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    The psychic who has accurately predicted some things regarding Britney and the conservatorship is back with ANOTHER video! Main points; -They (conservatorship) are realizing they're losing control and now they wanna "milk the cow" for all that they can. Basically calling it the beginning of the end and they're gonna try to get as much money as possible from Britney. He sees it ending, or at least the rules changing. And the team will try to get money out of her in order to "free" her. They're stalling not because they wanna keep her in it but because they want to make as much money as possible before it ends. He mentioned selling property, and I remember reading one of her old houses prices went down. Thinks her dad might try to come out as a savior "I'm letting her go" when he's really just trying to get more money. -Thinks she is/was struggling because she feels trapped, not because there's something mentally (or otherwise) wrong, but because of the conservatorship itself. He thinks that maybe she was feeling a little down and someone took it and ran with it and got her admitted to the mental health facility last year. -He thinks she IS sending messages through social media but not in the way people alleged. Like she's not wearing yellow because someone said to if she was being held captive, but that she's listening to the movement and supports it. -He thinks an ex will be painted as an opportunist in the media. He thinks it'll be Kevin because he's trying to help her. He said they're gonna try and cause misinformation and chaos. This has actually happened. Not that Kevin was painted as an opportunist, but that he said he doesn't worry about the kids when they're with Britney. Which directly contradicts media outlets like TMZ and TheBlast that claim she's sooo mentally unfit. -He sees a lot of people and media abandoning the conservatorship and it will all fall on one person. Might be her dad. But also he said it might be someone who isn't directly paid by the conservatorship and her father is, so I don't know who that could be. -This is a big one. Thinks the smoking gun to get her out of the conservatorship will be money that's spent incorrectly and hiring the wrong people. A technicality basically. For example, let's say the conservatorship recently said they hired dancers, well Britney isn't working right now so why would they be hiring dancers? Where did that money for "dancers" that they never hired went. Something like that. -Doesn't think Britney cancelled Domination, but a "male" figure did. He thinks that Britney only feels alive and free on stage and it's not that she doesn't want to perform anymore but that she doesn't want to do what they want her to do. She doesn't want to perform for the conservatorship, she wants to perform for fans. I agree with this 100000000% percent. Thinks it was cancelled because he was scared of what she'd say. Thinks there was a statement planned with Domination, rumor has it she was going to perform Overprotected. Cancellation had nothing to do with money, didn't care about losing money, only cared about what she was going to do. -Thinks one of her kids will say something again. Thinks Jamie Lynn will, or Bryan. Maybe this was in regards to Bryan's interview. Thinks her team is gonna put out a statement that contradicts Britney/something Britney would never say or do and that's why either her siblings or children will say something. He thinks it will cause a legal issue because it'll be such a big lie. -He flat out says she'll be freed. Feels like September will be important. -Something about burning down the gym will be relevant. And there's an issue with her home, she might move and want to sell it. But it's really about the gym. Makes me think it was on purpose to be like "I can't care for myself I need conservators, but where were my conservators went I "burnt" down my gym." Because apparently the fire department was never even called for that. So maybe her gym never really did burn down. That's my thought. -Still doesn't trust Sam, still thinks Britney doesn't either and there's a plan with him. -He said what I've said, her dad started with good intentions but things got corrupted. Thinks her dad will say something shady like "if something happens I don't wanna hear it" and try to set her up to fail but it won't work.
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    Yeah, nothing he says is too far out of the realm of possibility so it makes me lean more towards believing him than passing it off as fanfiction bullshit. Yeah, I definitely think Britney has a plan and everything being shown on social media right now is part of it!
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