg7QI/
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    I think her sense of humor and bubbly personality, would make her a good host, not right now tho, first she’d need to get free from the cship and find her voice again, she’s been stifled for 13 years. I wouldn’t want her taking on a task like that until she’s 1000% comfortable and confident in doing it.
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    I don't particularly like Chloe's impersonation of Britney because she's always over exaggerated Britney's mannerisms and personality, but that's part of the shtick and she's not doing it to be mean or anything. I think a lot of fans look for anything to bitch about.
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    Not just the Justin shade but they also shaded the idiots that always ask if she’s ok, the subliminal free Britney was great too, I don’t understand the fans upset over this, it was very positive toward Britney.
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    Yes it would be an interesting show idea and if anyone was able to get these awful people to apologize it'd be Britney.
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    I think Sippin On released in 2006 is good memorable choice, then I Will Be There in summer 1999, Walk On By as continuing video for FTBOMBH, When Your Eyes Say It in spring 2001, Brave New Girl after winning battle with her evil father, Man On The Moon as animated video in 2016, Just Luv Me as B&W video on the beach (with Sam?), What You Need in summer 2016 with people in the street and take it as "public show party" and Britney is center of all it. What's yours?
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    He is a jerk...at least now he Will stop naming Britney to sell his music
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    Justin is definitely trash that never deserved Britney, but their relationship was definitely real.
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    I think Alli was definitely an enabler/clout chaser but not as villainous as Sam and where is it said that Alli introduced Sam to Britney, Lynne was the one interacting with him first. Was it Alli who got Sam an in with Lynne, cuz he had to have gotten it from somewhere.
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    Yup! Everyone's so desperate for information they're seeking out the people that helped put Britney in her current situation just to get some tea. It's beyond gross and especially dangerous when they talk to and try to make Lutfi a good guy.
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    Yeah one of the things I’ve noticed this fandom struggles with (generally speaking) is hating Jamie and Lou so much, they start giving passes to others who were also bad for her. First Lufti and now Alli. They’re having a love fest for her on Twitter (though some people are pointing out how she was also trash at that time).
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    Yes, thank you! I remembered it was something stupid, not a legit cousin situation. Sam did, so I have no doubts she would have too! I also remember her being friends with Jason Kennedy I think his name was, one of those trash E! News reporters.
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