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    -Jodi has been extended as temporary conservator until August -The judge ruled in Britney's favor in regards to the accounting discrepancies and has added 2 more court dates in March and April allowing both parties to gather evidence needed. -Ingham is particularly interested in Lou charging the conservatorship for her personal lawyer in which she used to sue fans. -Apparently Ingham said in court "Doing it the same way for years doesn't make it the right way" You can read all of it and more on the BritneyHiatus Twitter account. All in all it was a good and slightly productive day. https://twitter.com/BritneyHiatus/
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    Extremely frustrating!! What’s really sketchy tho, is I’ve read a couple of people say these things are normally hard to get, yet with Britney it was like a snap of the fingers. People should be punished in addition to Britney getting her freedom.
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    Yup! When I read that, that was my thought as well. They're getting all the into ready to eventually terminate the Conservatorship in its entirety. It's really frustrating that it was so easy to get but infinitely harder to remove.
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    Well according to Jamie’s side, Ingham has been in regular contact with her doctors (they make it sound like he’s overstepping his bounds), hopefully, that’s why he is.
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    I agree and I think those things will happen once they're able to prove all the fraud and shady shit Jamie has been doing with Britney's money. However, I believe it will also take her medical team to okay the fact that she doesn't need the personal conservatorship for it to end completely, so I think having the goal of Jamie out completely is the most obtainable at this time.
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    He’s stepping up now and seems to be doing a good job, so at the end of the day, I guess that’s what really matters. My trust in him is at like 80 percent right now, when he finally submits the paperwork to remove Jamie, it’ll jump to 90, then to 100 when he submits paperwork to end the cship completely.
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