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    Oh they just keep shooting themselves in the foot, it’s beautiful, lol, and it is sooo deserved. They can’t possibly think this shit makes them look good?? Each move they make shows their intentions more and more and turns more people against them.
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    Beat me to it, lol, I’m glad the judge approved the request not to seal even if just tentative, it’s still score 1 for Brit. But the non payment as soon as he starts doing his job, oh how very convenient and I’m glad Lynne pointed that out herself. That act alone shows what Jamie/Lou are all about, they are despicable, the judge had better see that shady move for what it is. I’m glad he’s still working for/with Brit despite not getting paid, that does make him look good IMO. As for the postponement, it does make sense to do it in one hearing.
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    It's just so nice to see this guy finally working for Britney and not the money! I think there's a hearing tomorrow regarding Britney's wishes, so let's all hope for some positive news to come from that.
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