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    They have moved to revlon so the line is not discontinued but only put out by revlon now. My local reseller confirmed it. case closed
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    I’m sure companies are writing off the free Britney movement as just some psycho conspiracy theorists even majority of media is writing it off as that, so I doubt that’s the reason. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ain’t getting paid, just like Jamie tried to do with Brand Sense.
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    I’m really wondering if the Elizabeth Arden rep meant that certain ones are being discontinued, not the whole line. I read the original comment and they didn’t make the distinction, but I can’t fathom them just dropping her lines. Her perfumes are still a billion dollar business for them (in a time when most other celeb fragrances are tanking).
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    Yeah, that's what I suspected. It's the only thing that would make sense.
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    As a default I don't trust anything from exhale without undeniable proof. It makes no sense to discontinue one of their biggest sellers while simultaneously releasing a new fragrance unless they're moving to a different company.
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    Well here in the US she’s been a top seller in celeb fragrances since Curious, so it’s a lil shocking they’d discontinue.
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    It can take up to several months depending on the severity, but it's a common break for dancers and typically always heals well and they can go on to dance again so I'm sure she'll be fine.
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