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    Yeah, they want her to be a prisoner. Yes this movement is helping, it’s even being cited in these new California cship bills but not cuz of her Instagram or stupid shit like that, it’s about the courts violating her rights and the rights of countless other conservatees. Senators don’t care about her Instagram, lol, I def. feel a large portion of this movement has gone into full blown QAnon territory and I’m so over it.
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    I must say I do feel like fans are more doom and gloom about her situation than she is, she’s trying to live her best life despite her situation and I honestly feel like that upsets fans. Like just stick to court stuff, there’s no need to psychoanalyze every aspect of her life to death, I’m sick of it, so I’m sure she is. It’s to the point I’m even avoiding certain Twitter users cuz it’s nothing but the sad/bad shit and don’t even get me started on the ones who are literally speaking for her. I do feel people being informed about her situation helps but that can be done without dragging the past into it, everyone knows she shaved her fucking head, we don’t need the constant reminder, just stick with the court stuff.
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