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    You need to stop living in the past and finding reasons to pick on Britney! Body doubles aka stand ins are common practice in EVERY part of the entertainment business. Britney's time is money and she's not going to waste her time doing reshoots just like EVERY OTHER ARTIST. I 100% guarantee you this wasn't the first or last time she ever used them, but the only reason anyone cares is because they don't like Femme Fatale for whatever stupid reasons, so you and every other bored ass fan have to pick it apart to try and find a reason why you don't like it! I don't see you analyzing Slave this way, or Toxic, or anything else from before the breakdown! It's only afterwards, so you can find an excuse for why Britney doesn't behave like YOU want her to. Let the woman be, let her breathe, and enjoy what SHE CHOOSES to give you. Or peace the fuck out and find someone that makes you happy, not someone you have to tear apart!
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    From what we can see of Britney she didn't look into this, either. But if I had to choose between the two, I definitely think TTWE choreography suited Britney better than HIAM.
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    https://www.etonline.com/jamie-lynn-spears-addresses-rumors-that-britney-is-retiring-from-music-146900 She speaks so highly of Brit. What an adorable sister.
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    Jamie Lynn has always had Britney's back and been a supportive sister. I've never got the jealous vibes from her, and I think it's great. I still couldn't give less of a shit about her or her "career" but I appreciate her love and respect for Britney.
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    I definitely agree! There's a reason Britney didn't ask Brian to choreograph her tour, there's a reason she rarely ever looked happy performing HIAM, and there's a reason she hasn't worked with him since.
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    It is not a body double, it's a stand-in dancer. Britney couldn't care less about the reshoots the director had to do and didn't bother to come back to set after the time that was originally scheduled.
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    Just saw super fan Matt Stopera share this out, and it’s a glorious photo, pun intended.
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    Yeah, I'm still not a fan of this or TTWE choreography, but Britney was really feeling it in the rehearsal. The promo rehearsal was really not that good though and she looked uncomfortable with it just like how she performed it. Something definitely changed between the video rehearsal and promo rehearsals to where Britney basically gave no fucks. The only decent promo was on Jimmy Kimmel. What I really wanna see is the Big Fat Bass breakdown! We've never had a clear video of that. I also think that final piece of this was challenging and maybe if Brian cared a little more about Britney being comfortable and looking good while dancing, instead of his super hard tough choreography then it would have gone a different way. He said that Britney had the ability to change anything she wasn't comfortable with, but did she really? He doesn't seem very open to changing HiS viSiOn, or hearing criticism about it.
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    Update to my own post lol.
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    Yeah, I noticed her team using a body double a few times It's so blatantly used obvious in this interlude from the same era:
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