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    I don't think he was lying with malicious intent, he was lying because it was clearly an accident and fans were going to spoil the surprise. I think it's really kind of patronizing to say it's "cute" Britney continues with her love life. Why shouldn't she? "Failures" don't define HER or her past relationships, and Britney deserves happiness in all aspects of her life, including love. It's not "cute" that she "continues" — that's human nature.
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    SO happy for her! And that's a beautiful ring!
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    @heather I agree it’s extremely hypocritical, some fans really are no better than team CON, u can’t fight for her freedom, then in the same breath dictate what she should do or question her decisions, sorry doesn’t work that way. I give him credit tho for handling the prenup comments how he did, it’s good he has a sense of humor, I feel like a person would have too in order to last in her world. Yeah, he’s def. brought out a side of her that’s been stifled for so long, shit, I missed that story, that’s so sweet.
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    I don’t get shady vibes either, in fact, he seems like a very positive, uplifting guy, which she’s never really had before, you’d think fans would like that for her. He works, he does his fitness stuff, acting, modeling, he does a multitude of things unlike Kevin. The fact that HE bought the ring that was specially designed (lioness engraved is so cute, he clearly put thought into this ring) and HE proposed is a good sign in my opinion. Fans like to harp on his age but Britney is young at heart, I think younger is better for her and not all young people are all about the wild and party lifestyle, some are actually serious in life and ready to settle down. Then there’s the cship, he clearly had to play along and keep in line in order to see her, the fact that he was able to last despite the obstacles and bullshit just goes back to his positive personality. It seems like he comes from a good family too, so that’s a bonus for her.
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    100% agree. Whether fans like it or not Sam is her longest relationship EVER and, as Britney said, has loved her through the HARDEST time of her life. It speaks volumes to the type of person he is, imo, and I don't for a second get shady vibes from him. I actually never have, unlike EVERY SINGLE ONE of her past relationships.
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    I like them together so I hope this is the real deal cuz she fucking deserves it.
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    Happy for her, but this does prove Sam LIES. He claimed to have been hacked on IG. If I'd had a number of failed engagements/marriages I'd stop. It's sort of cute that Britney continues regardless. She's a hopeless romantic and maybe that's another reason we love her?
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