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  1. I think they should rename that party because in the freebritney movement we tend not to make profit of her misery.
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  2. I never howl'd sooo much in my life when I heard she was giving her books funds to charity! Jamie lynn is such a hpercrite. Yet she joined with her family to abuse Britney for 13 years and she thinks "of if I write this book they will think I'm innocent" When we all know she's Loucifer little helper or sorry like another mother! 🤮. Jamie's ugliness has really shown threw her skin of her jealousy towards Britney 😂 Burn the damm book thats what I say! She must confess her excuses of not helping Brit! 🙄 give me a break we all know Jamie lynn you hideous 🐍
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  3. They only got their platform off Britney's back and are now profiting off her. It's disgusting and they're no better than everyone else that uses Britney to make money no matter if they put #freebritney in their bio or not.
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